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Checklist created for the Sydney May 2014 editathon, a global tribute to Adrianne Wadewitz as a comparison of the The Encyclopedia of Women and Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia and the equivalent WP article.

Instructions for Checking[edit]

There are three possible scenarios you may encounter while checking entries off of this list.

  1. The Wikipedia article exists and the EWL article may both be on the same person already. No further action is required, just change the {{notdone}} tag to {{checked2}} and move onto the next record. If you wish, add an external link in the format:
  2. The Wikipedia article exists, but is on a different topic to the EWL article. If Wikipedia does have an article on that person, change the Wikipedia link to point at the correct article. If Wikipedia does not have an article on that person, change the article title to an alternative, unused title. Then mark the record as checked by changing the {{notdone}} tag to {{checked2}} and move onto the next record.
  3. The Wikipedia article title may be red, indicating that it does not exist. Check to see if we have an article on that topic, if we do, change the Wikipedia link to point at the correct article. If we don't, then leave the article title as-is, and set the record as being checked as above.

If there are any dubious or difficult records, and you are not sure what to do, change {{notdone}} to {{deferred}} to indicate that the entry is problematic, and move onto the next one.


Wikipedia Article EWL Article Checked
Gertrude Abbott Abbott, Gertrude Checked - added external link
Aziza Abdel-Halim Abdel-Halim, Aziza Checked
Ada Mary a'Beckett a'Beckett, Ada Mary Checked
Jessie Ackermann Ackermann, Jessie Checked - added external link
Judith Ajani Ajani, Judith Checked
Karen Alexander (environmentalist) Alexander, Karen Ruth Checked
Elizabeth Alfred Alfred, Elizabeth Checked
Stella Allan Allan, Stella Checked
Margaret Ellen Allen Allen, Margaret Ellen Checked
Lyn Allison Allison, Lynette Checked
Ruth Alsop Alsop, Ruth Checked
Alison Anderson Anderson, Alison Checked
Charlotte Anderson Anderson, Charlotte Checked
Jan Anderson (scientist) Anderson, Jan Checked
Maybanke Anderson Anderson, Maybanke Susannah Checked - added external link
Mary Maria Andrews Andrews, Mary Maria Checked
Shirley Andrews Andrews, Shirley Aldythea Marshall Seymour Checked
Martha Ansara Ansara, Martha Checked
Arina Aoina Aoina, Arina Checked
Marjorie Apthorpe Apthorpe, Marjorie Checked
Franca Arena Arena, Franca Checked
Gillian Armstrong Armstrong, Gillian Checked - added external link
Louise Asher Asher, Louise Checked
Queenie Ashton Ashton, Queenie Checked
Tilly Aston Aston, Matilda (Tilly) Ann Checked
Hannah Aulby Aulby, Hannah Helen Checked
Elizabeth Austin (civic benefactor) Austin, Elizabeth Checked
Diane Austin-Broos Austin-Broos, Diane Joyce Checked
Australian Federation of Women Voters Australian Federation of Women Voters Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Hürriyet Babacan Babacan, Hurriyet Checked
Cora Baldock Baldock, Cora Checked
Faith Bandler Bandler, Faith Checked - Added external link
Grace Bardsley Bardsley, Grace Checked
Theresa Barker Barker, Mary Theresa Torres Checked
Frances Barkman Barkman, Frances Checked
Mary Barlow Barlow, Mary Kate Checked
Mary Gonzaga Barry Barry, Mary Gonzaga Checked
Diane Barwick Barwick, Diane Elizabeth Checked - Added external link; also referred to by maiden name, McEachern
Alison Bashford Bashford, Alison Caroline Checked - Added external link
Marie Bashir Bashir, Marie Roslyn Checked - Added external link
Marnie Bassett Bassett, Flora Marjorie Checked - Added external link
Daisy Bates (Australia) Bates, Daisy May Checked - Added external link
Nancy Bates (journalist) Bates, Nancy Checked - Actor of same name
Genni Batterham Batterham, Genni Checked
Mary Beasley Beasley, Mary Checked
Joan Beaumont Beaumont, Joan Errington Checked
Beryl Beaurepaire Beaurepaire, Beryl Checked - Added external link
Sharon Beder Beder, Sharon Checked - Added external link
Hazel Bedwin Bedwin, Hazel Napier Checked
Larissa Behrendt Behrendt, Larissa Checked - Added external link
Diane Bell Bell, Diane Checked - Added external link
Elizabeth Bell (Buddhist leader) Bell, Elizabeth Checked
Jane Bell (nurse) Bell, Jane Checked
Phyllis Benjamin Benjamin, Phyllis Checked - Added external link
Concetta Benn Benn, Concetta Checked
Carol Bennett (Australia) Bennett, Carol Checked
Jane Frances Bennett Bennett, Jane Frances Checked
Mary Montgomerie Bennett Bennett, Mary Montgomerie Checked - Victorian Honour Roll of Women now same link
Catherine Berndt Berndt, Catherine Checked - Added external link
Amelia Best Best, Amelia (Millie) Checked - Added external link
Nicola Beynon Beynon, Nicola Jane Checked
Janet Biddlecombe Biddlecombe, Janet Checked
Joan Bielski Bielski, Joan Checked
Julie Bishop Bishop, Julie Isabel Checked - Added external link
Alice Blackall Blackall, Alice Kate Checked
Wendy Blacklock Blacklock, Wendy Checked - Added external link
Margaret Blakers Blakers, Margaret Checked
Cate Blanchett Blanchett, Catherine (Cate) Elise Checked - Added external link
Anna Bligh Bligh, Anna Maria Checked - Added external link
Mary Bluett Bluett, Mary Checked
Merlinda Bobis Bobis, Merlinda Checked - Added external link
Irene Bolger Bolger, Irene Checked
Anne Bon Bon, Anne Checked
Carolyn Bond Bond, Carolyn Checked
Constance Jean Bonython Bonython, Constance Jean Checked - Added external link
Mary Booth (physician) Booth, Mary Checked
Kira Bousloff Bousloff, Kira Abricossova Checked
Marie Breen Breen, Marie Freda Checked - Added external link
Anna Teresa Brennan Brennan, Anna Teresa Checked - Added external link
Molly Brennan Brennan, Molly Checked
Patricia Brennan Brennan, Patricia Anne Checked - Added external link
Elizabeth Brentnall Brentnall, Elizabeth Checked
Hesba Fay Brinsmead Brinsmead, Hesba Checked - Added external link
Peggy Brock Brock, Peggy Checked
Ida Bell Brodrick Brodrick, Ida Bell Checked
Ada Bromham Bromham, Ada Checked - Added external link
Ivy Brookes Brookes, Ivy Checked
Mabel Brookes Brookes, Mabel Balcombe Checked - Added external link
Sue Brooks Brooks, Sue Checked - Added external link
Jocelyn Brown (landscape designer) Brown, Jocelyn Checked
Margaret Brown (health advocate) Brown, Margaret Checked
Quentin Bryce Bryce, Quentin Checked - addded external link
Lois Bryson Bryson, Lois Checked
Dorothy Buckland-Fuller Buckland-Fuller, Dorothy Checked
Hannah Buckley Buckley, Hannah Checked
Nancy Tyson Burbidge Burbidge, Nancy Tyson Checked - addded external link
Verity Burgmann Burgmann, Verity Checked - addded external link
Linda Burney Burney, Linda Jean Checked - addded external link
Kate Burrow Burrow, Kathleen Mary (Kate) Checked
Eva Burrows Burrows, Eva Evelyn Checked - Added external link
Connie Bush Bush, Constance (Connie) Doreen Checked
Nancy Buttfield Buttfield, Nancy Checked - Added external link
Ita Buttrose Buttrose, Ita Clare Checked - Added external link
Rita Buxton Buxton, Rita Checked - Added external link
Marie Byles Byles, Marie Checked - Added external link (some dates differ but right person)


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Anne Cahill Lambert Cahill Lambert, Anne Checked
Barbara Caine Caine, Barbara Checked
Jane Campion Campion, Jane Checked - Added external link
Rosa Cappiello Cappiello, Rosa Raffaella Checked - book translated to English as Oh Lucky Country, won literary award in 1985
Florence Cardell-Oliver Cardell-Oliver, Annie Florence Gillies Checked - Added external link
Hilary Carey Carey, Hilary Mary Checked
Kate Carnell Carnell, Anne Katherine (Kate) Checked - Added external link
Maisie Carr Carr, Stella Grace Maisie Checked
Barbara Carson Carson, Barbara Checked
Bettina Cass Cass, Bettina Checked
Amber Mae Cecil Cecil, Amber Mae Checked - Added external link
Millicent Chalmers Chalmers, Millicent Anne Checked
Elizabeth Cham Cham, Elizabeth Checked
Edna Chamberlain Chamberlain, Edna Checked
Jan Chapman Chapman, Jan Checked - external link added
Elsa Chauvel Chauvel, Elsa Checked External link added
Joan Child Child, Gloria Joan Checked External link and redirect created
Betty Churcher Churcher, Elizabeth (Betty) Checked External link added
Lady Mary Clark Clark, Lady Mary Deferred - mentioned in Ernest Clark (governor)
Adrienne Clarke Clarke, Adrienne Checked - Added external link
Helena Clarke Clarke, Helena Checked
Janet Clarke Clarke, Janet Lady Checked No article on Janet Clarke but external link added to Janet Clarke Hall
Ella Cleggett Cleggett, Ella Checked
Inga Clendinnen Clendinnen, Inga Checked - Added external link
Margaret Clunies Ross Clunies Ross, Margaret Beryl Checked External link added
Katherine Mary Clutterbuck Clutterbuck, Katherine Mary Checked - Added external link
Essie Coffey Coffey, Essiena (Essie) Checked External link added
Ida Cohen Cohen, Ida Checked
Raewyn Connell Connell, Raewyn Checked - Added external link
Sharon Connolly Connolly, Sharon Checked
Evelyn Conyers Conyers, Evelyn Augusta Checked
Constance Mary Ternent Cooke Cooke, Constance Mary Ternent Checked
Margaret Cooper (disability rights activist) Cooper, Margaret Checked - Margaret Cooper is redirect to Joyce Cooper (Margaret Joyce Cooper) UK swimmer
Marjorie Coppel Coppel, Marjorie Jean Checked
Teresa Corbin Corbin, Teresa Checked
Suzanne Cory Cory, Suzanne Checked External link added
Grace Cossington Smith Cossington Smith, Grace Checked External link added
Elizabeth Couchman Couchman, Elizabeth May Ramsay Checked External link added
Margaret Court Court, Margaret Jean Checked - Added external link
Edith Cowan Cowan, Edith Dircksey Checked - added external link
Gillian Cowlishaw Cowlishaw, Gillian Checked - her husband is Hal Wootten
Eva Cox Cox, Eva Maria Checked External link added
May Cox Cox, May Checked
Frances Craig Craig, Frances Eileen Checked
Wendy Craik Craik, Wendy Checked
Robyn Crane Crane, Robyn Checked
Dorothy Crawford Crawford, Dorothy Muriel Checked Added external link
Patricia Marcia Crawford Crawford, Patricia Marcia Checked
Mary Crooks Crooks, Mary Checked
Sally Crossing Crossing, Sally Checked
Louise Crossley Crossley, Louise Checked
Janice Crosswhite Crosswhite, Janice Checked - Husband is Perry Crosswhite
Ningali Cullen Cullen, Ngingali Checked
Zina Cumbrae-Stewart Cumbrae-Stewart, Zina Checked - article Elina Mottram links to ADB article on Zina
Ann Curthoys Curthoys, Ann Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Marguerite Dale Dale, Marguerite Ludovia Checked
Henrietta Jessie Shaw (Jessie) Daley Daley, Henrietta Jessie Shaw (Jessie) Checked Mentioned in List of Old Collegians of PLC Melbourne
Ann Daly Daly, Ann Checked
Mary Daly (Australian writer) Daly, Dame Mary Dora Deferred Confusing - is this the same person as Jean Mary Daly? Wikipedia Article is for Dame Mary so that is ok.
Jean Mary Daly Daly, Jean Mary Deferred
Joy Damousi Damousi, Joy Checked
Verna Kay Daniels Daniels, Verna Kay Checked - Kay Daniels exists as redirect for Sandra Kay Daniels
Sandy Dann Dann, Sandra Gertrude Checked
Zelda D'Aprano D'Aprano, Zelda Checked
Kate Darian-Smith Darian-Smith, Katherine (Kate) Checked
Barbara Darling Darling, Barbara Checked External link added
Mary Eileen Davidson Davidson, Mary Eileen Checked
Beatrice Davis Davis, Beatrice Checked
Judy Davis Davis, Judy Checked External link added
Megan Davis Davis, Megan Checked
Mary De Garis De Garis, Mary Clementina Checked
Shirley Strickland de la Hunty, Shirley Barbara Checked
Desley Deacon Deacon, Desley Checked
Elizabeth Dennis Dennis, Elizabeth Salisbury Checked
Anne Deveson Deveson, Anne Barbara Checked External link added
Laurene Dietrich Dietrich, Laurene Checked
Emma Elizabeth Dixson Dixson, Emma Elizabeth Not done
Miriam Joyce Dixson Dixson, Miriam Joyce Not done
Christine Elizabeth Dobbin Dobbin, Christine Elizabeth Not done
Emily Dobson Dobson, Emily Checked External link added
Jeanne Doudy Doudy, Jane Sarah (Jeanne) Not done
Helen Elizabeth Dougharty Dougharty, Helen Elizabeth Not done
Bronwen Phyllis Douglas Douglas, Bronwen Phyllis Not done
Sara Dowse Dowse, Sara Checked External link added
Brigid Helen Dowsett Dowsett, Brigid Helen Not done
Mary Draper (health consumer advocate) Draper, Mary Checked
Audrey Louise Dreschler Dreschler, Audrey Louise Not done
Henrietta Dugdale Dugdale, Henrietta Checked
Phyllis Evelyn Duguid Duguid, Phyllis Evelyn Not done
Constance Duncan Duncan, Ada Constance Checked
Catherine Duncan Duncan, Catherine Not done
Lucinda Dunn Dunn, Lucinda Checked
Andrea Durbach Durbach, Andrea Not done
Diana Joan Dyason Dyason, Diana Joan Checked External link added


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Pat Eatock Eatock, Pat Checked External link added
Patricia Edgar Edgar, Patricia Checked External link added
Katherine Rose Egan Egan, Katherine Rose Checked
M. Barnard Eldershaw Eldershaw, Marjorie Checked
Ilana Eldridge Eldridge, Ilana Frances Checked
Della Elliott Elliott, Della Checked
Rica Erickson Erickson, Frederica (Rica) Checked
Barbara Etter Etter, Barbara Checked
Elizabeth Evatt Evatt, Elizabeth Andreas Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Audrey Fagan Fagan, Audrey Checked External link added
Mary Elizabeth Fairfax Fairfax, Mary Elizabeth Checked (Note: not Mary Fairfax)
Barbara Falk Falk, Barbara Checked
Pauline Fanning Fanning, Pauline Checked (Note: not Pauline Dixon)
Marie Langley Farquharson Farquharson, Marie Langley Checked
Martha Durward Farquharson Farquharson, Martha Durward Checked (Note: not Martha Finley)
Helen Fell Fell, Helen Checked
Mary Fennescey Fennescey, Mary Checked
Miriam Fink Fink, Miriam Checked
Pat Fiske Fiske, Patricia (Pat) Checked
Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Australian academic) Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Checked External link added (Article needs wikifying)
Lisa Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Lisa Checked
Sheila Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Sheila Mary Checked External link added
Susan Kathleen Foley Foley, Susan Kathleen Checked
Rosemary Follett Follett, Rosemary Checked
Leneen Forde Forde, Mary Marguerite Leneen (Leneen) Checked External link added
Lynn Foster Foster, Lynn Checked
Raelene Frances Frances, Raelene Checked
Miles Franklin Franklin, Stella Maria(n) Sarah Miles Checked Wikilink fixed and EWL link added
Dawn Fraser Fraser, Dawn Checked External link added
Val Fraser Fraser, Val Checked
Cathy Freeman Freeman, Catherine (Cathy) Astrid Salome Checked
Valerie French (lawyer) French, Valerie Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Rhonda Galbally Galbally, Rhonda Louise Checked - added external link
Jean Galbraith Galbraith, Jean Checked - added external link
Gwendoline Fay Gale Gale, Gwendoline Fay Not done
Regina Ganter Ganter, Regina Not done
Minnie May Gates Gates, Minnie May Not done
Virginia (Vig) Geddes Geddes, Virginia (Vig) Not done
Lisa Gerrard Gerrard, Lisa Checked - Added external link
May Gibbs Gibbs, Cecilia May Checked - Added external link
Pearl Mary Gibbs Gibbs, Pearl Mary Not done
Emily Gibson Gibson, Emily Not done
Gladys Ruth Gibson Gibson, Gladys Ruth Not done
Grace Isabel Gibson Gibson, Grace Isabel Not done
Larissa (Lara) Tahireh Giddings Giddings, Larissa (Lara) Tahireh Not done
Nancy Giese Giese, Nancy Not done
Patricia Giles Giles, Patricia Jessie (Pat) Checked - Added external link
Julia Gillard Gillard, Julia Eileen Checked - Added external link
Peggy Glanville-Hicks Glanville-Hicks, Peggy Not done
Hannah Elizabeth Glover Glover, Hannah Elizabeth Not done
Mary Glowrey Glowrey, Mary Not done
Rosemary Goldie Goldie, Rosemary Not done
Vida Jane Goldstein Goldstein, Vida Jane Checked - Added external link
Kay Goldsworthy Goldsworthy, Kay Not done
Eileen Good Good, Eileen Not done
Heather Goodall Goodall, Heather Not done
Florence Gordon Gordon, Florence Not done
Janne Graham Graham, Janne Not done
Anne Syrett Green Green, Anne Syrett Not done
Germaine Greer Greer, Germaine Checked External link added
Jenny Gregory Gregory, Jennifer Anne (Jenny) Not done
Flos Greig Greig, Flos Not done
Di Gribble Gribble, Diana Checked External link added
Norma Retta Grieve Grieve, Norma Retta Not done
Mary Harriet Griffith Griffith, Mary Harriet Not done
Patricia Ann Grimshaw Grimshaw, Patricia Ann Not done
Elizabeth A. Grosz Grosz, Elizabeth A. Not done
Lucy Guerin Guerin, Lucy Not done
Margaret Guilfoyle Guilfoyle, Margaret Georgina Checked External link added
Lucy Edith Gullett Gullett, Lucy Edith Not done
Bessie Jean Thompson Guthrie Guthrie, Bessie Jean Thompson Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Anna Elizabeth Haebich Haebich, Anna Elizabeth Not done
Janine Haines Haines, Janine Not done
Edith Hall Hall, Edith Not done
Eliza Rowdon Hall Hall, Eliza Rowdon Not done
Annette Hamilton Hamilton, Annette Not done
Nennie Harken Harken, Nennie Not done
Jan Harper Harper, Janice Mary (Jan) Not done
Rita May Harris Harris, Rita May Not done
Thistle Harris Harris, Thistle Not done
Angela Hartwig Hartwig, Angela Not done
Ellison Harvie Harvie, Ellison Not done
Nanette Hassall Hassall, Nanette Not done
Elizabeth Hastings Hastings, Elizabeth Not done
Edith Ann Mary Haynes Haynes, Edith Ann Mary Not done
Muriel Agnes Heagney Heagney, Muriel Agnes Not done
Evelyn Myrtle Healy Healy, Evelyn Myrtle Not done
Joan Healy Healy, Joan Not done
Mary Healy (religious sister) Healy, Mary (Mother Gertrude) Checked
Jessie Isabel Henderson Henderson, Jessie Isabel Not done
Judy Isabel Henderson Henderson, Judy Isabel Not done
Professor Lyn Henderson-Yates Henderson-Yates, Professor Lyn Not done
Alice Henry Henry, Alice Not done
Penelope Hetherington Hetherington, Penelope Not done
Dorothy Hewett Hewett, Dorothy Not done
Ernestine Hill Hill, Ernestine Not done
Raewyn Hill Hill, Raewyn Not done
Eleanor Mary Hinder Hinder, Eleanor Mary Not done
Elizabeth Hoffman Hoffman, Elizabeth Not done
Robyn Holder Holder, Robyn Not done
May Holman Holman, (Mary) May Alice Checked Stub. Needs citations.
Janet Holmes à Court Holmes à Court, Janet Not done
Katie Holmes Holmes, Katie Not done
Marion Louisa Holmes Holmes, Marion Louisa Not done
Marion Phoebe Holmes Holmes, Marion Phoebe Not done
Susan Hopgood Hopgood, Susan Not done
Bobbie Houston Houston, Bobbie Not done
Keran Howe Howe, Keran Not done
Renate Howe Howe, Renate Not done
Jackie Huggins Huggins, Jacqueline (Jackie) Gail Checked
Robin Hughes Hughes, Robin Not done
Ruby Florence Hutchison Hutchison, Ruby Florence Not done
Jocelyn Sophia Hyslop Hyslop, Jocelyn Sophia Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Bridget Ikin Ikin, Bridget Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Jackson-Nelson, Marjorie Checked
Marjorie Jacobs Jacobs, Marjorie Checked
Anita Jacoby Jacoby, Anita Checked
Pat Jalland Jalland, Patricia (Pat) Not done
Irene Florence Jeffreys Jeffreys, Irene Florence Not done
Samantha Jenkinson Jenkinson, Samantha Not done
Dorothy Gordon (Australian) Jenner, Dorothy Hetty Fosbury Checked Should be moved to Dorothy Gordon (actress)
Cecilia Annie John John, Cecilia Annie Not done
Alana Johnson Johnson, Alana Not done
Lesley Ruth Johnson Johnson, Lesley Ruth Not done
Anne Jolliffe Jolliffe, Anne Not done
Margaret Anne Jolly Jolly, Margaret Anne Not done
Caroline Jones Jones, Caroline Checked - Added external link
Edith Jones (activist) Jones, Edith Emily Checked
Kathleen Jones (educationist and feminist) Jones, Kathleen Annie Gilman Checked Added to disambig page


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Phyllis Kaberry Kaberry, Phyllis Checked - Added external link
Mary Kalantzis Kalantzis, Mary Checked - Added external link
Doreen Kartinyeri Kartinyeri, Doreen Not done
Winifred Kastner Kastner, Winifred Not done
Colma Derlua Monica Keating Keating, Colma Derlua Monica Not done
Judith Keene (historian) Keene, Judith Checked Not the same as Judith Keene
Annette Kellerman Kellerman, Annette Checked - Added external link
Kristina Keneally Keneally, Kristina Kerscher Checked - Added external link
Constance Kent Hughes Kent Hughes, Constance Not done
Dale Vivienne Kent Kent, Dale Vivienne Not done
Cheryl Kernot Kernot, Cheryl Checked - Added external link
Edith Latham Kernot Kernot, Edith Latham Not done
Edith Amelia Kerr Kerr, Edith Amelia Not done
Aila Inkeri Keto Keto, Aila Inkeri Not done
Ellen Sarah Kettle Kettle, Ellen Sarah Not done
Glenda Joyce Kickett Kickett, Glenda Joyce Not done
Margaret Loch Kiddle Kiddle, Margaret Loch Not done
Winifred Kiek Kiek, Winifred Not done
Beverley Rhonda Kingston Kingston, Beverley Rhonda Not done
Aviva Kipen Kipen, Aviva Not done
Diane Elizabeth Kirkby Kirkby, Diane Elizabeth Not done
Joan Kirner Kirner, Joan Elizabeth Checked - Added external link
Emily Kame Kngwarreye Kngwarreye, Emily Kame Checked External link added
Beverly Knight Knight, Beverly Not done
Violet May Knowles Knowles, Violet May Not done
Mary Kostakidis Kostakidis, Mary Not done
Kedy Kristal Kristal, Kedy Not done
Frances Gertrude Kumm Kumm, Frances Gertrude Checked External link added


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Lesley Laing Laing, Lesley Not done
Marilyn Lake Lake, Marilyn Not done
Judith Anne Lambert Lambert, Judith Anne Not done
Sarah Jane Lancaster Lancaster, Sarah Jane Not done
Flora Annie Margaret Landells Landells, Flora Annie Margaret Not done
Ethel Lang Lang, Ethel Not done
Ruby Langford Ginibi Langford Ginibi, Ruby Not done
Marcia Langton Langton, Marcia Not done
Margaret Lasica Lasica, Margaret Not done
Eleanor Mary Latham Latham, Eleanor Mary Not done
Freer Helen Latham Latham, Freer Helen Not done
Marion Lau Lau, Marion Not done
Carmen Lawrence Lawrence, Carmen Not done
Betty Lawson Lawson, Betty Not done
Louisa Lawson Lawson, Louisa Not done
Simone Lazaroo Lazaroo, Simone Not done
Charlotte Mary Clarina Leal Leal, Charlotte Mary Clarina Not done
Bessie Harrison Lee Lee, Betsy (Bessie) Harrison Not done
Georgia Lee Lee, Georgia Not done
Mary Lee Lee, Mary Not done
Meg Lees Lees, Meg Heather Checked
Virginia Florence Leigh Leigh, Virginia Florence Not done
Julia Levy Levy, Julia Not done
Sandra Levy Levy, Sandra Not done
Betty Caroline Leworthy Leworthy, Betty Caroline Not done
Tanja Lietdke Lietdke, Tanja Not done
Louise Lightfoot Lightfoot, Louise Not done
Coralie Ling Ling, Coralie Not done
Emma Linda Palmer Littlejohn Littlejohn, Emma Linda Palmer Not done
Genevieve Mary Lloyd Lloyd, Genevieve Mary Not done
Lilian Locke Locke, Lilian Not done
Joan Long Long, Joan Not done
Irene Maud Longman Longman, Irene Maud Not done
Helen L'Orange L'Orange, Helen Not done
Patricia Lovell Lovell, Patricia Not done
Wendy Lowenstein Lowenstein, Wendy Katherin Checked
Lottie Edith Lyell Lyell, Lottie Edith Not done
Elvira Lyons Lyons, Elvira Not done
Enid Lyons Lyons, Enid Muriel Checked External link added
Gretta Lyons Lyons, Margaret Anne (Gretta) Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Martha Macintyre Macintyre, Martha Not done
Jenni Mack Mack, Jenni Not done
Dorothea Mackellar MacKellar, Isobel Marion Dorothea (Dorothea) Checked - Added external link
Geraldine MacKenzie MacKenzie, Geraldine Not done
Vera Christine Mackie Mackie, Vera Christine Not done
Mary MacKillop MacKillop, Mary Helen Checked - Added external link
Alison Gay Mackinnon Mackinnon, Alison Gay Not done
Gracemary Mackinnon Mackinnon, Gracemary Checked
Agnes Macready Macready, Agnes Not done
Judy Maddigan Maddigan, Judith (Judy) Marilyn Checked - Added external link
Susan Margaret Magarey Magarey, Susan Margaret Not done
Eve Mahlab Mahlab, Eve Not done
Tricia Malowney Malowney, Tricia Not done
Margaret Mary Manion Manion, Margaret Mary Not done
Dame Ida Caroline Mann Mann, Dame Ida Caroline Not done
Maria Katrina Mann Mann, Maria Katrina Not done
Melina Marchetta Marchetta, Melina Not done
Helena Marfell Marfell, Helena Catherine Checked - Added external link
Melba Marginson Marginson, Melba Not done
Fay Surtee Marles Marles, Fay Surtee Not done
May Marshall Marshall, May Not done
Clare Martin Martin, Clare Majella Checked - Added external link
Jean Isobel Martin Martin, Jean Isobel Not done
Sue Maslin Maslin, Sue Not done
Jill Julius Matthews Matthews, Jill Julius Not done
Francisca Adriana Mawson Mawson, Francisca Adriana Not done
Kath Mazzella Mazzella, Kath Not done
Annie Margaret McArthur McArthur, Annie Margaret Not done
Isabel McBryde McBryde, Isabel Not done
Janet Susan McCalman McCalman, Janet Susan Not done
Wendy McCarthy McCarthy, Wendy Not done
Jean McCaughey McCaughey, Jean Not done
Ursula Hope McConnel McConnel, Ursula Hope Not done
Isabel McCorkindale McCorkindale, Isabella (Isabel) Not done
Cathy McGowan McGowan, Catherine (Cathy) Not done
Ann Margaret McGrath McGrath, Ann Margaret Not done
Francis Margaret Cheadle McGuire McGuire, Francis Margaret Cheadle Not done
Margaret Edgeworth McIntyre McIntyre, Margaret Edgeworth Not done
Hatton Elizabeth McKenzie McKenzie Hatton, Elizabeth Not done
Anne McKenzie McKenzie, Anne Not done
Clara Jane McLaughlin McLaughlin, Clara Jane Not done
Ethel Irene McLennan McLennan, Ethel Irene Not done
Hilary McPhee McPhee, Hilary Not done
Dorothy McRae-McMahon McRae-McMahon, Dorothy Not done
Nellie Melba Melba, Nellie Checked - Added external link
Olive Mellor Mellor, Olive Not done
Padma Menon Menon, Padma Not done
Isabelle Merry Merry, Isabelle Not done
Donna Jeanne Merwick Merwick, Donna Jeanne Not done
Voula Messimeri-Kianidis Messimeri-Kianidis, Voula Not done
Emma Miller Miller, Emma Not done
Sue Milliken Milliken, Sue Not done
Nancy Millis Millis, Nancy Fannie Checked - Added external link
Christine Milne Milne, Christine Anne Checked - Added external link
Eliza Mitchell Mitchell, Eliza, Lady Checked
Roma Mitchell Mitchell, Roma Flinders Checked - Added external link
Tracey Moffatt Moffatt, Tracey Not done
Constance Moffit Moffit, Constance Not done
Joan Montgomery Montgomery, Joan Not done
Eleanor May Moore Moore, Eleanor May Not done
Aileen Moreton-Robinson Moreton-Robinson, Aileen Not done
Belinda Morieson Morieson, Belinda Not done
Della Rae Morrison Morrison, Della Rae Not done
Tessa Morris-Suzuki Morris-Suzuki, Teresa Irene Jessica (Tessa) Not done
Matina Mottee Mottee, Matina Not done
Dorothy Ann Mowll Mowll, Dorothy Ann Not done
Ann Moyal Moyal, Ann Not done
Ellen Mulcahy Mulcahy, Ellen Not done
Beryl Yvonne Mulder Mulder, Beryl Yvonne Not done
Grace Emily Munro Munro, Grace Emily Not done
Elisabeth Murdoch Murdoch, Elisabeth Not done
Phyllis Murphy Murphy, Phyllis Not done
Violet Matilda Myrtle Murphy Murphy, Violet Matilda Myrtle Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Margaret Nadebaum Nadebaum, Margaret Checked
Heather Nancarrow Nancarrow, Heather Checked
Cam Nguyen Nguyen, Cam Checked
Nathalie Nguyen Nguyen, Nathalie Checked
Elizabeth Nicholls Nicholls, Elizabeth Checked
Helen Nickas Nickas, Helen Checked
Christine Nixon Nixon, Christine Checked
Angelina Noble Noble, Angelina Checked
Melanie Nolan Nolan, Melanie Checked
Ada Norris Norris, Ada May Checked
Susan Nulsen Nulsen, Susan Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Julie Oberin Oberin, Julie Checked
Anne Philomena O'Brien O'Brien, Anne Philomena Checked
Catherine Cecily O'Brien O'Brien, Catherine Cecily Checked
Lowitja (Lois) O'Donoghue O'Donoghue, Lowitja (Lois) Checked - Added external link
Margaret Ogg Ogg, Margaret Checked
Katharine Florinda Ogilvie Ogilvie, Katharine Florinda Checked
Mary Josephine O'Kane O'Kane, Mary Josephine Checked
Audrey Oldfield Oldfield, Audrey Checked
Edith Charlotte Onians Onians, Edith Charlotte Checked
Oodgeroo Noonuccal Oodgeroo Noonuccal Checked - added external link
Colleen O'Reilly O'Reilly, Colleen Checked
Lorna Grace Osborn Osborn, Lorna Grace Checked
Gladys Dorothy O'Shane O'Shane, Gladys Dorothy Checked
Pat O'Shane O'Shane, Pat Checked - added external link
Kelly-Ann O'Shannassy O'Shannassy, Kelly-Ann Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Fiona Paisley Paisley, Fiona Checked
Adela Pankhurst Pankhurst, Adela Constantia Checked - Added external link
Ruth Park Park, Ruth Checked - added external link
Evelyn Helena Parker Parker, Evelyn Helena Not done
Norma Parker Parker, Norma Alice Checked - created article!
Alison Mary Houston Patrick Patrick, Alison Mary Houston Not done
Kay Christine Lesley Patterson Patterson, Kay Christine Lesley Not done
Camille Agnes Becker Paul Paul, Camille Agnes Becker Not done
Emily Dorothea Pavy Pavy, Emily Dorothea Not done
Kaliope Paxinos Paxinos, Kaliope Not done
Ruby Payne-Scott Payne-Scott, Ruby Violet Checked - Added external link
Nova Peris Peris, Nova Checked - Added external link
Rachel Perkins Perkins, Rachel Checked - Added external link
Ros Pesman Pesman, Roslyn (Ros) Louise Checked - Added external link
Maggi Phillips Phillips, Maggi Not done
Marion Phillips Phillips, Marion Not done
Stella Edith Lottie Pines Pines, Stella Edith Lottie Not done
Olive Pink Pink, Olive Not done
Angela Pippos Pippos, Angela Not done
Anne Poelina Poelina, Anne Not done
Margaret Pomeranz Pomeranz, Margaret Checked - added external link
Bertha Porush Porush, Bertha Not done
Janet Frances Powell Powell, Janet Frances Not done
Margaret Rose Preston Preston, Margaret Rose Not done
Alice Pung Pung, Alice Not done
Margaret Ann Putt Putt, Margaret Ann Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Marian Quartly Quartly, Marian Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Mary Bertha Raine Raine, Mary Bertha Not done
Annabelle Jane Mary Rankin Rankin, Annabelle Jane Mary Not done
Irene Victoria Read Read, Irene Victoria Not done
Marie Olive Reay Reay, Marie Olive Not done
Helen Reddy Reddy, Helen Not done
Jill Redwood Redwood, Jill Not done
Cynthia (Nolan) Reed Reed, Cynthia (Nolan) Not done
Jill Reichstein Reichstein, Jill Not done
Elizabeth Anne Reid Reid, Elizabeth Anne Not done
Heather Reid Reid, Heather Not done
Joan Innes Reid Reid, Joan Innes Not done
Kerreen M Reiger Reiger, Kerreen M Not done
Janet Elizabeth Rice Rice, Janet Elizabeth Not done
Sue Richardson (economist) Richardson, Susan (Sue) Checked
Catherine Richmond Richmond, Catherine Not done
Sally Riley Riley, Sally Not done
Gina Rinehart Rinehart, Gina Not done
Bessie Mabel Rischbieth Rischbieth, Bessie Mabel Not done
Shirley Dallas Roberts Roberts, Shirley Dallas Not done
Jill Roe Roe, Jillian (Jill) Isobel Not done
Jessie Spink Rooke Rooke, Jessie Spink Not done
Lyndal Roper Roper, Lyndal Not done
Deborah Bird Rose Rose, Deborah Bird Not done
Daisy Rossi Rossi, Daisy Not done
Glenys Rowe Rowe, Glenys Not done
Kim Rubenstein Rubenstein, Kim Not done
Delia Constance Russell Russell, Delia Constance Not done
Lynette Wendy Russell Russell, Lynette Wendy Not done
Penny Ann Russell Russell, Penelope (Penny) Ann Not done
Vicki-Jo Russell Russell, Vicki-Jo Not done
Lyndall Ryan Ryan, Lyndall Not done
Susan Ryan Ryan, Susan Not done
Kathy Rynders Rynders, Kathy Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Peggy Sager Sager, Peggy Not done
Mary Salce Salce, Mary Not done
Sue Salthouse Salthouse, Sue Not done
Grecian Edith Sandwell Sandwell, Grecian Edith Not done
Katherine Isobel Sargood Sargood, Katherine Isobel Not done
Kay Elizabeth Bass Saunders Saunders, Kay Elizabeth Bass Not done
Alix Louise Sauvage Sauvage, Alix Louise Not done
Marian Sawer Sawer, Marian Not done
Beth Schultz Schultz, Beth Not done
Carol Schwartz Schwartz, Carol Not done
Margot Scott Scott, Margot Not done
Rose Scott Scott, Rose Not done
Marion Rose Scrymgour Scrymgour, Marion Rose Not done
Jocelynne Annette Scutt Scutt, Jocelynne Annette Not done
Linda Anne Selvey Selvey, Linda Anne Not done
Jan Sharp Sharp, Jan Not done
Pam Sharpe Sharpe, Pam Not done
Barbara Catherine Shaw Shaw, Barbara Catherine Not done
Ann Sherry Sherry, Ann Not done
Dorothy Lois Shineberg Shineberg, Dorothy Lois Not done
Cate Shortland Shortland, Cate Not done
Rachel Mary Siewert Siewert, Rachel Mary Not done
Emma Caroline Silcock Silcock, Emma Caroline Not done
Martha Simpson Simpson, Martha Not done
Amanda Sinclair Sinclair, Amanda Not done
Lillias Margaret Skene Skene, Lillias Margaret Not done
Jean Skuse Skuse, Jean Not done
Glenda Anna Sluga Sluga, Glenda Anna Not done
Judith Smart Smart, Judith Not done
Fiona Smith Smith, Fiona Not done
Wendy Hope Solling Solling, Wendy Hope Not done
Lady Finola Somers Somers, Lady Finola Not done
Georgie Somerset Somerset, Georgie Not done
Heather Southcott Southcott, Heather Not done
Catherine Helen Spence Spence, Catherine Helen Not done
Dale Spender Spender, Dale Not done
Ellen (Ella) Stack Stack, Ellen (Ella) Not done
Margaret Mary Staib Staib, Margaret Mary Not done
Isla May Stamp Stamp, Isla May Not done
Ida Standley Standley, Ida Not done
Fiona Juliet Stanley Stanley, Fiona Juliet Not done
Mimbinggal Violet McGinness Stanton Stanton, Mimbinggal Violet McGinness Not done
Nancy Stewart Stewart, Nancy Not done
Maila Stivens Stivens, Maila Not done
Natasha Stott Despoja Stott Despoja, Natasha Jessica Checked External link added
Cathrine Eliza Sommerville (Katie) Stow Stow, Cathrine Eliza Sommerville (Katie) Checked
Jessie Street Street, Jessie Mary Grey Checked - added external link
Beth Stubbs Stubbs, Elizabeth (Beth) Not done
Anne Fairhurst Summers Summers, Anne Fairhurst Not done
Jean Sutherland Sutherland, Jean Not done
Selina Murray Macdonald Sutherland Sutherland, Selina Murray Macdonald Not done
Shurlee Swain Swain, Shurlee Not done
Georgina Sweet Sweet, Georgina Not done
Louise Sylvan Sylvan, Louise Not done
Kathleen Alice Syme Syme, Kathleen Alice Not done
Halina Teresa Szunejko Szunejko, Halina Teresa Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Jill Tabart Tabart, Jill Checked
Maggie Tabberer Tabberer, Maggie Checked External link added
Dorothy Margaret Tangney Tangney, Dorothy Margaret Checked External link added
Reist Melinda Tankard Tankard Reist, Melinda Not done
Alice Erh-Soon Tay Tay, Alice Erh-Soon Not done
Betty Taylor Taylor, Betty Not done
Cheryl Taylor Taylor, Cheryl Not done
Cynthia Teague Teague, Cynthia Not done
Catherine Winifred (Kate) Dwyer The Golding Sisters Not done
Isabella Theresa (Belle) Golding The Golding Sisters Not done
Annie Mackenzie Golding The Golding Sisters Not done
the McDonagh Sisters The McDonagh Sisters Not done
Marjorie Rose Theobald Theobald, Marjorie Rose Not done
Deborah (Debbie) Thiele Thiele, Deborah (Debbie) Not done
Barbara Elizabeth Thiering Thiering, Barbara Elizabeth Not done
Jeni Thornley Thornley, Jeni Not done
Sigrid Thornton Thornton, Sigrid Not done
Margaret Throsby Throsby, Margaret Not done
Gemma Tillack Tillack, Gemma Not done
Marjorie Jean Tipping Tipping, Marjorie Jean Checked External link added
Christine Townend Townend, Christine Checked External link added
Carmel Travers Travers, Carmel Not done
Robyn Tredwell Tredwell, Robyn Not done
Judith Mary Troeth Troeth, Judith Mary Checked External link added
Elizabeth Marchant Truswell Truswell, Elizabeth Marchant Checked External link added
Marie Tulip Tulip, Marie Checked External link added
Patricia Turner Turner, Patricia Not done


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Marie-Louise Uhr Uhr, Marie-Louise Checked - there is an earlier person of similar name 2nd wife of John Neild
Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann Ungunmerr-Baumann, Miriam Rose Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Jo Vallentine Vallentine, Josephine Checked - Added external link
Peggy van Praagh van Praagh, Margaret (Peggy) Checked - Updated external link
Kelly Vincent Vincent, Kelly Checked - Added external link
Anna Vroland Vroland, Anna Fellowes Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Eadith Walker Walker, Eadith Checked External link added
Edna Walling Walling, Edna Checked External link added
Philippa Walsh Walsh, Philippa Jane Checked
Ania Walwicz Walwicz, Ania Checked External link added
Mary Jane Warnes Warnes, Mary Jane Checked External link added
Edith Alice Waterworth Waterworth, Edith Alice Checked
Giz Watson Watson, Giz Checked External link added
Liz Watts Watts, Liz Checked External link added
Mavis Wauchope Wauchope, Mavis Checked
Jessie Webb Webb, Jessie Stobo Watson Checked External link added
Michelle Webb Webb, Michelle Checked
Elizabeth Webby Webby, Elizabeth Checked External link added
Jenny Catherine Weber Weber, Jenny Catherine Checked
Ivy Wedgwood Wedgwood, Ivy Evelyn Checked External link added
Clara Weekes Weekes, Clara Checked
Wendy Weeks Weeks, Wendy Checked
Margaret Williams Weir Weir, Margaret Williams Checked
Gretna Margaret Weste Weste, Gretna Margaret Checked External link added
Annie Westmoreland Westmoreland, Annie Checked
Amy Grace Wheaton Wheaton, Amy Grace Checked
Isobel Mary White White, Isobel Mary Checked
Margaret Whitlam Whitlam, Margaret Elaine Checked External link added
Myra Willard Willard, Myra Checked
Mary Jamieson Williams Williams, Mary Jamieson Checked
Mary Williams-Cooper Williams-Cooper, Mary Checked
Meriel Wilmot-Wright Wilmot-Wright, Meriel Antoinette Winchester Checked
Grace Margaret Wilson Wilson, Grace Margaret Checked External link added
Maud Wilson Wilson, Maud Checked
Margaret Windeyer Windeyer, Margaret (Margy) Checked External link added
Mary Windeyer Windeyer, Mary Checked External link added
Penny Wong Wong, Penelope Ying-Yen Checked External link added
Fiona Wood Wood, Fiona Checked External link added
Angela Woollacott Woollacott, Angela Checked External link added
Edie (Edith) Wright Wright, Edie (Edith) Checked
Penny Wright Wright, Penelope Lesley Checked External link added


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Tina Yong Yong, Tina Checked
Stella Young Young, Stella Checked External link added
Margaret Yule Yule, Margaret Checked


Wikipedia Article EWH Article Checked
Gertrude Mary Zichy-Woinarski Zichy-Woinarski, Gertrude Mary Checked - Added external link