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'Upper Bittell', 2005.


Leonig Mig has made the judgement that many of the editors who spend their free time deleting articles would do better spending their time adding content instead. The only things which should be removed are things which are factually wrong.

Current Interests[edit]

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Leonig Mig[edit]

Leonig Mig is an excellent pseudonym for someone to use online. It is such a stupid name nobody would have it for real, so it allows to keep track of everything. I starting using wikipedia at university to get general overviews on subjects when starting specific bits of research. After a time I found myself editing inaccuracies, but more frequently improving on little bits of style here and there. I have written a series of articles about the area I grew up and contribute a bit here and there.

Articles Contributed.[edit]

Cofton Church, 2005.

North Worcestershire.

Transport and Industry.


Faust checking the sign of the macrocosm shizzle.