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{{William Cross (born 23 March 1953) is a writer and researcher whose speciality is biography. He is the author of a number of books on British Society figures, including Almina, 5th Countess of Carnarvon, (1876-1969), George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon ( of Tutankhamun fame ), the Honourable Gwyneth Ericka Morgan (1895-1924) and the Honourable Evan Frederic Morgan, ( 1893-1949), the last Viscount Tredegar, the last two mentioned being members of the Morgan family of Tredegar House, Newport, Gwent. In 2013 he completed a long biographical sketch of the American, Catherine Wendell ( 1900-1977) and the Austrian dancer, Tilly Losch (1904-1975), the two wives of Henry George Alfred Marius Victor Francis Herbert ( 1898-1987), 6th Earl of Carnarvon. In 2014 Cross added a compilation on the dancer Tilly Losch and a short book on the Honourable Lois Ina Sturt, ( 1900-1937) the first wife of Evan Frederic Morgan, Viscount Tredegar. Cross has added a further volume culling from the engagement diaries of Honourable Lois Ina Sturt, a second volume will be produced in due course.

Cross published two other books in 2014, including Evan Frederic Morgan : Viscount Tredegar : Final Affairs : Financial and Carnal and the controversial book The Abergavenny Witch Hunt a retrospective on the arrest and criminal trials of a group of over 20 homosexual men in the Welsh town of Abergavenny, in 1942.

In 2015 Cross published a book with a selection of letters and prose by the Honourable Evan Morgan covering the period 1917-1929, this was followed in 2016 with a second volume of Evan's further letters and prose.

In 2016 Cross added a book revisiting the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun and it's leading personalities, entitled " Carnarvon, Carter and Tutankhamun Revisited : the Hidden Truths and Doomed Relationships".

In 2017 Cross published another title on Evan Morgan " Sketches of Evan, Viscount Tredegar 'Lord of the Lies' " In 2018 a follow up title " More Sketches of Evan, Viscount Tredegar 'Lord of the Lies' will be added.

Also in 2018 Cross will publish titles on Lady Winifred Burghclere and her four daughters, as well as other books on the Morgans of Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales.

In 2018-19 Cross will publish a book entitled Rosemary and Alistair : Everything is More Beautiful Because We're Doomed, a tribute to Lady Rosemary Leveson-Gower (Viscountess Ednam) and her brother Lord Alistair Leveson Gower, the daughter and son of the magnificient Meddling Millie, 4th Duchess of Sutherland. He is also working on several new titles on the Carnarvons of Highclere Castle.

Cross has an active interest ( for the purpose of compiling a new biographical sketch ) on John Rowland Fothergill, (1876-1957) the Innkeeper, chef, food and wine connoisseur, author, artist, bully and wit.

William Cross is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a member of the Society of Authors. He currently lives in South Wales.]]

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