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Design Pattern[edit]


Software design pattern
Creational pattern
Abstract factory pattern
Builder pattern
Factory method pattern
Lazy initialization
Multiton pattern
Object pool pattern
Prototype pattern
Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
Singleton pattern
Structural pattern
Adapter pattern
Bridge pattern
Composite pattern
Decorator pattern
Facade pattern
Flyweight pattern
Front Controller pattern
Module pattern
Proxy pattern
Behavioral pattern
Chain-of-responsibility pattern
Command pattern
Interpreter pattern
Iterator pattern
Mediator pattern
Memento pattern
Null Object pattern
Observer pattern
Publish–subscribe pattern
Servant (design pattern)
Specification pattern
State pattern
Strategy pattern
Template method pattern
Visitor pattern
Concurrency pattern
Active object
Asynchronous method invocation
Balking pattern
Double-checked locking
Guarded suspension
Lock (computer science)
Messaging pattern
Monitor (synchronization)
Reactor pattern
Readers–writer lock
Scheduler pattern
Thread pool pattern
Thread-local storage
Abstraction principle (computer programming)
Algorithmic skeleton
Architectural pattern
Distributed design patterns
Double-chance function
Enterprise architecture framework
GRASP (object-oriented design)
Interaction design pattern
List of software development philosophies
Outline of software engineering
Pattern language
Pattern theory
Pedagogical patterns
Portland Pattern Repository
Code refactoring
Software development methodology