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Hello, I am Leitmanp, an editor here at the English Wikipedia. I began editing Wikipedia using an IP address in 2006. After gaining a small understanding of Wikipedia, I created an account in May 2006. Despite having an account, I continued to edit Wikipedia with an IP address for some time. Eventually, I began to feel comfortable with Wikipedia and stopped editing anonymously.

I mainly contribute to articles about Dubai. I fell in love with the city in 2003 when I discovered The Palm while watching Globe Trekker on my local PBS station. At first, it was the only thing in Dubai for which I cared. Slowly, I gained more respect for Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and eventually the whole Middle East. Also, at first I only cared for Dubai's developments, skyscrapers, and its growth. Now, I see Dubai for its economy, prosperity, and its bright future. I generally am interested in anything that will make Dubai a world-class city.

Although Dubai is my field of expertise, I live half a world away in Arizona, a state in the southwest United States of America. More specifically, I live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Sometimes I feel as though I know more about Dubai than I do about the Valley of the Sun (the nickname for the Phoenix metropolitan area). I find it easier to name buildings, streets, and landmarks in Dubai than it is to do the same for Phoenix.

But, I have never been to Dubai. I am sure that there are tons of facts and information that I have not yet discovered. I hope this discovery will be augmented by moving to Dubai. I have no plans to move there any time soon, but I do hope to live there some day. Because I feel the culture and urbanity of Dubai is being eroded by the extensive growth, I plan to live in Deira, Bur Dubai, or Al Shindagha. These are Dubai's oldest areas. At one time, they were Dubai. Today, they are just a small fraction of the ever expanding city.

I think it is very important that people always know the truth. That is why I edit errors or incorrect information whenever I see it. Also, that is why I want you to leave me a message on my talk page. Many people have misconceptions of Phoenix, Arizona, the United States, Dubai, and the Middle East. If you have a question about any of these topics, or even anything else, please ask me.

My contributions[edit]

The article that I am most proud of is the List of tallest buildings in Dubai. I helped to bring this list to featured status along with several other editors (User:Hydrogen Iodide, User:OOODDD and User:Raime) in December 2007.

Here is a list of all the articles and templates I created:[1]


  1. ^ This list does not include redirects, disambiguation pages, or pages that I created and were later deleted, or pages that I started, were deleted, and later created by other users.
  2. ^ Although I created this page, I copied the information from Salik, where the information was originally added by several editors.