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I am proud of mentioning I made my first edit under this account on October 19, 2005 and since then, I have made over 8550 edits to articles and uploaded over 350 (current) files to Wikipedia as well as the following major editing milestones involving myself:

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Myself in silhouette form
Myself in silhouette form
Name Luke
Born 1990
Bendigo, Australia
Current location Melbourne, Australia
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Education and employment
Occupation Host/Cook
Employer Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Education Has obtained the Victorian Certificate of Education.
Currently completing Advanced Diploma of Building Design
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Anglican
Politics Supports the Liberal Party
Contact info
Email I have Gmail and Hotmail, but give me your address and I shall give you mine in return.

My map making[edit]

I can make maps for Wikipedia such as this map of the Dingley Freeway in Melbourne.

I also make edits over at OpenStreetMap for areas in and around Melbourne.

A map showing an overview of the planned Dingley Freeway route including surrounding roads. Sections that have been constructed are in fluro blue while proposed sections are in light yellow. For full legend, click the image.

Luke's current focus articles[edit]

I currently edit Wikipedia on an occasional basis and hence, I currently have no focus articles as of August 2009.

My Cameras[edit]

I have during my last few years used four different digital cameras:

Nikon D3100[edit]

Nikon D3100.jpg

My first Digital SLR and am loving it. I use 18-55 and 55-300mm lenses. Images I upload using this camera will be licenced under CC-BY-SA 3.0, unlike my other photographs which are Public Domain. It has a 14.2 megapixel sensor and is equipped with a 16GB SDHC card.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50[edit]

Cybershot w50.jpg

My newest compact digital camera which I use for most of my major trips to destinations in which it is impractical or too risky to take my SLR. I love using this camera and recommend it to any amateur photographer taking semi-professional photographs. It can take hundreds of shots on a single charge of it's rechargeable battery. It has a 6 megapixel sensor, 3X optical zoom and is equipped with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Fujifilm FinePix A310[edit]

Fujifilm FinePix A310.jpg

My mid range compact digital camera which I use currently on high risk trips and was my main digital camera for a few years before I brought the Sony camera. In my experience, it has poor battery life if anything but Energizers are used and runs on 2 AA batteries. It has a 3 megapixel sensor, 3X optical zoom and is equipped with a 256MB Type H xD-Picture Card.

Fujifilm MX-1200[edit]

Fujifilm MX-1200.jpg

My first ever digital camera which has been used to take some of my earlier pics on Wikipedia. I have not touched this camera in years as it is superiorly inferior to every other camera, has poor battery life and runs on 4 AA batteries. It has a 1.3 megapixel sensor, no optical zoom and is equipped with a 32MB SmartMedia card.

iPhone 4[edit]

I also have my 32GB iPhone 4 in which I take on-the-fly 5 megapixel photos with when I do not have any of my other cameras available with me at the time.

iPhone 3G[edit]

A handful of photos may be on Wikipedia which were taken from my old iPhone 3G.


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