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Good morning! My name is Stephen. I have a master's degree in history and am currently pursuing a PhD in Russian language and literature. I joined Wikipedia on April 12, 2004. My interests here include the history and literature of Europe (specifically Russia, France, and Belgium), linguistics, and music.

Le roi fronça le sourcil, regarda la signature du placet et vit le nom écrit ainsi : Lesgle. Cette orthographe peu bonapartiste toucha le roi et il commença à sourire. Sire, reprit l'homme au placet, j'ai pour ancêtre un valet de chiens, surnommé Lesgueules. Ce surnom a fait mon nom. Je m'appelle Lesgueules, par contraction Lesgle, et par corruption L'Aigle. — Ceci fit que le roi acheva son sourire.Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, III.4.1.

The first time I used this name, through inadvertence I added an s, and that spelling has stuck. Either way, it is pronounced [lɛgl].

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Stolbny Island in a color photograph by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, c. 1910

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