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Hello! Welcome to my page. Any message is welcome on my talk page. For my babel, click here Also, if you need a sandbox, I have one here. You are very welcome to use it.


I figured that if I put my wikiphilosophy on my user page it might make the other side of the argument understand my views more. (See above link for summary of meanings) I am: All words that describe the level (moderate, extreme) are the meanings from the above link)

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Thank you for reverting the personal attacks off of my talk page before even I could do them warrior4321 03:37, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

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List of Wikiphilosophies What They Mean
Moderate Eventualist see link
Moderate Statusquoism see link
Darwinian see link
Communitist This essay best describes it.
  • Trolls and other problem users should be banned and done with.
  • Excuse for system administrators to practice ostracism.
  • A former troll has a lot to prove if he/she wants to ever be allowed to contribute again.
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • Edit wars considered harmful. They are also childish and pointless.
  • Edit wars poison the page history, flood recent changes, and disrupt other editors.
  • A user who finds his/her edits reverted by the same user persistantly should walk away and let others handle the situation - they will decide what edits were more suitable for the page.
Admins are janitors
  • Adminship is just another job
  • The majority of work an Admin needs to do has no reflection on experience or ethical standards. Expecting them to follow any special standards (except for misuse of their privileges) demonstrates a misunderstanding of their role.
Neutralist Neutrality should never be compromised
Semi-Factionist see link
Mergist see link
Metapedianist see link