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Willie McIntyre (born 25 March 1960) is a Scottish novelist whose novels mix comedy, legal procedure, social comment and action. His debut novel was Relatively Guilty and subsequent works have included Duty Man, and Sharp Practice. He is a lawyer working in criminal defence.


McIntyre was born in Linlithgow attending Linlithgow Primary School and Linlithgow Academy, before attending the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in law. McIntyre is married and has four sons. He writes in his spare time. He coaches East Stirlingshire F.C.’s 1999 youth (under 15) football team.


Best Defence series[edit]

The protagonist is Robbie Munro, a Scots criminal defence lawyer, unlucky in love, who tends to do the wrong thing for the right reason or, if not, for the right price. Robbie’s office is in Linlithgow High Street, but the action spreads much further afield. A running theme throughout the books is Robbie’s love/hate relationship with his father, Alex Munro, an ex-cop who thoroughly disapproves of his son’s chosen profession.

Based in Scotland and with plenty of dry humour, the books are intended as an antidote to crime/legal fiction that seems to either involve a serial killer, dispatching people in ever more interesting and gory ways, or very serious lawyers who only ever seems to have one case on the go at any given time. McIntyre can’t resist the occasional dig at the Scottish Government and its constant meddling with a criminal justice system.


  • Relatively Guilty, 2010
  • Duty Man, 2011
  • Sharp Practice, 2012
  • Killer Contract, 2013
  • Crime Fiction, 2014
  • Last Will (Working title), to be released late 2014

Recurring characters[edit]

Some of the recurring characters are listed below:

  • Robbie Munro, a Scots criminal defence lawyer
  • Alex Munro, Robbie's father.
  • Grace-Mary, Robbie's long suffering secretary.
  • Jake Turpie, Robbie's landlord and well known local crook.

Award nomination[edit]

  • Relatively Guilty was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2012.[1]


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