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List of things that I should not have to tell my staff, but do anyways:

1) Do not give away our software to non-paying clients just because they ask
2) Do not delete all data from the database just because you are too lazy to remove 5 users
3) Do not remove databases just because you randomly feel like it
4) If we have always had it bilingual before, guess what it is this time?
5) If I didn't hand it to you and say it's final, it's not final
6) Do not distribute things and call them final just because you translated them
7) Jesus Christ, shower! Use it!
8) Saying "听不懂" doesn't work on me, it never has
9) Likewise, "没办法" doesn't work on me either, there is always a way
10) 20 times wrong or one time right, you decide
11) Guess what? I read Chinese! Sucks to be you! Even I can tell that translation is shit!
12) If you are going to do something that directly affects me, please for the love of god tell me
13) "5000 years" or "developing country", you can't have it both ways
14) Yes, I can hear you talking about me so when I punch you in the face don't act surprised or innocent about it
15) This is a very pretty flowchart, unfortunately a visitor will hate it
16) Why for the love of god are you sending something to the publisher before I gave the ok?!

... more to come