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A selected image from my contributions -
for the week ofApril 25th, 2010
SFOBB Eastern Span replacement progress, April 20, 2010
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For your high quality photos and breath-taking panoramas, I award you this Photographer's Barnstar. •Zhatt• 17:39, July 29, 2005 (UTC)

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I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license version 1.0 and version 2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under the Creative Commons terms, please check the CC dual-license and Multi-licensing guides.

Note: any images that I have uploaded under license {{cc-sa}}, {{cc-by-sa}}, or {{PD-self}} may be uploaded to the creative commons without further permission - hereby granted explicitly. Please include textual information with the upload.

Favorite quotes:[edit]

  • "The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry"[1]
  • "[Leonard], you worry too much! " [2]
  • "Don't worry - be happy." [3]
  • "What, me worry? " [4]
  • "Don't worry, my dog found the chainsaw " [5]

  1. William F. Buckley, Jr.
  2. Grandmaster Byong Hong Yu, my taekwando master.
  3. Meher Baba - spiritual leader of my late and beloved next door neighbors.
  4. Alfred E. Neuman - the gapped toothed mascot of Mad Magazine, a periodical reflective of (and reenforcing) the cultural reaction against post-war conformity that ultimately enabled the massive protests against the Viet Nam War and the downfall of United States Presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and (as a consequence of the Watergate scandal and the bombing of Cambodia) Richard Millhouse Nixon.
  5. From the animated film Lilo & Stitch

Did you know... main page featured new articles[edit]

A recent complete minor article
Admiral Julián Irízar
A translation from the Spanish article
A recent complete article
ARA Uruguay
a Did you know...? featured article
A recent complete minor article
Polygraph (duplicating device),
a Did you know...? featured article
A recently refined and completed major article
Hayward Fault Zone
A recent complete article - Chinese copy method, now (without illustrations) here
A recent stub (a work in progress) - Trains in art
A recent complete minor article
Machine Age
A recent complete minor article
Utah Road 400
with related creation of the minor articles Cottonwood Canyon, Utah and Grosvenor Arch and contributions to Kodachrome Basin State Park
A recent complete minor article
Solar tracker

Concerning Deletionists[edit]

Deletionists not only want to delete articles, now they want to hide the remnants of evidence of the inappropriateness of such deletions, as evidenced by their attempts to delete the article Deletionpedia (see Talk:Deletionpedia. I have little understanding of what motivates deletionists but I have seen indications of their personalities (masked in high mindedness) that are somewhat disturbing, and even often reflected in their self-important or threatening user names. My personal opinion is that they do it for the sport of it, not for any realistic sense of "improvement" to WP. If they were at all consistent they would go after the hundreds of Pokemon articles, but probably would not want to stir up that hornets' nest. Instead they pick on minor but difficult to substantiate articles such as Chinese copy method.

Topics of interest and some knowledge[edit]

  • Aviation - light aircraft and sailplanes.
  • Battery electric automobiles and light trucks and their construction and conversion from ICE vehicles.
  • Energy conservation and alternative sources.
  • Mount Diablo (in central CA).
  • Photovoltaic on-grid (net metering) household solar power.
  • Roof water recovery and storage for two season climate regions.
  • Top bar hives for beekeeping in developed countries.
  • U.S. Naval aircraft of the 1950's and 1960's. Have historic info and pictures.

I am willing to take and submit requested photographs in my area (greater San Francisco Bay area and Contra Costa county).

Major articles created or with substantial expansion or rewrite[edit]

The fireboat Guardian
Red-cyan anaglyph image

Minor articles created or enhanced with substantial expansion or rewrite[edit]

At Wuhan
Pressure gauge - Indicator Side
Mechanical Side
Mechanical Details
Slotted waveguide antenna (highlighted)

Works in progress:[edit]

Major contributions:[edit]

Substantial article enhancements:[edit]

The West Wind, a marble sculpture

Disambiguation enhancements:[edit]

  • Loge (theater seating)
  • Slip (woman's clothing, ceramics, aeronautics)
  • Sundowner (vehicle, herder, resthome resident)

Image with associated text contributions to the following articles:[edit]

Diagram of a Crookes tube apparatus
Schematic cross section of a caisson
Diana and Pomona grace a Beaux Arts facade
A garden pool at the mansion Filoli
Youth learn to sail at the Mystic Seaport
Platybelodon skeleton, mounted, Wuhan, China
Shay locomotive accessories annotated

Minor contributions[edit]

Text added to image descriptions[edit]


English translations of technical diagrams found on commons[edit]

Quotation contributions:[edit]

Some more images[edit]

View of Mt. Diablo and part of the Diablo Valley from Dinosaur Hill Park
Treasure Island offers spectacular views of San Francisco in good weather
Vancouver's Urban Skyline
Toronto's Urban Skyline
A concert of Tang Dynasty Music at Wuhan
Cruising the Kiel canal

Featured selected images gallery by week[edit]

(Images include those uploaded directly to Commons, but all have been incorporated into English Wikipedia articles)





September 7th
Portrait of Cosimo I de Medici
September 14th
Eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
September 21st
Portrait of Maffeo Barberini by Lorenzo Otoni
September 28th
Interior stairs of San Francisco City Hall
October 5th
Sonora, a shay locomotive
October 12th
Wrightspeed X1 technical view
October 26th
Stamp mill (Californian type)
November 2nd
The green roof of the California Academy of Sciences
November 9th
Stamp mill details (Californian type)
November 16th
Trabant stretch limousine
November 30th
Uluru at dawn
December 14th
Uluru-Kata_Tjuta N.P.(enhanced image)
December 21st
Southern Cassowary (enhanced image)
December 28th
Tiger Quoll in Tasmania


February 21st– March 15th: Overland Telegraph building, Alice Springs, N. T.
March 22nd– March 29th
Railway Barge slip headworks
March 29th
Railway Barge slip headworks
December 22nd, 2009
Face of Brüggen Glacier