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July 10, 2008

General Information[edit]

Basic general information about the forums: creator/company, license/price etc.

Creator Current stable version Cost (USD) License Latest release date
AEF URL Electron, Pulkit, Ronak 1.0.6 Free Other 2008-04-14
BabbleBoard URL Dave Murchison 1.1.6 Free Other 2008-03-19
bbPress URL Automattic Free GPL 2008-01-05
Beehive Forum URL Mark Rendle, Matt Beale 0.8.2 Free GPL 2008-01-19
Deluxe Portal URL Nomative Systems 2.0.1 Free GPL 2007-03-01
Fire Soft Board URL Genova 2.0.0 Free GPL 2007-12-24
FlexBB URL FlexBB Softwares 0.6.8 Free GPL 2007-09-20
FluxBB URL Developers 1.2.18 Free GPL 2008-05-09
FUDforum URL Ilia Alshanetsky 2.7.7 Free GPL 2007-10-01
IceBB URL XAOS Interactive 1.0-rc9.1 Free GPL 2008-04-12
KNova Boards URL Keith "KNova" Novak 1.501 Free GPL 2007-08-16
kusaba URL tj1991 1.0.4 Free GPL 2008-03-11
MercuryBoard URL Jason Warner, Mark Elliot, and Jonathan West 1.1.6 Free GPL 2007-11-09
miniBB URL Paul Puzyrev & Sergei Larionov 2.2a Free / Paid plugins GPL 2008-04-22
MWBB URL Wikimedia Foundation 0.2 Free GPL 2007-10-28
MyBB URL MyBB Group 1.2.13 Free Other 2008-01-20
myUPB URL PHP Outburst 2.2.1 Free Other 2008-04-27
NextBBS URL Chris FR & Team 0.5.3 Free GPL 2008-02-18
NuclearBB URL Peter Ricca, Ben Pilbrow Alpha-2.0 Free GPL 2007-08-12
Orca Interactive Forum Script URL BoonEx Ltd. 1.1 Free GPL 2007-02-12
OvBB URL Jonathon Freeman & Brian Otto V0.16a Free MIT 2007-04-06
Phorum URL Brian Moon 5.2.7 Free Phorum License 2 (BSD like) 2008-03-20
phpBB URL phpBB Group 3.0.1 Free GPL 2008-04-07
PHPburner Forums URL Nick Martin 1.0 RC1 Free GPL 2008-07-01
PunBB URL Rickard Andersson 1.2.17 Free GPL 2008-02-20
Quezza URL Luke Cousins 1.2.0 Free GPL 2006-02-04
Quicksilver Forums URL Geoff Dunn, Roger Libiez (Samson) & The Quicksilver Forums Development Team 1.4.1 Free GPL 2007-09-29
Shiichan URL Shii 3956 Free GPL Unknown
SMF1 URL Simple Machines 1.1.5 Free Other 2008-04-30
SMF2 URL Simple Machines 2.0 b3.1 Free Other 2008-04-30
tForum URL Toan 'typus' Huynh a0.95.1.5 Free GPL Unknown
Think Tank Forums URL Lucas Reddinger 1-alpha Free BSD Unknown
Unclassified NewsBoard URL Yves Goergen 1.6.4 Free GPL 2007-09-09
UseBB URL Dietrich Moerman 1.0.9 Free GPL 2008-05-29
Vanilla URL Mark O'Sullivan [1] 1.1.4 Free GPL 2007-10-21
Vikingboard URL Vikingboard 0.2 Beta Free GPL 2007-12-20
Viscacha URL MaMo Net 0.8 RC4 PL1 Free GPL 2008-03-28
XMB URL XMB Software 1.9.10 Free GPL 2008-06-10
Creator Current stable version Cost License Latest release date