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Per header...hi! I'm a pianist from Ft. Worth, Texas, who discovered Wikipedia in the age of the cavemen but not really, in 2007. Although I'm past my prime (the term "prime" used loosely here), my mainspace contributions mostly consisted of music articles, battleship/battlecruiser/MilHist articles (mostly to help out my good friend the_ed17) and other miscellanea that seemed unloved. I was also a prolific helper at WP:MOTD, a fun little project that caught my eye, as all things sparkly and shiny do. In addition, I've assisted with P:CLM and, even in semi-retirement, am always willing to help out new users (if and when they ask for it – if you are new to Wikipedia, please drop by!). Though I'm not nearly as active as I used to be, I haven't completely vanished from the face of the earth. Since you really would have liked that.

Currently, I am an Online Ambassador (if you don't know what one is, please find out Face-smile.svg) These days, I mainly contribute by uploading recordings, which you can find in that general direction →.

Off Wikipedia, I enjoy the whirlwind 100-mile-per-hour life of a classical musician. It's not for everyone, but I feel lucky having found something that I actually love to do. If you ever have any questions about music, or anything really, make my day by emailing me! You won't regret it. Maybe.

All of my recordings are proudly (is that irony? I don't know) public domain. However, I do have a small personal request, that if you use my work in any collaboration of your own, to please shoot me an email and let me know about it! Purely because I think that's freaking cool and it makes me happy.

By the way, big love and thanks to Sonia and Ktr101 for designing this userpage as a Christmas present. ^.^ So if you want a page of equal or lesser attractiveness, bug them.

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All recordings are public domain. They are all generally unedited, live recordings (aside from a few mild noise reduction edits), but you may hear the occasional cough, sneeze, dropped notebook, cry for help, or blood-curdling scream in the background.