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   My partial restoration with modif'ns (following your Dab reversion) at the Dab Dagwood, on which i commented (perhaps cryptically) with

Dagwood ‎ (restore corrected version of "* Muhammed Dagwood, alias of David Hicks", rem'd by coll'g w/summ "(rm David Hicks ...not "dagwood" ... srcs state "dawood")" as "all srcs" is impl'ble & micto-harm of unneeded Dab ent is unworthy of art-RS stds)

would, space permitting, have said

   It's implausible that "all sources" means much more than
all the Web searches [our colleague] could make without barfing
and not all our users are here bcz of things they saw on the Web. Perhaps more importantly, the potential harm of an unneeded Dab entry is very low (esp'ly when it's relegated to the "See also" section, and (even more so) to the last entry of that final section).
   I suppose the entry may even have been a vandal's private joke, but even in that case, i would think (in effect) tolerating that joke would be less likely to cause harm than our failing to serve a user who is the victim of either the same wiki-vand jokester, or of a typo by a tired typesetter who's a Dagwood fan and unused to typing "Da-Wood" (or of a spell-corrector that knows about Dagwood but not Dah-Wood).

   I'd be glad to further engage on this matter with you on this talk page if you remain unsatisfied.
--Jerzyt 01:37, 26 October 2016 (UTC)