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Lance Barber, Aurora, Colorado.
Retired Colo. Dept. of Transportation Highway Engineer and Systems Manager, 30 years.
Currently Volunteer Hangar Advisor Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Denver, CO; and past foundation and operating board member, and past Curator of Military Aircraft and Manager of Collections.

Restorations-team projects: B-29 (T-Square-54), F-86H, EB-57E, F-4C, RB-52B, RF-84K, UC-45, H-21C, F-100D
Crew Chief: F-100D Super Sabre 56-3417

Past Flightline Crew Chief and Flight Crew for Cavenaugh Museum's (previously Warbirds Unlimited Foundation's) B-25H Barbie III
Crewed with both B-17s Aluminum Overcast and Fuddy Duddy.
Currently President:Colorado Aviation Historical Society(CAHS)
A founding member, Instructor and Field Agent for CAHS's Aviation Archaeology Program.
Life Member, USAF Association.
Email: collections at
Wiki interests: Aviation, space, Mopars, railroads, museums, military history, hist. societies
Other interests: computers, skiing, hunting, firearms, boating, B-52 at AFA (s/n 55-0083)

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  2. Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame <phase 1 done>
  3. CAHS AvAr Program <Phase 1>
  4. ColoAvAr Discussion Page <start>
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  10. Vintage Aero Flying Museum <phase 1 done>
  11. Spirit of Flight Center phase 1 done
  12. Kansas Aviation Museum phase 1 done
  13. National Atomic Museum phase 1 done
  14. Utah Aviation Hall of Fame
  15. Museum of Aerospace Medicine
  16. QTV (disambiguation)
  17. 13th Space Warning Squadron‎ phase 1 and 2 done
  18. 17th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron done
  19. 45th Weather Squadron
  20. 87th Air Base Wing
  21. 460th Space Wing <Done... for now>
  22. 566th Information Operations Squadron done
  23. Tennessee Military Department done
  24. Eldorado Air Force Station intro only
  25. Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency redirected to Directorate
  26. Air Forces Northern National Security Emergency Preparedness Directorate phase 2 update
  27. Air Reserve Personnel Center
  28. Project High Wire 90% done
  29. Aeros (disambiguation) done
  30. Mullicoupe completed18 Sep 07Younkin-Dake Mullicoupe done
  31. List of surviving B-52 Stratofortresses phase 1 and 2 done
  32. List of minor active United States Air Force Bases
  33. List of Sabre and Fury units in US military
  34. List of United States Air Force air divisions done
  35. ABM-1 Galosh, fixed Galoshes
  36. AEROS (satellite)
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  40. Ionospheric Occultation Experiment
  41. Polymer Battery Experiment
  42. On Orbit Mission Control
  43. DRAGONSat almost
  44. Argus As I stub
  45. Argus As II stub
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  53. Colorado_Division_of_Aeronautics
  54. 466th Air Expeditionary Group‎
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  1. Algorithm design done
  2. Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad 2nd update
  3. Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center 2nd update
  4. Geneva Basin Ski Area
  5. REVIVAL - Exclusive Bonus DVD Done
  6. John Fogerty: The Return of the Blue Ridge Rangers
  7. The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again - Deluxe Edition
  8. Colorado Division of Forestry
  9. Galway Lake
  10. Dark_Matters:_Twisted_But_True

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The late Jim Anderson doing routine a/c inspection.



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Back burner[edit]

  1. Lowry Heritage Museum large project

.............Phase 2 is expansion and more photos

  1. Major expansion of Lowry Air Force Base
  2. Multiple commons for aircraft


Autos -done[edit]

  • Chrysler 300
  • Chrysler LeBaron
  • Chrysler Town and Country (pre-1990)
  • Chrysler Valiant
  • DeSoto
  • Dodge
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Colt
  • Dodge Magnum
  • Plymouth (automobile)
  • Plymouth Barracuda
  • Plymouth Belvedere
  • Plymouth Fury
  • Plymouth Valiant
  • Plymouth Voyager
  • Pontiac

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