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I have a talk page to chat on, too! Amazing stuff, this here MediaWiki technology, ain't it?

Thank you for dropping by my User Page at 04:25, Sunday, August 20, 2017 (UTC). (Actually, the date/time is referenced because I like to know the server date/time, and this is the easiest way.) Anyhow...

LaughingVulcan here. Well, not "here" except in the metaphysical sense of being present in CyberSpace.

I have userboxen at the right! Amazing stuff, this MediaWiki technology, no?

The logical yet humorous interests of LaughingVulcan

I fixed the mis-display of userboxen, though I'm not sure how.

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Other Wikis[edit]

My meta Userpage is m:User:LaughingVulcan. Rarely there. My Commons Userpage is c:User:LaughingVulcan. Haven't even really set it up yet. And now I guess with unifications the above might not be all that relevant... But I was on Wikibreak when all that went down.

Not-So-Current Userpages (Editing needed if I want to keep this as an index of sorts.)[edit]


Main Userbox Subdir

The angler userbox is my first userbox

This is the current angler userbox, v 2.0

The 'owned by a cat' userbox


Wikimood 08.png
[purge] [edit]

Quick Guide to Wikimood for Myself[edit]

Quick Guide: (-10 Explosive, -09 Violent -08 Enraged, -07 Hostile, -06 Ornery, -05 Frustrated, -04 Distressed, -03 Upset, -02 Depressed, -01 Withdrawn, 00 Neutral, +01 Calm, +02 Receptive, +03 Content, +04 Happy, +05 Cheerful, +06 Enthusiastic, +07 Zealous, +08 Crazy, +09 Wild, +10 Runaway.) And remember that it's "PosN" or "NegN" or "Zero". Yay! I found out how the Wikimood template changed! Now if I can only remember to update date/time when I change it. For example, when this was written it was 01:48, Wednesday, October 5, 2016 (UTC) while is was last edited on

This page was last edited or modified by Hullaballoo Wolfowitz (talk) on 2016-12-10.


Sandboxes (Yeah, you should really clean this up too, LV)[edit]

user:LaughingVulcan/Current Userbox Images

LV's Sandbox Main

The Ex-Pastors Userification

Every editor needs an essay WIP, no? No? Then what's this doing here? Wait! It's NOT anymore!!! Because it SUCKED!!!! And now I've left the REDLINK HERE AND CAPITALIZE TOO MUCH AND TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS AND!!!!!!!! :D

Sandbox for looking at possibilities of a Split of Striped Bass article into a fishing summary fork.

Fishing Wikiproject Assessment Project Template Sandbox

2nd Essay WIP - Abbreviations have uses

User:LaughingVulcan/sandbox/Closing Out Fishing Assessments

[[WP:REALPROBLEM|My another (4th) Essay WiP, Counterstory to WP:DEMOLISH, became a full essay with my counterstory as the lede, without any further help from me some 8ish years ago.]]

MiszaBot Instructions - Was supposed to be for improvement but I went on my Wikibreak wanderjahr long before I got to actually working on this

The long story about the interactions of Cassianto and I. Both for information and to hold all the evidence diffs if they become necessary.

Placeholder for upcoming short essay draft

My Resources[edit]

Article creation / tools[edit]

List of color codes

Under construction template: {{construction}} for tagging as under construction.

Used references of mine that may apply to other articles[edit]


<ref name="Rukl Atlas 48">{{cite book |last=Rükl |first=Antonín |date= 1996|title=Atlas of the Moon |location=Waukesha, Wi. |publisher=Kalmbach Publishing Co. |page=48 |isbn=0-913135-17-8}}</ref>

<ref name="Rukl Atlas 49">Rükl, 49.</ref>

<ref name="North 291">{{cite book |last=North |first=Gerald |date= 2007|title=Observing the Moon |edition=Second|location=New York |publisher=Cambridge University Press |page=291 |isbn=978-0-521-87407-6}}</ref>

<ref name="Rukl Map">{{cite map |author = Antonín Rükl|title = Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon|date = 2012|publisher = Sky & Telescope Media, LLC|isbn = 1931559228}}</ref>

<ref name="Planck 69">{{cite book |last=Planck |first=Andrew |date= 2015|title=What's Hot on the Moon Tonight: The Ultimate Guide to Lunar Observing |publisher=MoonScape Publishing LLC |page=69 |isbn=978-0-9908769-0-8}}</ref>

<ref name="Astronomy Guide ">{{cite book |last=Burnham |first=Robert |title=Astronomy Magazine: Your Guide to the Moon|location=Waukesha, Wi. |publisher=Kalmbach Publishing Co. |page=4}}</ref>

<ref name="SourceBook">{{cite book |last=Heiken |first=Grant |last2=Vaniman |first2=David |last3=French |first3=Bevan |date=1991 |title=Lunar Sourcebook: A User's Guide to the Moon |url= |location=New York |publisher=Cambridge University Press |page=111 |isbn=0-521-33444-6}}</ref>

<ref name="IAU1">{{cite web |url= |title=Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, Vallis Alpes |author=<!--Staff writer(s); no by-line.--> |date=October 18, 2010 |publisher=USGS / NASA |access-date=September 19, 2016}}</ref> use Main Link:[1] or Moon Link:[2]

Policies and other WP Shortcuts for Fast Linkage and Reading[edit]

Policy main description Page
The list of Policies, for those not linked here.


The List of Guidelines, for those not linked here.


Process is Important Is Wikidrama Bad?


Five Pillars
Admins' Reading List, such that I can go there to pick up other tasty tidbits.

The Broom (and Mop) Closet[edit]

Note: No, I've never been able to wield the mop. Thought I'd like to at one time... but I'd rather just maintain and use my collection of brooms at this time.

Unsigned comments template reference

Articles for Deletion

Deletion Review

Deletion Templates

Combined Logs - You'd think I could remember this one... <- to get at history by Browser C/P

Prefix Index

Vandalism - Administrator Intervention Page

Request Page Protection

USER Talk namespace warning templates, policy and reference

Citation cleanups / adds:

  • |archiveurl= |archivedate= |deadurl=
Fast archive searches
  • Wayback javascript:void('*/'+location.href))
  • Wayback machine link right here It is the hard one to remember
  • WebCite javascript:void(''+location.href))
  • Wikiwix javascript:void(''+location.href))
  • Mementos javascript:void(''+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'?referrer='+encodeURIComponent(document.referrer)))
Example cites:

:*<ref name="Rukl Atlas 48">{{cite book |last=Rükl |first=Antonín |date= 1996|title=Atlas of the Moon |location=Waukesha, Wi. |publisher=Kalmbach Publishing Co. |page=48 |isbn=0-913135-17-8}}</ref>

:*<ref name="Rukl Atlas 49">Rükl, 49.</ref>

:*<ref name="North 291">{{cite book |last=North |first=Gerald |date= 2007|title=Observing the Moon |edition=Second|location=New York |publisher=Cambridge University Press |page=291 |isbn=978-0-521-87407-6}}</ref>

:*<ref name="Rukl Map">{{cite map |author = Antonín Rükl|title = Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon|date = 2012|publisher = Sky & Telescope Media, LLC|isbn = 1931559228}}</ref>

:*<ref name="Planck 69">{{cite book |last=Planck |first=Andrew |date= 2015|title=What's Hot on the Moon Tonight: The Ultimate Guide to Lunar Observing |publisher=MoonScape Publishing LLC |page=69 |isbn=978-0-9908769-0-8}}</ref>


Featured Articles
Good Articles

Fishing Project[edit]

I've been a past member of the fishing project. Might still be, as I edit angling articles, though I don't check in at the project page. But join us/them/whatever!

WikiProject Fishing and Fisheries (redirects)

The Fishing Portal

Fishing Assessment Drive![edit]

The Fishing Article Assessment Drive ended, and there's still cleanup I have to do from a year ago! Used to be here WP V 1.0 Quality Index WP V 1.0 Fishing Quality

Category:Unassessed Fishing articles
Category:WikiProject Fishing Assessment Drive
Category:WikiProject Fishing Assessed Articles
Featured article FA
A-Class article A
Note: The template that gives us these totals does not correctly link to Unassessed articles. As it is a shared template, we do not wish to change it. The link to find Unassessed articles is: Category:Unassessed Fishing articles

Astronomy linkies[edit]

(Will list to astronomy-related editing, my latest area of interest. Am a member now of Wikiproject Moon - see my userboxen for the link there. Will come up with more later.)

Current Articles of Interest for Reading[edit]

Man on Fire (novel)

Current Articles of Interest for Editing[edit]

Vallis Alpes and User:LaughingVulcan/sandbox/Vallis Alpes improvements

Toolbox of Lunar Article Lists[edit]

List of craters on the Moon
List of lunar features
List of maria on the Moon
List of mountains on the Moon
List of valleys on the Moon

Article Counts[edit]

Username:       LaughingVulcan
Member of groups:       Autoconfirmed users, Extended confirmed users, Users
Connected apps: Manage 0 connected applications
Number of edits:        859
Registration time:      21:51, 30 November 2006 

Favorite Contributions[edit]

Some pages I've contributed significantly to that I'm proud of: Fishing
Fishing rod
The WP Fishing Project rating template, for which I received my first barnstar for.
The Fishing Assessment Drive template, which Themcman1 and I worked on.

WikiPedia:WikiProject Fishing/Assessment, which I had a hand in creating.
WikiPedia:WikiProject Fishing/Assessment/Drive, which I also had a hand in designing.

Awards, or the "I Love Me! Section"[edit]

(Deleted, just because the only Barnstar I've gotten apparently had it's image removed, or relocated, or something. *sniff* Broken Wikipedia, accident, or somebody's bright idea for image policing? Besides, there's no reason that I really need awards here, anymore. Drop them on my Talk page if you feel like giving me some Wikilove.  :D )

The Signpost[edit]

The Signpost
5 August 2017

Why I Don't Edit Articles All That Much[edit]

Several reasons, taken all together at once:

  • "Improvement" and "Detraction" are at best subjective terms. The only objective measure is how others read and respond to the edit. And even then, your standards of what consists as an objective measure may be different from mine to some degree - large or small.
  • Back when Wikipedia had over 2.5 million articles, looking at one article per minute, eight hours a day would that take you 14.27 years to see them all. As of September 3, 2016, there are now 5,230,092 content articles, per Special:Statistics.
A lot of those are Stubs or Start class articles that could use a lot of attention and love. But first, you've got to find them. (Not hard, actually.) Then you should at minimum do a modicum of research on them. Then improve them, if you can and if you wish. (See point 1 above.)
I think Wikipedia has plenty of Articles, myself. (Though there is always space for one more.) And while many can use improvement, not many of them are in areas that I feel reasonably competent to edit.
Apropos of nothing but recent events: There's a lot to work on around here without being worried about "Good Article" or "Featured Articles" status or insisting articles reach those self-defined standards.
  • Even then, anything but the most minor edits can readily be reverted by a Recent Changes patroller or someone with the article on their Watchlist. (We need Recent Changes patrollers and people with articles on their watchlists, by the way.) But that certainly limits the amount of time and effort I'll invest in editing an article by being bold.
  • That isn't to say Editing an Article is wrong at all, by the way. It's a good thing! Just that:
  • I spend a lot of time reading Wikipedia. A lot. I've learned a lot reading WP articles. Maybe someday I'll get to the last article, and start all over again!
  • BUT, as I read, I'm looking at the article. Is there anything I can correct? Grammar? Tags? Spelling? Content? If I decide there isn't, I go on to the next Article. In short, I feel like I edit Wikpedia even when I don't hit the "Edit This Page" tab button. And I do much more Article Editing by reading and deciding to make no change, than edits I save. But you never see that work - I think it's being a WikiGnome at its best. You don't even need to be a registered user to be a successful WikiGnome.
  • And there are those times when I'm looking at an article, and I seriously question its' notability, or see other non-editable issues. I wait as long as I can, thinking about making the decision. But I may Prod it, list it at AfD, or do something else with it.
  • Finally, I also enjoy improving the whole project by participating at AfD and other areas. I hope my participation in non-mainspace areas also improves the encyclopedia. And I find it easier to contribute my opinion, or contribute facts, in those spaces.

So, there you have why my Edit History looks as it does, mostly. I'll close by also mentioning that I went through a long period where I had forgotten my password, but realized that I could still contribute as an Anon IP. So I did that for awhile, too. So can you!

Thanks for paying attention to this personal-Wikipedia-essay-in-my-user-page!

P.S. "A lot" is a very relative thing. Some people log a hundred contributions a day. Some log one a month. Neither is an indicator of the quality of an editor's work, or how much time they spend on Wikipedia.

Where I've Been[edit]

Countries I've been to: Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of Guatemala.svg
States in the U.S.A. I've lived in: Flag of Wisconsin.svgFlag of Arizona.svg Flag of California.svgFlag of Washington.svg Flag of Illinois.svg
States and District in the U.S.A. I've visited: Flag of Washington.svg Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of California.svg Flag of Idaho.svg Flag of Nevada.svg Flag of Utah.svg Flag of Arizona.svg Flag of Montana.svg Flag of Wyoming.svg Flag of Colorado.svg Flag of New Mexico.svg Flag of North Dakota.svg Flag of South Dakota.svg Flag of Nebraska.svg Flag of Kansas.svg Flag of Oklahoma.svg

Flag of Texas.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Iowa.svg Flag of Missouri.svg Flag of Wisconsin.svg Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Michigan.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of Kentucky.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg Flag of Alabama.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Rhode Island.svg Flag of Virginia.svg Flag of South Carolina.svg Flag of Georgia.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of Washington, D.C..svg

States in the U.S.A. that I want to see before I die: Flag of Arkansas.svg Flag of Louisiana.svg Flag of Mississippi.svg Flag of Ohio.svg Flag of Maine.svg Flag of New Hampshire.svg Flag of Vermont.svg Flag of Connecticut.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of New York.svg

Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of Delaware.svg Flag of West Virginia.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg Flag of Alaska.svg Flag of Hawaii.svg

And yes I'd love to see all the U.S. Territories. And Europe.

And Africa. And South America. And the Arctic. And Antarctica. And Asia. And Oceania. Too much globe. Too little time left.

Borgified and Adapted from User:TravellingCari who Borrowed from RodW who purloined from Trident13 who shimmied it away from Bucketsofg who plagiarized it from Grutness who lifted idea from Moriori who half-inched from Calton who nicked it from Salsb who stole it from Guettarda who borrowed it from White Cat


Pretty Interesting[edit]

Crater Cassini as imaged by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, with the inset graph showing elevations of the green line from left to right. The line crosses the two subcraters Cassini B and Cassini A, clearly showing dips in elevation at those points.

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