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Some of my photos[edit]

Click here for more photos of the Llano Estacado

Wastella Texas grain elevator 2011.jpg
Brazos Double Mountain Fork FM669 Texas 2010.jpg
Roscoe Texas grain elevator 2011.jpg
Alamogordo Valley Eastern New Mexico 2009.jpg
Anton Texas Boothe Elevators and Rail 2010.jpg
Caprock Escarpment Garza County Texas 2010.jpg
Freight train near Shallowater Texas.jpg
Point Ormond Victoria 2009.jpg
Dzhangeldy Uzbekistan 2008.JPG
Mass Waste Palo Duro 2002.jpg
GreenMountainWindFarm Fluvanna 2004.jpg
Llano Escarpment.jpg
Kenna New Mexico Ranch Gate.jpg
West face of Guadalupe Mountains at sunset 2006.jpg
Mt Blanco 2005.jpg
Northwest Escarpment Llano Estacado 2003.jpg
FouquieriaSplendens 2006 BigBend.jpg
West Texas Hwy 302 west of NoTrees.jpg
Mount Saint Nicholas 2009.jpg
Picabo Idaho 2009.JPG
Mount Borah 2009.JPG
McKittrick Canyon from a distance 2006.JPG
Ransom Canyon November 2009.JPG
Llano Estacado Caprock Escarpment south of Ralls TX 2009.jpg
Big Spring State Park Pavilion 2009.jpg
Buffalo Lake Texas Windmill 2009.jpg
Big Spring State Park Picnic Table 2009.jpg