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I primarily women's sport articles, Australian sport articles and Paralympic articles on English, Spanish and Simple English Wikipedia. I've previously served as a Wikimedia in Residence for the Australian Paralympic Committee during 2011 and 2012 and for the Spanish Paralympic Committee from late June 2013 until late November 2013.

As a credentialed member of the press, representing Wikimedia Australia as the default winner of the Wikimedians to the Games project, I attended the London Paralympics where I assisted in publishing over 70 articles about the Games. In the build up to the Games, I nominated 59 Australian Paralympics articles for DYK and took six to GA. I've attended a press conference where the gymnastics team was announced. I've attended a three day wheelchair basketball competition in Sydney where I and my co-attendee contributed 10 Wikinews articles, took a number of pictures and interviewed six basketball players that competed in London. I took pictures of and interviewed women attending the Australian national archery championships with the results going on Commons, Wikinews and Wikipedia. I attended a Canberra Capitals game and reported on it for Wikinews, and have contributed a number of pictures to Commons. I have also been a credentialed member of the press for the Sochi Paralympics, representing the Wikimedia movement. I will be going to the 2016 Summer Paralympics as a member of the press accredited via ParaSport News, a disability news site that makes no money and has no professional or commercial relationships with any disability sport organization.

I have a doctorate in communications from the University of Canberra with a focus on Australian sport fan communities on social media networks, specifically as it pertains to events, with a focus on creating a methodological framework for conducting such analysis. This was awarded in 2016.

Professionally, I have conducted research about Australian women's sport and Wikipedia, where I examined the impact Wikipedia has one people's thinking about women's sport for the National Sport Information Centre, a government funded sports information body that includes a library, that was administered through the University of Canberra. I did not do any directed editing in this role: All the editing I did on women's sport and Paralympic I did of my own initiative.

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