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Hi everyone, If you want to contact me, contact details correct as of August 2013:

  • You can use my talkpage (click "Discuss this page" at the left).
  • You can send me e-mail directly at:
<laudaka AT xs4all DOT nl>
  • You can use the send e-mail feature of

By the way: NEVER put your e-mail address on any webpage written the normal way — you'll get loads of spam e-mail otherwise.

When I was just new to, in January 2004, I directly loved the idea of Pages I like most to read are about space exploration and I made my first edits there. Furthermore, I often correct spelling errors when I encounter them in pages I happen to read. For more info on correcting spelling errors, see Wikipedia:Typo.

Keep making better or enjoy reading it :-)

Kind regards from the Netherlands, Europe,