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I am a barrister specialising in offshore finance (based in the British Virgin Islands). I focus mostly on legal articles, but I also write or edit articles about British Virgin Islands history, British Virgin Islands politics and American football, as well as any other subject where I feel I can usefully contribute.

I prefer to write semi-anonymously to try and draw a line between my professional legal opinions and my "academic" writing on Wikipedia.

I have been editing Wikipedia off and on for 8 years, 355 days. I used to be quite prolific on Wikipedia, but like all things in life, kids and jobs have slowed the flood to a veritable trickle.

My Contributions[edit]

I have written a lot of articles, but I have never written a Featured Article (I have done a few "A class" articles though). Probably the best articles that I have done are:

I am also quietly proud of Slavery in the British Virgin Islands (even though it is a failed GA) and Law of the British Virgin Islands.
I have also had a couple of Did you knows?:

I have only ever been awarded three Barnstars, so I am not sure how valuable my contributions have really been!

Credits: The design of this Userpage was shamelessly plagiarised from User:Deckiller.

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