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|name=Logan Brown |image= |Height= 5ft6in |Weight= 104 lbs |birth date=Feburary 24 1994 (Age 13) |birth Place=Detroit, Michigan

|resides=Orlando , Flordia |Debut=2007 |Retired= |}}

Logan Brown(aka Logan Christian, on Feburary 24, 1994) is a Professional American Christian Rock artist , Semi-Professional Lacrosse Player,and Model Currently playing for the CFLC Hawks or also named The Orlando Hawks.Currently Moved to O-town in Septemeber 1994.


Logan Brown was Born in Portland ,Michigan but, was Born in a Hospital in Detriot, Michigan and was Born with Ashma And almost Died but god had a plan.


Blankner Acceped Him and on the first day he got chased by two drunk dogs but got away. On the first day he made lots of friends that he still has today and was going out with Emily Nusbickle then broke up in 1st Grade in fronet of the class. In the 4th Grde People Started to not like him and would alwhys help people but , they were the wrong people. then in 5th grade they stared liking him again and stared making one - handed catching Legacy becane. He got Tackled throw Fences even trees in hes Hardcore Style of Football that happend around September 2005- 2006 on to Feburary Stoped because of his injuryeis.In 5th Grade it was his Final year but, He was tring to prevented it and asked This Girl Macy to the 5th Grade Dance that he liked .Then on May 25,2006 he got Relesed By Blankner but still does vistist. and ended Elementry School in Football with Tochdowns(18) INT's(3) and Kick Returns(0).


On August 13 , 2006 Logan Sarted at Legacy MIddle School

On the First Day People did Not Like Him Already but he got some Freinds.

When they Started Playing Football He Made One Handed- Cahtches again and set records right now mdae the most touchdowns(100) and INT's (10) and Kick Return's(15) when he made that one handed catch and was named Play of The year. and Player of the Year. Currently He is on Injured in lacrosse w/ a Cheast Injure , will resume this week.

Has a 2.1 GPA

Got Relesed June 13, 2007


Currently goes to Passport Charter School


Central Flordia Lacrosse Club(bandits)

Most improved (2007) Hit of the year(2007)