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Lewber Born 24/11/1973 Greece

Lewber is a legend 5 - side soccer player, currently plying his trade with real sweet in the north east district 5 - a side league, friends include the well known spanish 5 - aside player at Malaga spirits milafranco scantatilianoski.

Lewbwers claim to fame is a an under 16's Greece international call up in which he played along side stelios of Hull City FC. Lewbers career drastically spiralled out of control after this call up, after fame went to his head and he demended a place in the Greece international 1st team.He was dropped from the squad and susequently became depressed and addicted to female hormone tablets. After two year of tablet abuse at 18 he got his career back on track with a trial at Halifax Town of the English 3rd devision. This trial however did not go to plan when in mid warm up during training Lewber was attacked by a crazed seagull. Lewber then became a recluse living back in his native in which declared that he could no longer play football or go the beach due to his phobia of seagulls.

At 23 year old Lewber caught his break when playing 5 aside, when he was spooted by Real Sweet manager sam richardson who could see the potential, He then moved to Engalnd to satrt his career with Real Sweet where he has become a legend in his own right after 3000 Appearences and 4000 Goals.