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Wiki markup[edit]

  • Wiki Markup
  • Date in DMY form, {{Start date|1981|03|14|df=y}}
  • Abbreviations, {{abbr|WHO|World Health Organization}}.
  • Emphasis - The vaccine is {{em|not}} a cure.
  • Unbulleted lists, use {{Unbulleted list|Example 1|Example 2|Example 3}} or [[Template:Plainlist|Plainlist]]
  • Approximately, the abbreviation c. (followed by a space and not italicized) is preferred. Use template c.</nowiki>.
  • Interlanguage link
  • Difference between revisions - [[Special:Diff/406294061]] = Special:Diff/406294061
  • Convert units.
    • Adding adj=mid inserts a hyphen. Eg, {{convert|23|m|ft|adj=mid}} = 23-metre (75 ft) & {{convert|23|m|0|adj=mid|-long}} = 23-metre-long (75 ft).
    • Range - {{convert|137|-|156|cm|in}} = 137–156 centimetres (54–61 in)
    • Flip units - add order=flip to flip the units around. <code>{{convert|23|m|ft|order=flip}} = 75 feet (23 m)
  • To delete a subpage, put {{db-u1}} at the top.
  • Anchors
    • == <span id="Foo-Name"></span> Foo ==
    • == {{anchor|Play}} Header with an anchor template ==
  • {{One other topic}}


  • Archives and preventing linkrot - citing sources
    • If url has been usurped for spam, dead-url=usurped
  • Good reference/footnote explanation, Help:Footnotes
  • Cite web in detail
  • To add a translation of a title to a reference, use '|trans-title='
    • Language symbol, {{link language|arm}} = (in Armenian)
    • List of languages, Current codes
  • If there's no author
    • author=<!--Not stated-->
    • {{cite news |author=<!--Staff writer(s); no by-line.--> }}
  • YouTube reference, {{YouTube|id=FhWKSoh_4sI|title="title of video"}}
  • Access
    • |url-access=subscription
    • |url-access=registration
    • |url-access=limited
  • To check reliability, Reliable sources noticeboard
  • {{find sources|ARTICLE TITLE}}
  • {{IMDb title | ####### | Title | Description (optional) }} or {{IMDb name | 0000008 | Marlon Brando | section= bio }}

Find sources[edit]

  •; {{ via=[[]]}}{{free access}}
  • HighBeam; {{ url-access=subscription |via=[[HighBeam Research]]}}
  • Chronicling America, digital newspapers
  • NYT archive
  • Google scanned newspapers
    • Normal google web search, has custom date ranges back to 1970.
      • Scanned newspapers, type "Search term (w/ or w/out quotes)
    • Exclusion: -wiki* -trip* -visit* -expedia -cheap* -orbitz -booking -geneal* -hotel* -cruise* -flickr -facebook -youtube -pink -linkedin -revolvy
  • Virtual history, for films and actors

Things to do[edit]

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