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This page is an outgrowth of my big list at User:Le Deluge/categories. As you'll see there, I had to grab a lot of red-listed categories for something else I was working on, and I ended up with a list of around 6500 (still only a fraction of the total, I will do the full list at some point) red-link categories that need either creating or editing the articles that point to them. I cleaned up over 1500 of them to get rid of most of the obvious typos, spam etc, but that still left nearly 5000 categories to create. So I need some help.

I've run some filters on the list to generate the following, and hand-curated them to get rid of the obvious gridiron/rugby/Gaelic/Aussie Rules categories, but there's bound to be some left behind, for which apologies. Conversely there will be footy categories (particularly "team" categories) still lurking in the main list, and feel free to have a quick look over that. But the 521 categories here will give you something to keep busy with!

I've split them into "managers", "seasons", "players" (with a few parent club categories mixed in) and "the rest". There's a bit of an art to creating these categories, first of all you have to look at the link and see if it's spelt correctly, in the correct format for Wikipedia (for instance, "Category:Torino players" should be "Category:Torino F.C. players") and matching the main article name. If not, you will have to edit appropriately any articles that point to it.

To help you I've derived a potential club category and article and put them after each player/season category, which will allow you to quickly check what the parent hierarchy looks like. If there is already a blue-linked matching club category, you can be fairly sure that the proposed fooian category is correct. If there is a blue-linked club article but the club category is red-linked, then it's probably just a case of the club article needing creating, but you should check that the blue-link article isn't just a redirect to a different spelling.

Then it's a good idea to look at the equivalent category of a big club ideally from the same country (eg Category:Real Madrid C.F. players or Category:Manchester United F.C. seasons - typically there will be a {{catmain}} link and some other bits in the header, plus at least the club category and a Category:Fooians in country by club. You can then use that as "inspiration" for the new category.

Anyway, enough talking, here are the categories!!


Manager category Club article Club category
Category:Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja managers Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja Category:Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja
Category:A.S. Avellino 1912 managers A.S. Avellino 1912 Category:A.S. Avellino 1912
Category:A.S. Cittadella managers A.S. Cittadella Category:A.S. Cittadella
Category:A.S. Gubbio 1910 managers A.S. Gubbio 1910 Category:A.S. Gubbio 1910
Category:A.S.D. Manfredonia Calcio 1932 managers A.S.D. Manfredonia Calcio 1932 Category:A.S.D. Manfredonia Calcio 1932
Category:A.S.D.C. Pomigliano managers A.S.D.C. Pomigliano Category:A.S.D.C. Pomigliano
Category:FK AS Trenčín managers FK AS Trenčín Category:FK AS Trenčín
Category:Ballyclare Comrades F.C. managers Ballyclare Comrades F.C. Category:Ballyclare Comrades F.C.
Category:CA Paris managers CA Paris-Charenton Category:CA Paris-Charenton
Category:CD Trofense managers C.D. Trofense Category:C.D. Trofense
Category:CS Louhans-Cuiseaux managers CS Louhans-Cuiseaux Category:CS Louhans-Cuiseaux
Category:CS Otopeni managers CS Otopeni Category:CS Otopeni
Category:FC Armavir managers FC Armavir Category:FC Armavir
Category:FC Botoșani managers FC Botoșani Category:FC Botoșani
Category:FC Kotayk Abovyan managers FC Kotayk Abovyan Category:FC Kotayk Abovyan
Category:Malatia Yerevan managers Malatia Yerevan Category:Malatia Yerevan
Category:FC Neman Grodno managers FC Neman Grodno Category:FC Neman Grodno
Category:FC Petrolul Ploieşti managers FC Petrolul Ploiești Category:FC Petrolul Ploiești
Category:FC Spartak Yerevan managers FC Spartak Yerevan Category:FC Spartak Yerevan
Category:FC Tytan Armyansk managers FC Tytan Armyansk Category:FC Tytan Armyansk
Category:FC Unirea Urziceni managers FC Unirea Urziceni Category:FC Unirea Urziceni
Category:FCM Bacău managers FCM Bacău Category:FCM Bacău
Category:FK Dukla Banská Bystrica managers FK Dukla Banská Bystrica Category:FK Dukla Banská Bystrica
Category:FK Leotar managers FK Leotar Category:FK Leotar
Category:FK Qarabağ managers FK Qarabağ Category:FK Qarabağ
Category:Galway United F.C. managers Galway United F.C. Category:Galway United F.C.
Category:Hindustan Aeronautics Limited S.C. managers Hindustan Aeronautics Limited S.C. Category:Hindustan Aeronautics Limited S.C.
Category:Maccabi Ahi Nazareth F.C. managers Maccabi Ahi Nazareth F.C. Category:Maccabi Ahi Nazareth F.C.
Category:MFK Ružomberok managers MFK Ružomberok Category:MFK Ružomberok
Category:NK Celje managers NK Celje Category:NK Celje
Category:Prayag United S.C. managers Prayag United S.C. Category:Prayag United S.C.
Category:Toronto Supra managers Toronto Supra Category:Toronto Supra
Category:Vasalunds IF managers Vasalunds IF Category:Vasalunds IF
Category:Vauxhall Motors F.C. managers Vauxhall Motors F.C. Category:Vauxhall Motors F.C.
Category:Winchester City F.C. managers Winchester City F.C. Category:Winchester City F.C.
Category:Wingate & Finchley F.C. managers Wingate & Finchley F.C. Category:Wingate & Finchley F.C.


Season category Club article Club category
Category:A.S. Bari seasons A.S. Bari Category:A.S. Bari
Category:ASO Chlef seasons ASO Chlef Category:ASO Chlef
Category:BEC Tero Sasana F.C. seasons BEC Tero Sasana F.C. Category:BEC Tero Sasana F.C.
Category:BFA Senior League seasons BFA Senior League Category:BFA Senior League
Category:A.F.C. Bournemouth seasons A.F.C. Bournemouth Category:A.F.C. Bournemouth
Category:BVIFA National Football League seasons BVIFA National Football League Category:BVIFA National Football League
Category:BYU Cougars men's soccer seasons BYU Cougars men's soccer Category:BYU Cougars men's soccer
Category:Calcio Catania seasons Calcio Catania Category:Calcio Catania
Category:CD Tenerife seasons CD Tenerife Category:CD Tenerife
Category:Celta de Vigo seasons Celta de Vigo Category:Celta de Vigo
Category:CF Extremadura seasons CF Extremadura Category:CF Extremadura
Category:FC Kuban Krasnodar seasons FC Kuban Krasnodar Category:FC Kuban Krasnodar
Category:FC Terek Grozny seasons FC Terek Grozny Category:FC Terek Grozny
Category:FC Tucson seasons FC Tucson Category:FC Tucson
Category:FK Baku seasons FC Baku Category:FC Baku (hierarchy is a mess)
Category:MC Saïda seasons MC Saïda Category:MC Saïda
Category:Midland Football Alliance seasons Midland Football Alliance Category:Midland Football Alliance
Category:MSP Batna seasons MSP Batna Category:MSP Batna
Category:MTK Budapest FC seasons MTK Budapest FC Category:MTK Budapest FC
Category:United Sikkim F.C. seasons United Sikkim F.C. Category:United Sikkim F.C.
Category:Vancouver Whitecaps FC U-23 seasons Vancouver Whitecaps FC U-23 Category:Vancouver Whitecaps FC U-23
Category:Wisła Kraków seasons Wisła Kraków Category:Wisła Kraków
Category:Worcester City F.C. seasons Worcester City F.C. Category:Worcester City F.C.
Category:Worcester Hydra seasons Worcester Hydra Category:Worcester Hydra
Category:Yokohama FC Hong Kong seasons Yokohama FC Hong Kong Category:Yokohama FC Hong Kong


Players category Club article Club category
Category:Águia de Marabá Futebol Clube players Águia de Marabá Futebol Clube Category:Águia de Marabá Futebol Clube
Category:Ålgård FK players Ålgård FK Category:Ålgård FK
Category:ÉDS Montluçon players ÉDS Montluçon Category:ÉDS Montluçon
Category:Újpest FC II players Újpest FC II Category:Újpest FC II
Category:TDCS Dong Thap F.C. players TDCS Dong Thap F.C. Category:TDCS Dong Thap F.C.
Category:ŠK Odeva Lipany players ŠK Odeva Lipany Category:ŠK Odeva Lipany
Category:ŠKF Sereď players ŠKF Sereď Category:ŠKF Sereď
Category:ŽFK Mašinac PZP Niš players ŽFK Mašinac PZP Niš Category:ŽFK Mašinac PZP Niš
Category:Bulgarian A Professional Football Group players Bulgarian A Professional Football Group Category:Bulgarian A Professional Football Group
Category:A.C. Juvenes/Dogana players A.C. Juvenes/Dogana Category:A.C. Juvenes/Dogana
Category:A.C. Perugia Calcio players A.C. Perugia Calcio Category:A.C. Perugia Calcio
Category:A.S.D. Fortis Juventus 1909 players A.S.D. Fortis Juventus 1909 Category:A.S.D. Fortis Juventus 1909
Category:A.S.D. Atletico Puteolana 2008 players History of U.S. Puteolana !!!! Category:A.S.D. Atletico Puteolana 2008
Category:F.C. Lucchese 1905 players F.C. Lucchese 1905 Category:F.C. Lucchese 1905
Category:A.S.D. Gallipoli Football 1909 players A.S.D. Gallipoli Football 1909 Category:A.S.D. Gallipoli Football 1909
Category:A.S.D. Olimpia Colligiana players A.S.D. Olimpia Colligiana Category:A.S.D. Olimpia Colligiana
Category:Spezia Calcio players Spezia Calcio Category:Spezia Calcio
Category:Hudiksvalls ABK players Hudiksvalls ABK Category:Hudiksvalls ABK
Category:AC Ajaccio players AC Ajaccio Category:AC Ajaccio
Category:ACF Gloria 1922 Bistrița players ACF Gloria 1922 Bistrița Category:ACF Gloria 1922 Bistrița
Category:AFC Nové Mesto nad Váhom players AFC Nové Mesto nad Váhom Category:AFC Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Category:AFC Rocar București players AFC Rocar București Category:AFC Rocar București
Category:Army United F.C. players Army United F.C. Category:Army United F.C.
Category:AS Aix-en-Provence players AS Aix-en-Provence Category:AS Aix-en-Provence
Category:AS Gabès players AS Gabès Category:AS Gabès
Category:AS GNN players AS GNN Category:AS GNN
Category:AS Monaco players AS Monaco FC Category:AS Monaco FC
Category:ASA Târgu Mureș players ASA Târgu Mureș Category:ASA Târgu Mureș
Category:ASC Saloum players ASC Saloum Category:ASC Saloum
Category:ASC Yakaar players ASC Yakaar Category:ASC Yakaar
Category:A.S.V. Oostende K.M. players A.S.V. Oostende K.M. Category:A.S.V. Oostende K.M.
Category:ATM FA players ATM FA Category:ATM FA
Category:Bahlinger SC players Bahlinger SC Category:Bahlinger SC
Category:Bahman F.C. players Bahman F.C. Category:Bahman F.C.
Category:Balma SC players Balma SC Category:Balma SC
Category:BC Šiauliai players BC Šiauliai Category:BC Šiauliai
Category:BC Azovmash players BC Azovmash Category:BC Azovmash
Category:Boldklubben 1909 players Boldklubben 1909 Category:Boldklubben 1909
Category:Boldklubben 1913 players Boldklubben 1913 Category:Boldklubben 1913
Category:Bootle Athletic F.C. players Bootle Athletic F.C. Category:Bootle Athletic F.C.
Category:Borough United F.C. players Borough United F.C. Category:Borough United F.C.
Category:Borussia Neunkirchen players Borussia Neunkirchen Category:Borussia Neunkirchen
Category:Brandon Braves players Brandon Braves (US indoor footy) Category:Brandon Braves
Category:C.D. Fátima players C.D. Fátima Category:C.D. Fátima
Category:C.D. Olimpia players C.D. Olimpia Category:C.D. Olimpia
Category:C.F. La Piedad players C.F. La Piedad Category:C.F. La Piedad
Category:A.S.D. Villafranca players A.S.D. Villafranca Category:A.S.D. Villafranca
Category:CA Paris players CA Paris-Charenton Category:CA Paris-Charenton
Category:FC Callatis Mangalia players FC Callatis Mangalia Category:FC Callatis Mangalia
Category:Camboriú Futebol Clube players Camboriú Futebol Clube Category:Camboriú Futebol Clube
Category:Caxias Futebol Clube players Caxias Futebol Clube Category:Caxias Futebol Clube
Category:Centro Deportivo Olmedo players Centro Deportivo Olmedo Category:Centro Deportivo Olmedo
Category:C.D. Suchitepéquez players C.D. Suchitepéquez Category:C.D. Suchitepéquez
Category:Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva players Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva Category:Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva
Category:CF Reus Deportiu players CF Reus Deportiu Category:CF Reus Deportiu
Category:CFF Clujana players CFF Clujana Category:CFF Clujana
Category:CFF Olimpia Cluj players CFF Olimpia Cluj Category:CFF Olimpia Cluj
Category:CMS Oissel players CMS Oissel Category:CMS Oissel
Category:COD Meknès players COD Meknès Category:COD Meknès
Category:CS Aerostar Bacău players CS Aerostar Bacău Category:CS Aerostar Bacău
Category:CS Buftea players CS Buftea Category:CS Buftea
Category:FC Fortuna Brazi players FC Fortuna Brazi Category:FC Fortuna Brazi
Category:CS Crisul Santandrei players CS Crisul Santandrei (Romania) Category:CS Crisul Santandrei
Category:CS Turnu Severin players CS Turnu Severin Category:CS Turnu Severin
Category:CS Gaz Metan Mediaș players CS Gaz Metan Mediaș Category:CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Category:CS Gaz Metan Mediaș players CS Gaz Metan Mediaș Category:CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Category:CS Inter Gaz București players CS Inter Gaz București Category:CS Inter Gaz București
Category:CS Minerul Lupeni players CS Minerul Lupeni Category:CS Minerul Lupeni
Category:CS Tricolorul Breaza players CS Tricolorul Breaza Category:CS Tricolorul Breaza
Category:C.S. Visé players C.S. Visé Category:C.S. Visé
Category:CS Zlatna players CS Zlatna (Romania) Category:CS Zlatna
Category:CSCA–Rapid Chișinău players CSCA–Rapid Chișinău Category:CSCA–Rapid Chișinău
Category:CSM Focşani players CSM Focșani Category:CSM Focșani
Category:CSM Focșani players CSM Focșani Category:CSM Focșani
Category:CSS Richard-Toll players Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise (football) Category:Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise (football)
Category:FC 08 Villingen players FC 08 Villingen Category:FC 08 Villingen
Category:FC Ahal players FC Ahal Category:FC Ahal
Category:FC Andorra Futsal players FC Andorra Futsal Category:FC Andorra Futsal
Category:FC Angusht Nazran players FC Angusht Nazran Category:FC Angusht Nazran
Category:FC Balzers players FC Balzers Category:FC Balzers
Category:Beitar Jerusalem F.C. players Beitar Jerusalem F.C. Category:Beitar Jerusalem F.C.
Category:FC Bereza-2010 players FC Bereza-2010 Category:FC Bereza-2010
Category:FC Breukelen players FC Breukelen (NL) Category:FC Breukelen
Category:CFR Cluj players CFR Cluj Category:CFR Cluj
Category:FC Dinamo-93 Minsk players FC Dinamo-93 Minsk Category:FC Dinamo-93 Minsk
Category:FC Druzhba Maykop players FC Druzhba Maykop Category:FC Druzhba Maykop
Category:FC DSK Gomel players FC DSK Gomel Category:FC DSK Gomel
Category:FC Dunav Ruse players FC Dunav Ruse Category:FC Dunav Ruse
Category:FC Dynamo Kazan players Dynamo Sports Club Category:Dynamo sports society (hierarchy complicated)
Category:FC Espoo players FC Espoo Category:FC Espoo
Category:FC Eurocollege players FC Eurocollege (Bulgaria) Category:FC Eurocollege
Category:FC Forex Brașov players FC Forex Brașov Category:FC Forex Brașov
Category:FC Fredericia players FC Fredericia Category:FC Fredericia
Category:FC Gorodeya players FC Gorodeya Category:FC Gorodeya
Category:FC Haray Zhovkva players FC Haray Zhovkva Category:FC Haray Zhovkva
Category:FC Hazovyk-KhGV Kharkiv players FC Hazovyk-KhGV Kharkiv Category:FC Hazovyk-KhGV Kharkiv
Category:FC Hilversum players FC Hilversum Category:FC Hilversum
Category:FC Hlučín players FC Hlučín Category:FC Hlučín
Category:FC Zenit Boyarka players FC Zenit Boyarka Category:FC Zenit Boyarka
Category:FC Jokerit players FC Jokerit Category:FC Jokerit
Category:FC Khimik Krasnoperekopsk players FC Khimik Krasnoperekopsk Category:FC Khimik Krasnoperekopsk
Category:FC Khimik Svetlogorsk players FC Khimik Svetlogorsk Category:FC Khimik Svetlogorsk
Category:FC Kommunalnik Slonim players FC Kommunalnik Slonim Category:FC Kommunalnik Slonim
Category:FC Kristall Smolensk players FC Kristall Smolensk Category:FC Kristall Smolensk
Category:FC SKVICH Minsk players FC SKVICH Minsk Category:FC SKVICH Minsk
Category:FC Le Mont players FC Le Mont Category:FC Le Mont
Category:FC Lida players FC Lida Category:FC Lida
Category:FC Lienden players FC Lienden Category:FC Lienden
Category:FC Linz players FC Linz Category:FC Linz
Category:FC Lisse players FC Lisse Category:FC Lisse
Category:FC Lustenau 07 players FC Lustenau 07 Category:FC Lustenau 07
Category:FC Mendrisio-Stabio players FC Mendrisio-Stabio Category:FC Mendrisio-Stabio
Category:FC Metalurgi Rustavi players FC Metalurgi Rustavi Category:FC Metalurgi Rustavi
Category:FC Mglebi Zugdidi players FC Mglebi Zugdidi Category:FC Mglebi Zugdidi
Category:FC Naters players FC Naters Category:FC Naters
Category:FC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk players FC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk Category:FC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk
Category:FC Nistru Otaci players FC Nistru Otaci Category:FC Nistru Otaci
Category:FC Nordstern Basel players FC Nordstern Basel Category:FC Nordstern Basel
Category:FC Nosta Novotroitsk players FC Nosta Novotroitsk Category:FC Nosta Novotroitsk
Category:FC Oaia București players FC Oaia București (Romania - part of Steaua??) Category:FC Oaia București
Category:FC Okzhetpes players FC Okzhetpes Category:FC Okzhetpes
Category:FC Olimpik Kirovohrad players FC Olimpik Kirovohrad Category:FC Olimpik Kirovohrad
Category:FC Pakhtakor players FC Pakhtakor Tashkent Category:FC Pakhtakor Tashkent
Category:F.C. Penafiel players F.C. Penafiel Category:F.C. Penafiel
Category:FC Petrolul Ploiești players FC Petrolul Ploiești Category:FC Petrolul Ploiești
Category:FC Polotsk players FC Polotsk Category:FC Polotsk
Category:F.C. Pro Vasto players F.C. Pro Vasto Category:F.C. Pro Vasto
Category:FC Rapperswil-Jona players FC Rapperswil-Jona Category:FC Rapperswil-Jona
Category:FC Remscheid players FC Remscheid Category:FC Remscheid
Category:FC Ros Bila Tserkva players FC Ros Bila Tserkva Category:FC Ros Bila Tserkva
Category:FC Metalurgi Rustavi players FC Metalurgi Rustavi Category:FC Metalurgi Rustavi
Category:FC Shakhtar Horlivka players FC Shakhtar Horlivka Category:FC Shakhtar Horlivka
Category:FC Shakhtar Luhansk players FC Shakhtar Luhansk Category:FC Shakhtar Luhansk
Category:FC Skala Stryi players FC Skala Stryi Category:FC Skala Stryi
Category:FC SKVICH Minsk players FC SKVICH Minsk Category:FC SKVICH Minsk
Category:PFC Spartak Nalchik players PFC Spartak Nalchik Category:PFC Spartak Nalchik
Category:FC St. Pauli II players FC St. Pauli Category:FC St. Pauli
Category:FC Stahl Brandenburg players FC Stahl Brandenburg Category:FC Stahl Brandenburg
Category:SC Tavriya Simferopol players SC Tavriya Simferopol Category:SC Tavriya Simferopol
Category:FC Politehnica II Timișoara players FC Politehnica II Timișoara Category:FC Politehnica II Timișoara
Category:FC Ulaanbaatar players FC Ulaanbaatar Category:FC Ulaanbaatar
Category:FC Universitatea Cluj players FC Universitatea Cluj Category:FC Universitatea Cluj
Category:FC Elista players FC Elista Category:FC Elista
Category:FC Vestsjælland players FC Vestsjælland Category:FC Vestsjælland
Category:FC Wacker Tirol players FC Tirol Innsbruck ???? I think Jess Thorup's team is misidentified
Category:FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk players FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk Category:FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk
Category:FC Zhetysu players FC Zhetysu Category:FC Zhetysu
Category:FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk players FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk Category:FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk
Category:FCM Dunărea Galați players FCM Dunărea Galați Category:FCM Dunărea Galați
Category:FCM Reșița players FCM Reșița Category:FCM Reșița
Category:FK Bezanija players FK Bežanija Category:FK Bežanija
Category:FK Bor players FK Bor Category:FK Bor
Category:FK Bratstvo Bratunac players FK Bratstvo Bratunac (Bosnia) Category:FK Bratstvo Bratunac
Category:FK Dolina Padina players FK Dolina Padina Category:FK Dolina Padina
Category:FK Drustav Svidník players FK Drustav Svidník Category:FK Drustav Svidník
Category:FK Fotbal Třinec players FK Fotbal Třinec Category:FK Fotbal Třinec
Category:FK Grafičar Beograd players FK Grafičar Beograd Category:FK Grafičar Beograd
Category:FK Jerv players FK Jerv Category:FK Jerv
Category:FK Mogren players FK Mogren Category:FK Mogren
Category:FK Morava Ćuprija players FK Morava Ćuprija Category:FK Morava Ćuprija
Category:FK Radnički Nova Pazova players FK Radnički Nova Pazova Category:FK Radnički Nova Pazova
Category:FK Radnički Sombor players FK Radnički Sombor Category:FK Radnički Sombor
Category:FK Slavija players FK Slavija Category:FK Slavija
Category:FK Slavoj Trebišov players FK Slavoj Trebišov Category:FK Slavoj Trebišov
Category:FK Slovan Nemšová players FK Slovan Nemšová Category:FK Slovan Nemšová
Category:FK Spartak MAS Sezimovo Ústí players FK MAS Táborsko Category:FK MAS Táborsko
Category:FK Spišská Nová Ves players FK Spišská Nová Ves Category:FK Spišská Nová Ves
Category:FK Sutjeska Foča players FK Sutjeska Foča Category:FK Sutjeska Foča
Category:FK Vėtra players FK Vėtra Category:FK Vėtra
Category:FK Vigør players FK Vigør Category:FK Vigør
Category:FKM Nové Zámky players FKM Nové Zámky Category:FKM Nové Zámky
Category:Galston F.C. players Galston F.C. Category:Galston F.C.
Category:Garbarnia Kraków players Garbarnia Kraków Category:Garbarnia Kraków
Category:Hinckley F.C. players Hinckley F.C. Category:Hinckley F.C.
Category:Luverdense Esporte Clube players Luverdense Esporte Clube Category:Luverdense Esporte Clube
Category:Lyngby BK players Lyngby Boldklub Category:Lyngby Boldklub
Category:Maccabi Be'er Sheva F.C. players Maccabi Be'er Sheva F.C. Category:Maccabi Be'er Sheva F.C.
Category:Maccabi Ironi Bat Yam F.C. players Maccabi Ironi Bat Yam F.C. Category:Maccabi Ironi Bat Yam F.C.
Category:Maccabi Ironi Tirat HaCarmel F.C. players Maccabi Ironi Tirat HaCarmel F.C. Category:Maccabi Ironi Tirat HaCarmel F.C.
Category:Maccabi Kafr Kanna F.C. players Maccabi Kafr Kanna F.C. Category:Maccabi Kafr Kanna F.C.
Category:MC Oujda players MC Oujda Category:MC Oujda
Category:MFK CSKA Moscow players MFK CSKA Moscow Category:MFK CSKA Moscow
Category:MFK Goral Stará Ľubovňa players MFK Goral Stará Ľubovňa Category:MFK Goral Stará Ľubovňa
Category:MFC Mykolaiv players MFC Mykolaiv Category:MFC Mykolaiv
Category:MFK Snina players MFK Snina Category:MFK Snina
Category:MFK Topvar Topoľčany players MFK Topvar Topoľčany Category:MFK Topvar Topoľčany
Category:MTK Hungária FC players MTK Budapest FC Category:MTK Budapest FC
Category:MVFC Berettyóújfalu players MVFC Berettyóújfalu Category:MVFC Berettyóújfalu
Category:Naft Tehran F.C. players Naft Tehran F.C. Category:Naft Tehran F.C.
Category:A.C. Nagano Parceiro players A.C. Nagano Parceiro Category:A.C. Nagano Parceiro
Category:Kabuscorp S.C. players Kabuscorp S.C. Category:Kabuscorp S.C.
Category:NK Bela Krajina players NK Bela Krajina Category:NK Bela Krajina
Category:NK GOŠK Gabela players NK GOŠK Gabela Category:NK GOŠK Gabela
Category:NK Graničar Županja players NK Graničar Županja Category:NK Graničar Županja
Category:NK HAŠK players NK HAŠK Category:NK HAŠK
Category:NK Hajduk Split players HNK Hajduk Split Category:HNK Hajduk Split
Category:NK Slavonac Stari Perkovci players NK Slavonac CO Category:NK Slavonac CO
Category:NK Travnik players NK Travnik Category:NK Travnik
Category:Power Dynamos F.C. players Power Dynamos F.C. Category:Power Dynamos F.C.
Category:Redlands United Football Club players Redlands United Football Club Category:Redlands United Football Club
Category:Club Renato Cesarini players Club Renato Cesarini (Argentina) Category:Club Renato Cesarini
Category:Teuta Durrës players Teuta Durrës Category:Teuta Durrës
Category:Texas Rattlers players DFW Tornados Category:DFW Tornados
Category:Toronto Hungarians players Toronto Hungarians (Canadian NSL) Category:Toronto Hungarians
Category:Toulouse FC (1937) players Toulouse FC (1937) Category:Toulouse FC (1937)
Category:Toulouse Rodéo FC players Toulouse Rodéo FC Category:Toulouse Rodéo FC
Category:Union Sidi Kacem players Union Sidi Kacem Category:Union Sidi Kacem
Category:United Sikkim F.C.players United Sikkim F.C. Category:United Sikkim F.C.
Category:V-Varen Nagasaki players V-Varen Nagasaki Category:V-Varen Nagasaki
Category:Valencia FS players Valencia FS Category:Valencia FS
Category:Venezia Calcio a 5 players Venezia Calcio a 5 Category:Venezia Calcio a 5
Category:VFC Plauen players VFC Plauen Category:VFC Plauen
Category:VHK Vsetín players VHK Vsetín Category:VHK Vsetín
Category:VV Barendrecht players BVV Barendrecht Category:BVV Barendrecht
Category:Wisła Nowe players Wisła Nowe (Poland) Category:Wisła Nowe
Category:Witham Town F.C. players Witham Town F.C. Category:Witham Town F.C.
Category:Wits University F.C. players Bidvest Wits F.C. Category:Bidvest Wits F.C.
Category:Wokingham & Emmbrook F.C. players Wokingham & Emmbrook F.C. Category:Wokingham & Emmbrook F.C.
Category:Wuachon United F.C. players Wuachon United F.C. Category:Wuachon United F.C.
Category:Wydad Casablanca players Wydad Casablanca Category:Wydad Casablanca
Category:XerxesDZB players XerxesDZB Category:XerxesDZB
Category:Vicem Hai Phong F.C. players Vicem Hai Phong F.C. Category:Vicem Hai Phong F.C.
Category:Vissai Ninh Binh F.C. players Vissai Ninh Binh F.C. Category:Vissai Ninh Binh F.C.
Yeovil & Petters United F.C. players Yeovil Town F.C. Category:Yeovil Town F.C.
Category:Yesan FC players Yesan FC Category:Yesan FC
Category:Young Africans S.C. players Young Africans S.C. Category:Young Africans S.C.
Category:Zalaegerszegi TE players Zalaegerszegi TE Category:Zalaegerszegi TE
Category:Zamfara United F.C. players Zamfara United F.C. Category:Zamfara United F.C.
Category:Zebbug Rangers F.C. players Zebbug Rangers F.C. Category:Zebbug Rangers F.C.
Category:Zeyashwemye F.C. players Zeyashwemye F.C. Category:Zeyashwemye F.C.


Players category Club article Club category
Category:Regina Thunder players Regina Thunder Canadian football Category:Regina Thunder
Category:Lubbock Renegades players Lubbock Renegades indoor gridiron Category:Lubbock Renegades
Category:Texas Copperheads players Texas Copperheads indoor gridiron Category:Texas Copperheads
Category:Wyoming Cavalry players Wyoming Cavalry indoor gridiron Category:Wyoming Cavalry
Category:Abbeville Athletics players Abbeville Athletics Category:Abbeville Athletics
Category:Brantford Brants players Brantford Brants Canada baseball Category:Brantford Brants
Category:Central City Reds players Central City Reds baseball Category:Central City Reds
Category:Centreville Colts players Centreville Colts baseball Category:Centreville Colts
Category:Gaston King Cougars players Gaston King Cougars baseball Category:Gaston King Cougars
Category:Suffolk Goobers players Suffolk Goobers baseball Category:Suffolk Goobers
Category:Gastonia Jets players Hickory Crawdads baseball Category:Hickory Crawdads
Category:Union Lagoon Algodoneros players Union Lagoon Algodoneros baseball Category:Union Lagoon Algodoneros
Category:Valdosta Browns players Valdosta Browns baseball Category:Valdosta Browns
Category:Woori Heroes players Woori Heroes baseball Category:Woori Heroes
Category:BBV Leipzig players BBV Leipzig (Eagles, German basketball) Category:BBV Leipzig
Category:CSK VSS Samara players CSK VVS Samara basketball Category:CSK VVS Samara
Category:CSP Limoges players Limoges CSP basketball Category:Limoges CSP
Category:Maccabi Hadera basketball players Maccabi Hadera basketball Category:Maccabi Hadera basketball
Category:Brantford Foresters players Brantford Eagles (hockey) Category:Brantford Eagles
Category:Wölfe Freiburg players EHC Freiburg hockey Category:EHC Freiburg
Category:EHC Lustenau EHC players EHC Lustenau Category:EHC Lustenau
Category:Étoile Noire de Strasbourg players Étoile Noire de Strasbourg (hockey) Category:Étoile Noire de Strasbourg
Category:Färjestad BK seasons Färjestad BK hockey Category:Färjestad BK
Category:Toronto Professional Hockey Club players Toronto Professional Hockey Club Category:Toronto Professional Hockey Club
Category:Winston-Salem T-Birds players Winston-Salem T-Birds hockey Category:Winston-Salem T-Birds
Category:Zoetermeer Panthers players Zoetermeer Panthers hockey Category:Zoetermeer Panthers
Category:Lézignan Sangliers players Lézignan Sangliers RL Category:Lézignan Sangliers
Category:Lyon Villeurbanne players Lyon Villeurbanne (RL) Category:Lyon Villeurbanne
Category:Valley Cougars players Valley Cougars RL Category:Valley Cougars
Category:Woolston Rovers players Woolston Rovers RL Category:Woolston Rovers
Category:Ystradgynlais RLFC players Ystradgynlais RLFC Category:Ystradgynlais RLFC
Category:Celebration Centre Lions players Celebration Centre Lions (NZ RL) Category:Celebration Centre Lions
Category:Gateshead RFC players Gateshead RFC Category:Gateshead RFC
Category:Portsmouth RFC players Portsmouth RFC Category:Portsmouth RFC
Category:Torquay RFC players Torquay RFC Category:Torquay RFC
Category:Vardre RFC players Vardre RFC Category:Vardre RFC
Category:Wrexham RFC players Wrexham RFC Category:Wrexham RFC


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Category:AZ (football club) AZ (football club)
Category:AZAL PFC templates AZAL PFC
Category:Bosnia and Herzegovina under-21 international footballers Bosnia and Herzegovina under-21 international footballers
Category:Bosnian football referees Bosnian football referees
Category:Botswana national football team navigational boxes Botswana national football team
Category:Bourges Football Bourges Football
Category:Cambodia national football team navigational boxes Cambodia national football team
Category:Cambuslang F.C. Cambuslang F.C.
Category:Cambuslang F.C. matches Cambuslang F.C.
Category:Cameroon African Youth Championship squad templates Cameroon African Youth Championship
Category:Central America football (soccer) templates Central America football (soccer)
Category:Central American national under-21 football teams Central American national under-21 football teams
Category:Centre Bath Estate FC Centre Bath Estate FC
Category:FC ŠTK 1914 Šamorín FC ŠTK 1914 Šamorín
Category:FC Academia Chișinău FC Academia Chișinău
Category:FC Ajka FC Ajka
Category:FC Avanhard Kramatorsk FC Avanhard Kramatorsk
Category:FC Baku FC Baku
Category:CSCA–Rapid Chișinău CSCA–Rapid Chișinău
Category:FC Dacia Chișinău FC Dacia Chișinău
Category:FC Tighina FC Tighina
Category:FC Dynamo Kharkiv FC Dynamo Kharkiv
Category:FK Qarabağ FK Qarabağ
Category:FC Grenoble FC Grenoble
Category:Inter Baku PFC templates Inter Baku PFC
Category:FC Kahuna albums FC Kahuna
Category:FC Kairat FC Kairat
Category:FC Lyulin FC Lyulin
Category:FC Naftan Novopolotsk FC Naftan Novopolotsk
Category:FC Nistru Otaci FC Nistru Otaci
Category:FC Olkom Melitopol SC Olkom Melitopol
Category:FC Pocheon FC Pocheon
Category:FC Poltava FC Poltava
Category:FC Seoul coaching staffs FC Seoul
Category:FC Sfîntul Gheorghe FC Sfîntul Gheorghe
Category:FC Shakhter Karagandy FC Shakhter Karagandy
Category:FC Torpedo Armavir FC Torpedo Armavir
Category:FC Tytan Donetsk FC Tytan Donetsk
Category:FC Milsami FC Milsami
Category:FK Baku templates FC Baku (mess)
Category:FK Baník Most FK Baník Most
Category:FK Khazar Lankaran templates FK Khazar Lankaran
Category:FK LAFC Lučenec FK LAFC Lučenec
Category:FK Qarabağ templates FK Qarabağ
Category:FK Radnički 1923 templates FK Radnički 1923
Category:FK Senica templates FK Senica
Category:FK Slovan Duslo Šaľa FK Slovan Duslo Šaľa
Category:Galway United F.C. templates Galway United F.C.
Category:Gambia youth international footballers Gambia youth international footballers
Category:Gangneung City FC Gangneung City FC
Category:Highland Football League players Highland Football League
Category:Hijos de Acosvinchos footballers Hijos de Acosvinchos
Category:Lists of association football Lists of association football
Category:Lists of Swedish footballers Lists of Swedish footballers
Category:Macedonian football referees Macedonian football referees
Category:MTK Hungária FC templates MTK Budapest FC
Category:NCAA Division I men's soccer conference competitions NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship
Category:Portuguese football clubs 1986–87 season Portuguese football clubs 1986–87 season
Category:Premier League footballers in Bosnia Premier League footballers in Bosnia
Category:Premier League Malaysia Malaysia Premier League
Category:Premier Soccer League players Premier Soccer League players
Category:State football league competitions in Brazil State football league competitions in Brazil
Category:Sudan Football Association Sudan Football Association
Category:Thailand Asian Games football squad navigational boxes Thailand Asian Games football squad navigational boxes
Category:Torino F.C. non-playing staff Torino F.C.
Category:Total Clean footballers Total Chalaco
Category:United Arab Emirates Asian Games football squad navigational boxes United Arab Emirates Asian Games football squad navigational boxes
Category:United Indoor Football League teams United Indoor Football League teams
Category:Uzbekistani football clubs 2013 season Uzbekistani football clubs 2013 season
Category:Vanuatu national association football team Vanuatu national association football team
Category:Vanuatu national under-17 football team Vanuatu national under-17 football team
Category:VSI Tampa Bay FC VSI Tampa Bay FC
Category:Wikipedian Birmingham City F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian Chonburi F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian Chonburi FC fans
Category:Wikipedian Falkirk F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian FC Girondins de Bordeaux fans
Category:Wikipedian Heart of Midlothian F.C. Fans
Category:Wikipedian interested in football in Andorra
Category:Wikipedian interested in football in Armenia
Category:Wikipedian interested in football in Azerbaijan
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Category:Wikipedian interested in football in Japan
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Category:Wikipedian Kilmarnock F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian national football teams
Category:Wikipedian Paris Saint-Germain F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian Rochdale A.F.C. fans
Category:Wikipedian Swansea City A.F.C. fans
Category:Women's football clubs in Iceland Women's football clubs in Iceland
Category:Women's football clubs in Luxembourg Women's football clubs in Luxembourg
Category:Women's football clubs in Moldova Women's football clubs in Moldova
Category:Women's football clubs in Montenegro Women's football clubs in Montenegro
Category:Women's football competitions in Albania Women's football competitions in Albania
Category:Women's football competitions in Azerbaijan Women's football competitions in Azerbaijan
Category:Women's football competitions in Denmark Women's football competitions in Denmark
Category:Women's football competitions in Estonia Women's football competitions in Estonia
Category:Women's football competitions in Finland Women's football competitions in Finland
Category:Women's football competitions in Greece Women's football competitions in Greece
Category:Women's football competitions in Hungary Women's football competitions in Hungary
Category:Women's football competitions in Iceland Women's football competitions in Iceland
Category:Women's football competitions in Israel Women's football competitions in Israel
Category:Women's football competitions in Kazakhstan Women's football competitions in Kazakhstan
Category:Women's football competitions in Luxembourg Women's football competitions in Luxembourg
Category:Women's football competitions in Montenegro Women's football competitions in Montenegro
Category:Women's football competitions in Poland Women's football competitions in Poland
Category:Women's football competitions in Romania Women's football competitions in Romania
Category:Women's football competitions in the Faroe Islands Women's football competitions in the Faroe Islands
Category:Women's football in Kyrgyzstan Women's football in Kyrgyzstan
Category:Women's Major League Soccer teams Women's Major League Soccer teams
Category:Worcester City F.C. templates Worcester City F.C.
Category:Wuachon United F.C. templates Wuachon United F.C.
Category:Vissai Ninh Binh F.C. templates Vissai Ninh Binh F.C.
Category:Yıldırım Bosnaspor footballers Yıldırım Bosnaspor footballers
Category:Years in Argentine association football navigational boxes Years in Argentine association football navigational boxes
Category:Years in Bermudian football navigational boxes Years in Bermudian football navigational boxes
Category:Years in Bosnian football navigational boxes Years in Bosnian football navigational boxes
Category:Years in Canadian soccer navigational boxes Years in Canadian soccer navigational boxes
Category:Years in Indonesian football (soccer) navigational boxes Years in Indonesian football (soccer) navigational boxes
Category:Years in Surinamese football navigational boxes Years in Surinamese football navigational boxes
Category:Malatya B.S. footballers Malatya B.S.
Category:Yorkshire Football League Yorkshire Football League
Category:Youth football in Chile Youth football in Chile
Category:Youth football in Ivory Coast Youth football in Ivory Coast
Category:Youth football in Malta Youth football in Malta
Category:Yucatán footballers Yucatán football
Category:Zaire international footballers Zaire international football