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Bret Harte Middle School is a public middle school in San Jose, California, United States in the San Jose Unified School District. The name of the school is commonly abbreviated as "BHMS" for short. It teaches about 1,250-1,450 students in grades six through eight. It is located at 7050 Bret Harte Drive in Almaden Valley. The school mascot is the Bronco. The school is a National Blue Ribbon school and California Distinguished School.[1] The current principal is Dominic Bejarano.

Most students who graduate from Bret Harte go on to attend Leland High School, which is adjacent. Most students who went to Graystone Elementary School and Williams Elementary School go to Bret Harte. Some Bret Harte students take the high school mathematics, French, and Spanish courses available at Bret Harte.

Bret Harte is located very conveniently next to Leland's track; as such, it is not uncommon for Bret Harte students to utilize their neighbor's track for running. Bret Harte is known to be the only middle school in Almaden Valley to have a cross-country team. Its rival is Castillero Middle School, which is a performing and visual arts magnet.

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