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fa زبان مادری این کاربر فارسی است.
az-3 Bu istifadəçi Azərbaycan dilini yüksək səviyyədə başa düşür.
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I'm Amir and I live in Tehran, Iran. I'm working in different projects of Wikimedia mainly Persian Wikipedia, Mediawiki (technical stuff) and Wikidata (which I'm admin there)

My home wiki is Persian Wikipedia where I'm sysop and bureaucrat. I've a bot named Dexbot and Commit access named amir for development and in Pywikibot, and now I'm member of owners group in Gerrit and I also have access for info-fa and info-en in OTRS. My nickname in IRC is Amir1.

PGP key: 4BF5 4131 E627 6BC4 72DF (verify (1) verify (2))

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Wikipedia ویکی‌پدیا

I support the Persian language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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