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 The Wikipedian Bookshelf

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The Wikipedian Bookshelf aims to provide a collection of books that fellow Wikipedians read, enjoy, or think are important to culture and history. Consider yourself the librarian for the day, and construct the ultimate bookshelf, or just tell us what you like to read.

This page has been blatantly plagiarised from Phaedriel's fantastic Soundtrack of Wikipedians page, many thanks for the great idea. Please add your favourite books here and share your literary gems. Of course, anyone can change their selection at any time, since we all evolve from day to day, and our book loves evolve with us. ++Lar: t/c 13:52, 6 August 2006 (UTC)

A few suggestions

  • Please limit your list to no more than 35 - 50 entries! You may of course post as many as you want, but other people will be unlikely to go through a list of 100 or more books.
  • List your favorites, and those you feel are important. Please don't comment on others' selections on this page (or your own selection), but please do so on the talk page.
  • You may or not want to post an image, either your pic or whatever you want to present yourself - that's entirely up to you (no fair use images please!)
  • Please add yourself following alphabetic order. The easiest way to add your entry is to copy and paste an existing one, and then replacing the proper information with your own. Don't be afraid to mess up! This is just for fun - if you malformed your entry, somebody else will fix it later for you, don't worry.
  • If you have any doubts and/or suggestions, please contact me at my talk page. Have fun! :)

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Dorftrottel may appear to be watching you.AldeBaer eye.png
  • I'm not so much into books.
  • I watch Bill O'Reilly a lot.

Fair use icon - Book.png   Dfrg.msc[edit]

On Paper

Off Paper

Fair use icon - Book.png   Draicone[edit]
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Currently Reading

To Read List

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Fair use icon - Book.png   RhinoMind[edit]
  • Else Roesdahl: Vikingernes Verden, Gyldendal (2012) (Danish).
    The 8th and newest edition of her 1987 book. She is a former professor of Archaeology and this book gives a superb introduction and overview. The 7th edition has been translated into English and titled "The Vikings", which I haven't read.
  • Rudolf Broby Johansen: Kunstvejviser over Danmark (Vol. 1-15), Hamlet (1978-86) (Danish)
    A 15 volume art and history guide to Denmark. Richly illustrated, covering all local regions of the country and written by one of the most influential and controversial art mediators in Danish history.

Fair use icon - Book.png   Smurrayinchester[edit]

Fair use icon - Book.png   Springeragh[edit]
These are not in alphabetical order! (Thank you, you may now read my list)

Fair use icon - Book.png   Steinbach[edit]

These are just a few of the books I like, some of which actually are on my nightstand right now.

Fair use icon - Book.png   ~Switch t c =====g


It's anarchy!



Fair use icon - Book.png The Halo[edit]
Thε Halo Θ

Fair use icon - Book.png   The Ungovernable Force[edit]


Non-fiction and Essays

Fair use icon - Book.png   Webdinger [edit]

Fair use icon - Book.png   William Thweatt[edit]
"Ancient" version of the MacThomas Tartan


  • Before Scotland: The Story of Scotland Before History - Alistair Moffat
  • A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland: with The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides - Samuel Johnson & James Boswell
  • Flodden 1513: Scotland's greatest defeat - John Sadler
  • The Scottish Highlands: A Contested Country/Gaidhealtachd Alba: Tir fo Dheasbad - James Hunter
  • The Emergence Of Modern Southeast Asia: A New History - Norman Owen & David Chandler
  • International Relations in Southeast Asia: The Struggle for Autonomy - Donald Wetherbee
  • Early Civilizations of Southeast Asia - Dougald J.W. O'Reilly


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Fair use icon - Book.png   Abe Lincoln[edit]
Abe Lincoln