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This article might hint at my choice of name. Or maybe this one – you decide....


I get around a bit – I've done a fair bit on things like Scottish clan battles. One project is trying to take a decent photo of every article from central London out to Kent. I've now got a big backlog of photos taken but not uploaded – I end up spending far too much time sorting out the articles themselves, and just in planning my photo trips I find myself correcting a lot of coordinates and the like. But we're getting there, slowly....

More recently I've been side-tracked into doing a lot of category creation, cleaning out the likes of Categories categorized in red-linked categories, Uncategorized categories, Red-linked categories with incoming links and doing some quite a lot of work on Special:WantedCategories.

Useful bits[edit]

{{WorksYearHeader helper|WorkType=XXX|tens=198|year=1981|ParentType=in YYY}}

To do[edit]

  • Tidy up the various string-handling routines I've written for {{navseasoncats}} etc into a user-friendly toolkit that will let other people create standard templates for major groups of categories like I've done with {{clubseasoncat}} which adds portals and categories to {{navseasoncats}} for national categories of sports club seasons. Again the idea is to have enough intelligence in the template that one can use AWB to slap it on hundreds of categories without worrying about setting parameters for each one. This will need a couple of new templates, like a reverse of {{Football demonyms}}/{{Demonym country}} and country -> continent converter. I've done some like {{Country2nationality}} and {{Find country}}, the latter wraps round PAGENAME to give {{title country}}.
  • This will allow easy templates to create categories like Category:2019 in Iraqi sport
  • Expand {{Clubplayerscat}} to cover seasons, managers etc
  • When I'm in the mood for some articles, continue to reformat all the major towns of Kent to WP:UKTOWNS format