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A Gospel Harmony attempts to show the relationship of the stories in each gospels to the corresponding stories in each of the other gospels. In the following Harmony Matthew is presented in order and the other gospels are made to conform with it. One could, however, create a Harmony based on any of the gospels. There is, of course, no guarantee that any of the gospels are in perfect chronological order.

The emphasis of the following chart is on where Jesus went and what he did rather than on what he said since he could have and probably did say the same thing on many different occasions. The first column presents all of Matthew (in order). The second column presents Luke down to Luke 6:12. At this point Luke jumps back to the Sermon on the Mount. The third column presents the remainder of Luke. The fourth column presents all of John (in order). Mark follows Luke's order (more or less) but uses Matthew's wording. It is therefore interwoven with Matthew. I have marked those parts of Matthew that are also in Mark 1:1 - 4:34 with an asterisk; and those parts of Matthew that are also in Mark 4:35 - end with a double asterisk; parts appearing in Mark but not Matthew are in parenthesis.

The following chart was copied from Timeline of the Bible because that article is getting too large.

Matthew 10 Mark 3 Luke 6 Acts 1:13 notes
Simon called Peter (Greek) Simon whom he named Peter Simon whom he named Peter Peter called Cephas (Aramaic) from Bethsaida. son of Jonah. fisherman
Andrew Andrew Andrew from Bethsaida. Brother of Peter. One of 2 disciples of John who first followed Jesus. Fisherman
James (son of Zebedee) James (Boanerges, son of Zebedee) James John fisherman. asked to sit at right and left in his kingdom.[Matt 20:20] Was on mount of transfiguration
John (son of Zebedee) John (Boanerges, son of Zebedee) John James fisherman. asked to sit at right and left in his kingdom. was on mount of transfiguration
Andrew Andrew
Philip Philip Philip Philip (from Bethsaida). Jesus found him when he decided to go to (wedding in) Galilee.
Thomas Thomas the Apostle (Aramaic for twin) (called Didymus,[John 21:2] Greek for twin)
Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartholomew (Nathanael from Cana?)
Matthew (tax collector) Matthew Matthew Matthew (Levi son of Alphaeus[Mark 2:14])
Thomas Thomas
James (of Alphaeus) James (of Alphaeus) James (of Alphaeus) James (of Alphaeus
Thaddaeus Thaddaeus
Simon (zealot) Simon (zealot) Simon (zealot) Simon (zealot)
Judas (of James) Judas (of James) Jude of James possible brother of Jesus
Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot son of Simon Iscariot[John 6:71]

the brothers of Jesus were James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon.[Mark 6:3] (or Simon, and Judas)[Matt 13:55] Female disciples of Jesus

Matthew & Mark Luke 1:1 - 6:12 Luke 6:12 - end John
1 In the beginning was the Word
Census (Augustus is known to have taken a census of Roman citizens at least three times, in 28 BC, 8 BC, and AD 14). Joseph goes from Nazareth (Galilee) to Bethlehem (Judea).
1 Zechariah sees Gabriel beside altar of incense and becomes mute. Elizabeth becomes pregnant. In seclusion 5 months
1 Joseph sees angel in dream. told to marry Mary. Annunciation. Mary sees Gabriel (in dream?) (in 6th month in Nazareth). Mary goes to Zechariah's house (in hill country of Judea). stays 3 months
John born. On 8th day circumcised and named. Zechariah speaks. lived in the desert.
2 Jesus born (See Nativity) in Bethlehem. Magi see star (angel in dream?) and go to Jerusalem then Bethlehem. follow star to house. Present gifts. warned by angel in a dream to not return to Herod. 2 Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph and was with child. Jesus born in Bethlehem. shepherds see an angel. Go & see him in manger. on the 8th day he is named.
Herod kills all children 2 years old and younger. (possibly ordered it on his deathbed so there would be mourning at the time of his funeral.[¶ 1]. Angel in dream warns them to escape to Egypt, Death of Herod in early spring 4 BC?. then return to Nazareth. (Archelaus ruling till 6 AD) After time of purification (7+33 days,[1]

, they go to the temple in Jerusalem. Simeon and Anna. then go to Nazareth.

when Jesus was 12 (9 AD?) he is accidentally left behind in Jerusalem. Found in the temple.
*3 John the Baptist the voice of one calling in the desert. Jews confessed their sins and were baptized in the Jordan. (Mark omits the part about 'brood of vipers') After me will come one more powerful than I. 3 in 15th year of Tiberius who ruled from Sept of 14 AD (early 28 AD?). Pontius Pilate Governor of Judea. Herod tetrarch of Galilee. His brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis. Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene. High priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, John preaches in country around Jordon. Bethany beyond Jordon. John baptizes. John came as a witness that the light was coming into the world. those who receive the light become children of God. 'the voice of one calling in the desert'.
12-5? (or conceivably 12-1) 40 day fast begins 40 day fast begins in the desert
12-12? John has to be convinced to baptize Jesus.
*Baptism of Jesus. Heaven opened. spirit like a dove. voice from heaven saying " This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased (or "whom I love")". baptism of Jesus. As he was praying, heaven opened and the spirit in form like a dove descended upon him. about 30 yrs old (remember that there is no year 0). Next day, 'behold the Lamb of God that takes sin from the world'. John testified that he saw (in a dream?) the spirit come down like a dove and remain on Jesus. 'this is the Son of God'.
*4 (At once) led by the spirit into the desert. Next day, Andrew follows Jesus at 10th hour. Peter. Next day decides to leave for Galilee and finds Philip. Philip finds Nathaniel. Fig tree.
2 Third day, Wedding in Cana. Purim? 12-14?. water to wine was first 'sign' in Cana of Galilee. Went to Capernaum for a few days.
After the fast, Temptation of Christ (stones, wing of the temple, high mountain). angels then came and attended him. (Mark just says that he was tempted by the devil, was with wild animals, and angels attended him) 4 temptation (stones, high mountain, wing of the temple). went to Jerusalem for PASSOVER 1-15. drove out traders.
3 Nicodemus a Pharisee and member of the council. Rebirth. those who love the truth come into the light.
Judean countryside. baptizing. John was in Aenon near Salem. argument between Johns disciples and a Certain Jew over ceremonial cleansing (See Tumah and Seven Laws of Noah). friend of the bridegroom. one who comes from heaven is above all.
*John in prison (John imprisoned for rebuking Herod over Herodias) the Pharisees heard that Jesus baptized more than John.
4 Feast of Weeks? 3-6 Jesus passes through Sychar (See Shechem) in Samaria on way to Galilee. At noon, Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well which was given to Joseph. living water. worship in truth and spirit. refused to eat. (four months to harvest? even now the reaper harvests a crop to eternal life). stayed 2 days
Returned to Galilee. left Nazareth went to Nazareth. read Isaiah in synagogue. Physician, heal thyself Rejection of Jesus Jesus pointed out that A prophet has no honor in his own country. Galileans welcome him.
*Jesus goes to Capernaum. (Mark just says Galilee) calls Simon, Andrew, James, & John from their boats went to Capernaum. taught in synagogues with authority.
preaching & healing in Galilee & teaching in synagogues. Large crowds followed him.
5 Beatitudes on mountainside (as one having authority). Expounding of the Law 6 Luke jumps to here one of those days, spent the night in prayer on mount. morning. chose 12. went down to a level place. large crowd tried to touch him. Sermon on the Plain. Beatitudes. (during Feast of Tabernacles? 7-15)
8 came down from mountainside. Large crowds. leper healed
entered Capernaum. paralyzed servant of Centurion healed by a word 7 then went to Capernaum. when not far from servant of Centurion about to die in Capernaum told not to bother. healed by word Cana. Son of royal official close to death in Capernaum. At 7th hour told 'your son will live'. servants met him next day while still on the way. second 'sign' having come from Judea to Galilee.
raised dead son of widow in Nain. John asks 'are you the one coming'?
*(they went to Capernaum. Teaching in synagogue on sabbath with authority. Demon possessed man 'knew who he was') demon possessed man in synagogue
*(As soon as they left the synagogue. with James and John) entered house of Peter (Simon and Andrew). healed mother's fever by touch left synagogue. went to Simon's house. rebuked Simon's mother's fever dinner in house of Simon the Pharisee. sinful woman. Parable of the Two Debtors.
*at evening many demon possessed healed with a word (would not let demons speak) at evening demon possessed healed by laying on hands
*(Mark says while still dark went to a solitary place) *(while still dark) at daybreak, went to solitary places
*(Mark says preaching throughout Galilee) teaching in synagogues of Judea (some manuscripts say 'Galilee') 8 after this, traveled with 12 and certain women including Mary Magdalene, Joanna wife of Chuza, & Susanna *throughout towns and villages. sower. lampstand. mother and brothers without. 5 Some time later, Jerusalem. Feast of the Jews. sabbath. (Feast of the dedication? 9-25). Healed invalid of 38 years on mat at pool of Bethesda/Bethsaida near sheep gate with 5 covered colonnades. (third 'sign'). my father works on sabbath and I work. the son can only do what he sees the father doing. the dead will hear the voice of the son of God. John and Moses testify about me. you do not have the love of God in your hearts.
(crowd) Teacher of the law promises to follow him anywhere. Nowhere to lay his head. Father of disciple dies. Let the dead bury the dead.
*(leper begs to be healed. Could no longer enter a town openly. Stayed outside in solitary places)
**Mark jumps to here (4:37) Crosses the lake. Furious storm. Ship sinking. rebuked storm 5 Lake Gennesaret. Orders Peter to put out into deep water and let his net down. Great catch of fish. Nets began to break. Both ships began to sink. James and John were his partners. one day, sailed to other side. rebukes the storm
**Gadarenes/Gerasenes/Gergesenes. 2 men (Mark says one man) from the tombs possessed by 'Legion' healed by word ('Go'). whole town goes out and asks him to leave. sailed to Gerasenes. healed man possessed by Legion.
*9 (A few days later) came to 'his town' (Mark says 'entered Capernaum'). paralytic on mat healed by command one day while teaching, heals paralytic on mat when returned the crowd welcomed him.
*went on from there. (went out beside the lake) called Levi from booth after this, called Levi at his booth
*dinner at Levi's house. Sinners came and ate with him. Pharisees ask why do you eat with sinners? (Johns disciples and the Pharisees were fasting) John's disciples (Mark just says 'some people') ask why do you not fast? Guests of the bridegroom mourning. Torn garment. Burst wineskins. great banquet at Levi's house. Pharisees ask 'why do you eat with sinners' and 'why do you not fast'? Herod's birthday? Purim? 12-14
**(Mark says by the lake) ruler asked him to raise his dead (mark says 'dying') daughter. Jesus went with him. Jairus, ruler of synagogue, fell at his feet asking him to heal his dying daughter.
**woman bleeding for 12 years touches edge of his cloak. as he was on his way, a crowd crushed him. woman bleeding for 12 years touched edge of his cloak.
**(Mark says men from the house of Jairus came and told him that his daughter was dead) men from the house of Jairus came and told him that his daughter was dead
**Entered the rulers house. raises dead 12 yr old girl by touch/command. raises dead girl.
**(Mark says he then went to His hometown. Prophet without honor. healed only a few sick people) the placement for this is uncertain. Passover? 1-15
went on from there. indoors. heals 2 blind men by touch. heals demon possessed mute. crowd amazed. Pharisees say 'by Beelzebub'.
**teaching in synagogues throughout towns and villages. (Mark just says teaching from village to village)
Crowds like sheep. harvest is plentiful. needs workers. Feast of Weeks? 3-6
**10 gave the 12 authority to heal. sent them out (Mark says 2 by 2) (Matthew says only to the lost sheep of Israel). Take only a staff, sandals, (Matthew forbids any staff or sandals) and no extra tunic. Stay in only one house. If not accepted then shake the dust off when you leave. 9 Gave the 12 authority to heal. sent them out (Feast of Tabernacles? 7-15)
Men will hand you over to councils and will flog you in their synagogues. You will be brought before kings and governors. brother will betray brother. A student is not above his teacher. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed. Be afraid of the one that can destroy body and soul. Whoever disowns me I will disown. Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Anyone who gives a cup of cold water to one of my little disciples will not lose his reward.
11 went on from there to teach in Galilee. John (from prison) asks 'are you the one coming'? woe to you Korazin, Bethsaida, Capernaum.
*12 at that time, (Mark just says 'one sabbath') went through the grainfields and plucking grain 6 grainfields on the sabbath
*going on from there, (Mark says 'another time') entered in synagogue & healed shriveled hand apparently on the sabbath on another sabbath, healed shriveled right hand. Luke jumps back one year
*(John the Baptist beheaded?) Pharisees plot to kill Jesus therefore Jesus withdrew (Mark says to the lake Boat kept ready) large crowd followed. healed many . people tried to touch him. (Mark says he wouldn't let the demons speak)
*(Mark says appointed 12 'apostles')
*(Mark says entered a house). crowd gathered. mother and brothers came because they said 'he is out of his mind')
*(Matthew says he had healed a blind mute) Pharisees say 'he is possessed by Beelzebub'. kingdom divided. blasphemy against the spirit.
(Matthew says Pharisees seek a sign. no sign except the sign of Jonah).
*While still talking to the crowd, mother and brothers stood outside.
*13 (Matthew says that same day), by the lake. crowd so large that he entered a boat. taught many parables. the sower, (Mark says lampstand, growing seed) (Matthew says the weeds, the mustard seed (Matthew adds the yeast).
into house. explained the parables.
*(Mark says that evening he said to his disciples 'let us go over to the other side'. Leaving the crowd they took him along, just as he was, in the boat. There were also other boats with him. Mark (4:36) jumps back one year).
parables of hidden treasure, and of the net. Feast of the Dedication? 9-25
came to his hometown. A prophet without honor.
**14 At this time Herod heard the reports about Jesus (Mark 6:14 says he heard about the actions of the 12). Herod said 'John has risen from the dead'. Herod had beheaded him at the request of the daughter of Herodias (we know from other sources that her name was Salome[2]) Disciples of John bury his body. Herod says 'John I beheaded, who is this'? Purim?
**(Mark says disciples of John report John's death to Jesus)
(Matthew says Apostles gathered around Jesus and reported all they had done)
**Jesus withdrew by boat to a solitary place. crowds followed on foot (Mark says they got there ahead of him). at evening, fed 5000. sent boat to other side (Bethsaida). mountainside to pray. Buffeted by waves because wind was against boat. Apostles returned. withdrew to Bethsaida. crowds followed. fed 5000 6 Some time after this, crossed to far shore of Sea of Galilee/Tiberius. crowd followed. mountainside. fed 5000. (fourth 'sign') Passover was near. 1-14. withdrew again to a mountain by himself.
**fourth watch, walked on water evening. disciples got in boat and set off. strong wind blowing. walks on water. (fifth 'sign') boats from Tiberias picked up crowd.
Peter tries to walk on water.
**Jesus enters the boat. The wind dies. Landed at Gennesaret. all the sick were brought to him. all who touched him were healed.
**15 Pharisees came from Jerusalem. Ceremonial cleansing of hands/cups. Isaiah 29:13. Tradition of man. Ex 21:17. anyone who curses father or mother must be put to death. Called crowd to him, eating with unwashed hands does not make one unclean. (Matthew says they are blind guides. weeds not planted by the father) (Mark says entered house). explained the parable crowd went in boats to Capernaum looking for him. teaching in synagogue in Capernaum. Jesus says 'I am the bread of life/manna' & 'Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life'. many disciples leave. peter says 'you have the words of eternal life'. 'yet one of you is a devil'. after this he stayed in Galilee and out of Judea because the Jews were waiting to take his life.
**Jesus withdrew to Tyre and Sidon. (Mark says entered a house) healed demon possessed little daughter of Canaanite (Mark says Greek) woman. I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel. (the woman went home and found her daughter healed). left Tyre and went through Sidon. Feast of Weeks?
*(Mark says went through Sidon to Decapolis. healed deaf mute with spit)
**(Matthew says went along the Sea of Galilee to mountainside. Great crowds. sick were brought to him)
fed 4000
**16 went to Magadan (Mark says Dalmanutha) by boat. Pharisees ask for a sign. no sign will be given (Matthew says Except the sign of Jonah). Jesus left them. (Mark says crossed to other side by boat)
**Disciples forgot to bring bread. Beware the yeast of the Pharisees.
**(Mark says Bethsaida. healed blind man with spit). (pool of Bethesda/Bethsaida near sheep gate?) 7 Feast Of Tabernacles 7-15 in Jerusalem in secret until half way through. Taught openly. 'such learning without studying'. last great day of the feast, living water.
8 At dawn, Woman taken in adultery. (See also Church tradition regarding the woman taken in adultery I am the light of the world. I am from above. the Son sets you free. you are of the devil. if anyone keeps my word he will never see death. You are not yet fifty and you have seen Abrahum? before Abraham was I was.
9 man born blind washed in pool of Siloam on sabbath then taken before Pharisees. (sixth 'sign')
10 I am the gate for the sheep. I am the good shepherd.
**Region of (Mark says villages of) Caesarea Philippi. (Mark says on the way) He asked Who do men say I am? once when praying in private. Who do the crowds say I am?
Keys[¶ 2] of kingdom of heaven promised to Peter (the rock). 'upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hades will not prevail against it'.
**From that time he began to tell the disciples that the Son of man must (Matthew says go to Jerusalem and ) suffer and die and be raised on 3rd day. Peter rebuked him. Get behind me Satan. Whoever loses his life for me will find it. What can a man give in exchange for his soul? (Mark adds 'if anyone is ashamed of me I will be ashamed of him) warned them not to tell anyone that he was the Christ. that the son of man must suffer and die and be raised
**17 6 days later, high mountain alone with Peter, James, John. TRANSFIGURATION. Face shone like the sun. His clothes became as white as the light.[¶ 3](3 tabernacles?). Voice from clouds says "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased (or "whom I love");[¶ 4] hear ye him". about 8 days after this, TRANSFIGURATION
**As they were coming down the mountain, orders them not to tell anyone what they saw until the som of man was raised from the dead. Elijah comes first and restores all things. Elijah has already come they told no one at that time what they had seen.
**came to the other disciples and crowd. Teachers of the law arguing with them. heals (epileptic?) boy that disciples couldn't by rebuking the demon. (Matthew says disciples couldn't heal boy because they lacked faith) (Mark says because this kind can come forth only through prayer and some manuscripts add and fasting) next day when they came down, healed only son that disciples couldn't by rebuking demon. while everyone marveled he told disciples that Son of man would be betrayed.
(Mark says they passed through Galilee and he didn't want anyone to know where they were. told them Son of man must suffer.)
(Matthew says came together in Galilee). told them Son of man must suffer. in Capernaum. paid the tax collectors)
**18 At that time, (Mark says in the house in Capernaum, he asked them what they were arguing about on the road. they kept silent) (Matthew says disciples ask 'who is the greatest'?) (Matthew says whoever humbles himself like this child (same child that was cured of epilepsy?) is the greatest) whoever welcomes a little child like this welcomes me. (Mark adds whoever isn't against us is for us) if anyone causes one of these little ones to sin it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck. better to enter life crippled than to be whole and cast into hell (Mark adds everyone will be salted with fire. if salt loses its saltiness how will it be salted again? have salt within yourselves and be at peace) argument started about who was greatest.
Do not look down on one of these little ones. their angels always behold the face of the father. parable of the lost sheep. the father is not willing that any of these little ones be lost. forgive brother 77 times. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. parable of the unmerciful servant. Feast Of Dedication 9-25, winter. Solomons colonnade. I and the father are one.
**19 (Matthew says when he finished saying these things) he left Galilee to Judea beyond Jordon. healed (Mark says taught) large crowds. Pharisees ask 'is divorce lawful'? (Mark says what did Moses tell you) They are no longer 2 but 1. (Matthew says then why did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away) (Mark adds when they were in the house the disciples asked him about this) anyone who marries after divorce commits adultery. (Matthew adds if so then it is better not to marry. not all can accept this but the one who can should). little children brought to him. The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. (Mark adds anyone who will not receive the kingdom like a little child will never enter it. Rich young man asks 'what good thing must I do to get eternal life'. Only God is good. Told to sell all his possessions. (Mark says his face fell) easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. With God all things are possible. Disciples said we have left all. You will receive 100 times as much is this age and in the next eternal life. But many who are first will be last. Set his face for Jerusalem. (on border between Galilee and Samaria as he entered a village, healed 10 lepers?) Samaritan village does not we[come him. shall we call fire down as Elijah did? let the dead bury the dead. Then went back beyond Jordon to where John had been baptizing. in that place many believed.
10 appointed 70/72 and sent them out. He who rejects you rejects me and the Father. Expert in the law asks 'what must I do to inherit eternal life'. 'who is my neighbor'? 'a man was going down to Jericho'. Good Samaritan. Martha busy serving.
11 teach us to pray. teaching through town and villages to Jerusalem.
13at that time told 'Herod wants to kill you'.
14 one sabbath at dinner in house of prominent Pharisee. healed man of dropsy. 'when invited to dinner take the lowest seat'.
15 Sinners eat with him. parables of prodigal son,
16 rich man's shrewd manager, rich man and Lazarus.
17 one of ten healed lepers returns.
18 little children brought to him. certain ruler asks him 'good teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life'.
11 Are there not 12 hours in a day? Lazarus of Bethany brother of Martha and Mary raised from the dead. Purim? 12-14 (seventh 'sign') Meeting of Sanhedrin. Caiaphas prophecies his death. withdrew to village named Ephraim near the desert. no longer went publicly among the Jews.
20 For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner hiring workers in the early morning for his vineyard.
**on his way to Jerusalem. Disciples were astonished and followers were afraid. Son of man will be betrayed. Mother of James and John asks (Mark says James and John themselves asked) that they may sit on his right and left. 10 were indignant. Whosoever wants to be first must be slave of all.
**leaving Jericho. healed 2 blind men sitting by the roadside by touch. (Mark says Bartimaeus son of Timaeus was healed by command) 19 approaching Jericho. healed blind man. entered Jericho. Zacchaeus the tax collector. parable of 10 Mina's (servants don't want nobleman to rule over them. perhaps a reference to Archelaus)
12 6 days before Passover. Bethany. dinner. Mary and Martha. Perfume.
**21 Bethphage (Mark adds and Bethany) on (Mark says at) the Mount of Olives. took donkey and her colt. (Mark just says they took the colt) triumphal entry. went to temple approached Bethphage and Bethany at Mount of Olives. took colt. wept over the city. next day, (crowd had arrived in Jerusalem for their ceremonial cleansing before Passover) triumphal entry
**(Mark says it was already late so he went to Bethany to spent the night)
** (Mark says leaving Bethany curses fig tree. On reaching Jerusalem, went to the temple)
**threw out traders. when evening came they left the city (Matthew says went to Bethany and spent the night) threw out traders. every day was teaching in the temple
**(In the morning) fig tree withered. if you have faith you can say to this mountain (mount of olives?) go throw yourself into the sea.
**(Marks adds they arrived again in Jerusalem) teaching (Mark says walking) in the temple courts. Chief priests and elders (Mark adds teachers of the law) ask by whose authority he did these things. John baptism from heaven or men? (Matthew adds parable of 2 sons), vineyard tenants/Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen/stone rejected by builders, 20 by whose authority? vineyard tenants. stone rejected by builders. right to pay taxes? 7 brothers had one woman. whose son is the Christ? Greeks want to see him. 'unless a grain dies it abides alone'. 'Father glorify your name'. 'the Son of man must be lifted up'. 'trust the light while you have it so you may become sons of the light'. Jesus hid himself from them.
21 widow's offering.
(Matthew adds the wedding banquet). Pharisees went out and sent back their disciples and Herodians. paying taxes? (Matthew says that same day) Sadducees ask about 7 brothers having one woman. Pharisees ask what is the greatest commandment? (Mark adds that the man said you are right. Jesus said you are not far from the kingdom of God. no one dared ask him any more questions) (Matthew say while the Pharisees were gathered together he asked them whose son is the Christ) Why do the teachers of the law say that the Christ is the son of David? (Matthew adds No one could say a word in reply. from that day no one dared to ask him any more questions)
(Mark just says Watch out for the teachers of the law. they devour widows' houses. Sat down opposite the place where offering were put. poor widow puts in 2 coins)
23 (Matthew says Do as the teachers of the law and the Pharisees say but not as they do/7 woes. upon you will come blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah)
**24 left temple and was walking away. (Mark says as he was leaving the temple) Disciples (Mark says one disciple) called his attention to the buildings. not one stone left atop another. Mount of Olives. As he was sitting on the mount of olives (Mark adds opposite the temple) His disciples (Mark says Peter, James, John, & Andrew) ask what will be the Sign of end of the age. Wars, earthquakes, famines are the beginning of Birth pains. This gospel will be preached then the end will come. Abomination of desolation. Woe to those with child. pray that your flight be not in winter (Matthew adds or on the Sabbath) If the Lord had not cut short those days for the sake of the elect (Mark adds whom he has choses) no one would survive. False Christs and False Prophets will arise (Mark adds so be on your guard) (Matthew adds as lightening from the east is visible in the west so will be the coming of the Son of man) He will send his angels (Matthew adds with a trumpet call) and gather his elect. lesson of the fig tree. about that day and hour only the father knows. some disciples remarked how the temple was adorned with beautiful stones and gifts to God. not one stone will be left atop another. (the Roman soldiers that eventually toppled the stones were reportedly looking for gold (gifts?) between the stones) sign that it is about to take place? each day at temple. each night at Mount of Olives.
**(Mark just says be on your guard, be alert. You do not know when that time comes. Its like a man going away and leaving his servants in charge. Keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will return so don't let him catch you sleeping. I say to everyone 'watch')
(Matthew says As it was in the days of Noah Therefore keep watch because you do not know when your Lord will come. If the owner knew when the thief was coming he would have kept watch and not let him break in. who is that faithful and wise servant that the master has put in charge. The master will come on a day he doesn't expect. If he finds him drunk then he will cut him to pieces)
25 (Matthew adds parable of the 10 virgins/Therefore keep watch. parable of the talents. sheep and goats)
**26 passover is 2 days away.chief priests assembled in palace of High Priest Caiaphas. plotted to arrest him away from crowds. but not during the feast.
**Bethany. home of Simon the leper. woman with alabaster jar of Spikenard. (Mark says 'some of') the disciples were indignant.
**Judas goes to chief priests. paid 30 silver coins (Mark says promised to give him money) 22 Feast of unleavened bread called Passover was approaching. chief priests agree to give Judas money.
**1st day of unleavened bread (Mark adds when it was customary to sacrifice the Passover lamb) Disciples went into the city and prepared the Passover. when evening came Last Supper in upper room Day of unleavened bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. last supper 13 Just before the Passover feast. Evening meal being served. washes disciples' feet. gives dip to Judas. Judas leaves.
**Sang a hymn Mount of Olives. After I am risen I will go ahead of you to Galilee. Peter vows even if he has to die he will never disown him. All the disciples say the same. went as usual to Mount of Olives. Peter vows he will never disown him.
14 I go to prepare a place for you. 'show us the Father'. the Father will send the spirit of truth'. 'let us leave'.
15 'I am the vine'. 'friends, love each other'. 'the world hated me first'. 'the spirit will testify'.
16 The counselor will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin & Righteousness & judgment. 'once her baby is born a woman forgets her anguish'. 'I am returning to the Father'. 'I have overcome the world'.
17 Jesus prayed. 'Father, glorify your son'. 'Father, just as you are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us'.
**garden of Gethsemane. went off to pray. took Peter and sons of Zebedee. returned and found them sleeping. the 'place'. withdrew a stones throw away. prayed. angel strengthened him. disciples slept 18 Crossed the Kidron valley to an olive grove where he often met with his disciples
**Judas arrives with large armed crowd sent from the chief priests and elders (Mark adds and the teachers of the law). kisses him. Jesus seized. Judas arrives with a crowd. tries to kiss him. Jesus seized. Judas arrives leading a detachment of soldiers.
One of Jesus companions (Mark just says one standing near) cut off ear of servant of High Priest. (Mark adds a young man fled naked) Peter cuts off right ear of Malchus servant of high priest. Jesus arrested.
Taken to Annas father-in-law of Caiaphas. questioned by high priest.
**Taken to the High Priest Caiaphas where teachers of the law and the elders had assembled (Mark adds 'chief priests then assembled'). Chief Priests and whole Sanhedrin looked for evidence. Many testified (Mark adds that their statements did not agree). 2 witnesses said he had said 'I can destroy the temple of God and rebuild it in 3 days' or (according to Mark) 'I will destroy this man-made temple and in 3 days build another not made by man'. (Mark adds that even their testimony did not agree). you will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven. He is worthy of death. House of high priest. sent to Caiaphas.
**Peter denies him. Peter denies him. soldiers guarding Jesus mock and beat him Peter in courtyard of high priest denies him.
**27 early morning. chief priests come a decision (Matthew adds to put Jesus to death) sends him to Pilate daybreak. council of elders met and Jesus was led before them. are you the Christ. From now on the Son of man will be seated at the right hand of the mighty God. 'Are you the son of God?' 'I am'. We have heard it from his own lips. Led him away to hand him over to Pilate.
Judas throws blood money into temple and went and hanged himself. 30 silver coins used to purchase a burial place (potters field/field of blood)[¶ 5]
23 Whole assembly led Jesus to Pilate and accused him of subverting the nation, opposing paying taxes to Caesar, and claiming to be the Christ a king. Taken to Palace of Pilate. early morning. Pilate came out to them. (Jews avoided entering to avoid ceremonial uncleanness so they could still eat the Passover).
Stood before the governor. "Are you the King of the Jews"? "It is as you say". Are you the king of the Jews. It is as you say. went back in and questioned Jesus. Are you the king of the Jews? Is that your own idea? Am I a Jew? What have you done? My kingdom is not of this world. You are a king then! You are right in saying I am a king. I came into the world to testify to the truth. Everyone of the truth listens to me. What is truth?
Pilate announces that he finds no basis for a charge. Jews say He stirs up the people. He started in Galilee and came all the way here.
**When accused by the chief Priests he gave no reply. (Mark says the Chief Priests accused him of many things) Taken to Herod who was in Jerusalem at that time. Plied with questions. Vehemently accused by chief Priests. Jesus gave him no answer. Dressed in scarlet robe. mocked.
Matthew says Pilate asked don't you hear the testimony they are bringing against you? (Mark says Pilate asked Arent you going to answer? See how many things they accuse you of). Jesus still made no reply. Pilate greatly amazed. (Mark says The crowd went to Pilate asking him to do for them what he usually did.). Who do you want me to release? Crowd demands Barabbas. sent back to Pilate. Pilate calls together the chief priests, rulers, & people. Announces (first time?) that neither he nor Herod finds any basis for a charge of inciting rebellion. Pilate offers to punish then release Jesus. Crowd demands release of Barabbas. Went back out to the Jews & offers to release Jesus. Jews ask for Barabbas to be released instead
19 Pilate flogs Jesus. soldiers make crown of thorns. clothe him in scarlet robe. 'hail king of the Jews'. struck him in face.
Pilate appeals to them again (second time?). Crowd shouts 'crucify him'. Again Pilate goes out to the Jews & offers to release him. Jesus came out wearing the robe and crown. behold the man. Told that he claimed to be the son of God. Pilate afraid.
back inside. questions Jesus. From then on Pilate tried to set Jesus free. Jews (outside?) shouted 'anyone who claims to be a king opposes Caesar'.
**(Matthew adds While sitting at judges seat, Pilate's wife tells him about her dream and says he is innocent). Which of the 2 do you want me to release? Barabbas. What shall I do with Jesus? Crucify him. What crime has he committed? Crucify him. (Matthew adds that he washed his hands. All the people said let his blood be on us. Blood curse). Pilate releases Barabbas. Jesus flogged. Pilate speaks to them a third time. offers to release Jesus. Crowd demands he crucify him. releases the man in jail for insurrection and murder. When Pilate heard this he brought Jesus out. Pilate sits at judges seat at the stone pavement (Gabbatha). Preparation day. 6th hour. 'Here is your king'. We have no king except Caesar. hands Jesus over.
**Praetorium. scarlet robe. crown of thorns. mocked by soldiers.
**Simon of Cyrene (Mark adds father of Alexander and Rufus) forced to carry the cross to Golgotha which means 'place of the skull'. Simon of Cyrene carries cross to place called 'the skull'. weep for yourselves carries own cross to place of the skull (Golgotha).
**offered wine and myrrh (Matthew says gall and after tasting it) refused to drink. (Mark adds it was the third hour) crucified. Passion (Christianity) cast lots for his clothing[¶ 6]. (Matthew adds sitting down they kept watch over him) sign reads 'This is Jesus. The King of the Jews'. (Mark doesn't say 'this is Jesus') 2 robbers. one on right and one on left[¶ 7] insults heaped on him. crucified with 2 criminals. one on right and one on left. cast lots for his clothing. offered wine vinegar. sign read 'this is the king of the Jews'. 'you will be with me in paradise'. crucified with 2 others. one on each side. sign reads 'Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews'. outer garments divided into 4. undergarment cast lots for. mother. mother's sister Mary wife of Clopas. Magdalene. 'behold your son'.
**darkness from 6th to 9th hour (could not have been a solar eclipse since it was Passover. A lunar eclipse would not be visible till sundown (12th hour). Possibly a thunderstorm) It was then 6th hour. darkness till 9th hour. curtain torn in 2.
**At (Matthew says about) the 9th hour, Jesus cried out my God why have you forsaken me. Some said 'He's calling Elijah'. offered wine vinegar. others said 'let us see if Elijah saves him'. gave loud cry and died. Jesus says 'Father, into your hands I commit my spirit' then he 'breathed his last'. Later, 'I am thirsty'. drank wine vinegar. 'It is finished'. It was the day of preparation before special sabbath. broke legs of other 2. pierced Jesus with spear. John apparently witnessed it.
**curtain torn in 2.
earth shook. Rocks split. tombs opened. many dead raised to life.
**Centurion says 'surely he was a/the son of God'. women followers watching from afar were Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James and Joses, Salome (Matthew omits Salome and says instead 'mother of the sons of Zebedee') Centurion says 'surely this was a righteous man'. Women watching from a distance.
**(Marks says It was the Preparation day the day before the sabbath) so As evening approached (a rich man and Prominent member of council) Joseph of Arimathea who had become a disciple (mark says was awaiting the kingdom) buries him in his tomb. Both Mary's sitting opposite the tomb. Joseph from Arimathea (a member of the council) who had not consented to their action laid body in fresh tomb. It was Preparation day and Sabbath was about to start. Women saw the body was laid then went home and prepared spices Joseph of Arimathea (secret disciple) with Nicodemus laid body in new tomb in garden at place of crucifixion.
next day. day after the Preparation day, tomb sealed. guard posted the women rested on Sabbath.
**28 after sabbath. first day of week. Magdalene and the other Mary mother of James (Mark adds Salome) (Mark says bought spices) after sunrise to tomb 24 very early on first day of week took their spices to the tomb. 20 early on first day while still dark Magdalene went to the tomb.
earthquake, angel descends from heaven and rolls away stone and sat on it (perhaps this was inferred from marks on the stone). guards pass out. (whether this was actually observed or just inferred, afterward, from the evidence is unclear. it could also conceivably have been a dream/vision)
the women found the stone rolled away. entered tomb but didn't find body. 2 men in white suddenly appeared beside them. told 'he has risen. (See Resurrection of the dead). Remember how he told you while in Galilee that the Son of man must be crucified and raised'. women tell the eleven and all the others about all these things but aren't believed. Magdalene, Joanna, Mary mother of James and others with them who told this to the APOSTLES. found stone rolled away. Mary Magdalene ran and told Peter and the other disciple that they had taken the Lord out of the tomb.
Peter ran to tomb but saw only the strips of linen. the other disciple runs to tomb and sees strips of linen but doesn't enter. Peter arrives and enters tomb and sees strips of linen and burial cloth. the other disciple enters tomb. Disciples leave
The Angel tells them to come see the place where he lay then tell the disciples that He has risen just as he said and he goes before you to Galilee. Mary stays at tomb. sees 2 angels in tomb
**(Mark says they wondered who would roll the very large stone away but found it open. entering the tomb they saw a young man dressed in white sitting on the right. told he is risen. See the place they laid him. Tell his disciples and Peter that he is going ahead of you to Galilee and there you will see him just as he told you. They said nothing to anyone because they were afraid. (Many early manuscripts end at this point)
Women leave but meet Jesus. Noli me tangere He tells them to tell his brothers to go to Galilee and there they will see him. & then turned and saw Jesus. told to tell his brothers that he is returning to my & your father & God. Mary Magdalene tells disciples that she had seen the Lord and what he told her.
**(Mark says that when Jesus rose early on the first day he appeared to Mary Magdalene. she told those mourning but they didn't believe.
While the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests. Soldiers offered money to say the disciples stole him while they slept.
**(Mark says Afterward, Jesus appeared in a different form (explaining why they did not recognize him?) to 2 walking in the country. they returned and reported it but weren't believed) same day. Cleopas[¶ 8] and one other going to village of Emmaus 7 miles from Jerusalem on the third day meet Jesus. they did not recognize him till near evening. They said that the women had told them about a vision of angels. returned to Jerusalem and found the eleven and those with them. were told that Jesus had appeared to Simon(??!!) (perhaps they assumed that Peter was present when Mary saw him)
**(Mark says Later Jesus appeared to them as they were eating. rebukes them for their lack of faith) While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself appears before them. thought he was a ghost. told to stay in Jerusalem till clothed with power from on high. evening of first day Jesus appears among the disciples behind locked door. Gives the Holy Spirit.
A week later he appears to all with Thomas present. Jesus did many other 'signs' but these are written so you may believe.
the mountain in Galilee. disciples see Jesus. Great Commission Jesus appears for third time to his disciples on shore of sea of Tiberius as the disciples fish. Miraculous Draught of Fish. 'fed my sheep'. 'if I will that he (the Beloved Disciple) tarry till I come'. This is the disciple that testifies to these things.
**(Mark says Jesus taken up into heaven) Jesus leads them to Bethany. (apparently the Mount of Olives) 40th day It is not for you to know the times or dates but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. taken up into heaven. 2 men dressed in white say why do you stand gazing into the sky? He will come back in the same way that you have seen him go. (See Second Coming). returned to Jerusalem. stayed continually in the temple.


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