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not sure how to do this but for the history of Drum & Bugle Corps I have some info for you. It comes in part by "Piopneer Drum & Bugle Corps" Wiki page and from personal knowledge of back when I was in the Rogal Emperors Drum & Bugle Corps back in the 60s. below is some help for you.

In 1978, the Pioneer drum & bugle corps of Milwaukee, Wisconsin were one of the founding members of Drum Corps Midwest (DCM) which was the premier regional circuit in North America for over a quarter century. 

DCM ceased operations in 2005, with the most prominent corps had abandoning by then, there were no other competitors. Most Corps went to DCI and the big shows.

Hope this helps (talk) 15:05, 7 December 2014 (UTC)Joe Goskowsky, gusjc@yahoo.com70.92.182.125 (talk)