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About Me[edit]

I'm always willing to talk to people, and I'll never get angry; but bear with me as I work full time!

Created Articles[edit]

Below are a list of articles I have created from scratch. These are generally for cue sports, wrestling, or video games, but I add information to all sorts of articles. For a full list, see: xTools list.

Professional Wrestling[edit]

Promotion articles[edit]

Professional Wrestling Promotions

First article I wrote on Wikipedia. South West based wrestling promotion - Now defunct. Tag Team titles unlikely to meet WP:GNG, but have been held by Robbie E, Ultimo Tiger and Joel Redman

Catchweight championship for Pride. Been wrestled for by loads of great wrestlers

Biggest Heavyweight belt in the south west. Mr. Anderson and Bram both held this. Very cool.

Big Japan-style company in South West England. Deserves a lot more credit. Sadly, press isn't as high as I'd love to make some championship articles

Has Video Games out. Shortlived time as national TV deal on FreeSports

Wrestler Profiles[edit]

Professional Wrestlers Bios

There is a criminal lack of pro wrestler articles from those based in the South of England on Wikipedia, and those that are, are not well written. I'm planning on a few wrestler articles that meet notoriety. This one is a good quality article that will only get better. Ryan is pretty close to signing IMO.

Scottish born wrestler - Currently in the South West of England. Was a masked wrestler, and has taken the mask off. Needs a little more press coverage, but meets GNG

Powerhouse professional Wrestler from Devon, England. Had an article before, but was deleted (No sourcing), but I've created something new from it.

Featured on ITV's Love Island, turned wrestler.


Wrestling articles

Video Games[edit]

Cue Sports[edit]

Virtual Pool Series

I'm working my way through the Virtual Pool franchise. There's a few left to do.

One of the smaller entries just after VP2; released only for the Nintendo 64

Xbox Exclusive, and first VP game for 6 years.

Second game in series. Was a Snooker only game. Had been worked with Ronnie O'Sullivan and Steve Davis. Pretty cool.

Was a redirect before, but now a full article. This is the last article for the series to be made, unless there is another release, or the Mobile release gets enough information to meet WP:GNG.

World Snooker Championship series

After seeing that only two of the WSC series had articles I cleaned up the World Snooker Championship video games article, and created an article for each of the following games: The series is almost complete!

Other Cue Sports articles

More Snooker based articles. Including games featuring Steve Davis


Cook, Serve, Delicious!

A game I've put some time in on PC & Android, and I was surprised there was no article for it when I looked. Second article I made on Wikipedia.

Sequel to CSD. Played both of these game, but the original is better for now. With PS4, and mobile versions upcoming, this topic will get edited.

Miscellaneous articles

Theme Park Mystery is the second video article I created, (after CSD1) but I was simply looking to create an article, and found it being requested, with references.

Another game I've not played, but I am planning on covering the original if I can find the references.

Persona is awesome. I've done a lot of work getting this topic created, but it still needs additional referencing, and additional characters.

Visual Novel/Interactive Story. 1970s Italy. Written from Scratch. It's been ported everywhere.

Harry Potter Game Studio. Currently expecting games on iOS/Android soon, like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. They're also working with Warner Brothers and Niantic to create AR games. Whopper.

Was a redirect. Has enough press for a full article.

Article was originally a redirect to Two Point Studios. This is a spiritual successor to Bullfrog entertainment's Theme Hospital. Who doesn't love Theme Hospital?

Created a series article for all Harry Potter games. Still needs some expansion, especially for the Lego games, and newer iOS games.

Character from the Ace Attorney games.

Magazing based on the Nintendo Switch

Part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. iOS/Android game.


Misc sport articles

I have created this article as a standalone to Short Mat Bowls. Seemed odd that we didn't already have one, as it's arguably the only topic that meets WP:GNG. An Irish Short Mat bowls topic may also do this. The current bowls article could never be deleted, as it is clearly a notable sport, it simply does a bad job in the article.

Ultimate weird article - Tuvalu was a shot putter, but didn't qualify for the 2011 Athletics World Championships. So, did the 100 meters instead. It was rather ridiculous.

Prediction website founded 2006. It's fun!

Snooker/Cue Sports Articles



Biographies Started to create winners (And eventually runner-ups of all WPA World Nine-ball Championship winners. Eventually also for 8-ball, 10-ball and straight pool.

Ronnie O'Sullivan articles


Created templates

{{Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma}}

  1. My first template; a simple one, but there are four pages for this awesome anime, and it would be easy to miss the pages. I will do some more work on the main page, as there is less information on the page about the topic, than that of the characters, and episodes in Manga and Anime in other topics.

{{Virtual Pool}}

  1. Whilst working on the series. Put a lot of work into the whole series, and feel as though it deserved it's own template. There are a lot of games. Doubt the Virtual Pool Mobile will ever get made, however.

{{Snooker Video Games}}

  1. Template for Snooker Video games on Wikipedia. I've since used this as an example to find new articles to create. I have since made the World Snooker Championship video games for all games that meet GNG, Championship 3D Snooker, and the Virtual Pool series.

{{Professional wrestling by country}}

  1. Surprised list like this doesn't exist. Should probably make some stubs for prominant countries, like Professional wrestling in Germany, or Professional wrestling in Portugal.


  1. WP:PW tag for articles written in Kayfabe, or in un-universe.

{{Professional wrestling title history top}} {{Professional wrestling title history middle}}

  1. For creating professional wrestling championship history tables

Good/Featured Articles[edit]

Good Articles[edit]

Good Articles promoted

GA Reviews[edit]

GA Reviews

Links to other Media[edit]

I only really use this for certain things, where an article gets tagged in a WikiData items to check that it's correct.

I enjoy the quote page; which is a shame there are no quote guides for video games; which arguably have the same amounts of quotes as regular series/characters.


  • Recently, I've been creating/expanding cue sports and pool articles, mostly tournaments and bios. If you also like these types of articles, drop me a message; maybe we can be fast friends (or, like make great articles together or something.)
  • I'm interested in editing Professional Wrestling articles; and creating new ones!
  • I'm a big gamer as well; so may have edits on gaming articles, and suchlike.
  • I have a degree in mathematics; however I am unlikely to make any edits to mathematical articles, due to lack of concrete knowledge.
  • I also play the game of short mat bowls, and have done for the last 17 years at a high level, so I may edit pages that fit in with that hobby.

Talk Page[edit]

If you want to contact me on my talk page; feel free! Be kind; I'm new... But I want to improve! I may well archive or move things on my talk page; if they are out of place or no longer important to me. If you tag me in something, I will try to contact you on the page that I was tagged, but I may move the conversation to my talk page so I can keep better eyes on the chat.


A barnstar for you! Ultimo Tiger[edit]

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Excellent detailed article. Great work! Triptropic (talk) 23:21, 11 December 2017 (UTC)

Some kudos Virtual Pool 4/Jimmy White's 2: Cueball[edit]

Stub Barnstar.png The Stub Barnstar
For great work in both creating new articles on missing cue-sports-simulator video games of note, like Virtual Pool 4, and working up poor, old stubs into Start-to-B-Class articles in the same category.  — SMcCandlish ¢ >ʌⱷ҅ʌ<  19:29, 13 December 2017 (UTC)

A barnstar for you![edit]

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For great work in maintaining civility, helping juniors, kindly. SouravDas1998t@lk to me? 15:28, 20 January 2018 (UTC)

NPP Backlog Drive Appreciation[edit]

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For completing over 50 reviews during the 2018 June Backlog Drive, please accept this Special Edition Barnstar. Thank you for helping New Page Patrol and keep up the good work. Cheers! — Insertcleverphrasehere (or here) 19:00, 2 July 2018 (UTC)