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Working on...: Asianism, Vietnamese military ranks and insignia of the People's Army of Vietnam or PAVN, Comparative military ranks and insignia of current communist states (China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos), list of Asian politicians in non-Asian states, Buddhism in the Russian Federation, Islam in Vietnam, Suwanai Akiko, Dang Thai Son, Central Asia, Tatyana Navka, Arabocentrism, Takahashi Mariko, Buddhist fundamentalism, Kiwi (band), FULRO, Religion in national symbols, the Vietnamese page for Arabic language ( of terms for administrative divisions, World language, Persecution of Buddhists, Persecution of Muslims, False cognate, Ethnic flag, Buddhist atomism, Animal sexual behaviour, Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang, Desinicization, magical realism, List of Germanic and Latinate equivalents in English, Country subdivision, Religion in national flags, Royal and noble ranks, Communist symbolism, Discrimination against atheists, List of country name etymologies, Civilizing mission, Greek and Latin roots in English, List of Greek words with English derivatives, History of Russian military ranks, Family name affixes, Ethnic issues in the People's Republic of China...

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"Intelligence is the flower of discrimination. There are many examples of the flower blooming but not bearing fruit." -- Nabeshima Naoshige (1538-1618)
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