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This is a Wikipedia user page and as such can only be edited by the user who the page is for, and admins. Any other edits are vandalism, and is a Wikipedia offence.

User: Deathrocker Commiting Serial Vandalism And Personal Attacks[edit]

I have compiled a list below of seperate incidents that invovle Deathrocker. Some of theese are old news, some have just past, and one happened concurrently immediatly after the user was unblocked. I feel unfailry blamnmed by as an instigator and trouble maker, and so i am offering proof to my case, as so i am not unfairly blamed solely for something, when i am only half the problem in the matter. I also wish to show that Deathrocker is a serial problem user, and kindness in shortening his ban was completely refuted by his deliberance in POV Pushing on articles while refusing to cite sources, and violating 3RR within hours of being unbanned. Ley Shade 21:35, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Gothic Music and Nu Metal (Banned By Admin Sceptre)[edit]

This was a problem i had with Deathrocker who was openly vandalisng musical articles including blanking, reverting any edit made to articles, POV pushing, ignoring WP:NPOV, personal attacks in edit summaries, and possible internet trolling.

Below is a revert war i had been involved in with this user, [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21], [22], [23], [24], [25], [26], [27], [28], [29], [30], [31], [32], [33], [34].

I stopped during this point to make comment twice on the articles talk page to the user, asking for co-operation and discussion of changes in line with Wikipedia policys, and also provided the NPOV tutorial and explained deliberatly blanking pages is vandalism, [35], [36].

I went on to make several minor edits to the article over an hour to make it less biased to any view, the cumulation of those efforts being here [37]. Immediatly the user went back to vandalisng the page starting another revert war, using the edit summaries for personal attacks, [38], [39], [40], [41], [42], [43], [44], [45], [46].

The user then went on to try to delete the article by claiming a merger when there was no dispute on this, which i reverted due to it being vandalism [47], [48]. This was a bad veiling though as the user never merged the articles, and instead redirected Goth Music to Goth Rock instead [49].

This user did not stop at the Gothic Music article though, he also went on to incite a revert war on the Nu Metal article, removing sourced information that User:WesleyDodds, a respectable and highly experienced user involved with the article reverted. [50], [51], [52], [53]. This user then went on to vandalise the page using blanking and internet trolling methods, ignoring NPOV, and i quote in this paticulat edit summary saying You are a prick to myself [54], the edit war is on these diffs, [55], [56], [57], [58], [59], [60], [61], [62], [63], [64], [65], [66].

Deathrocker ignored all offers to work peacefully and was instistant on blanking articles that dont agree solely with his POV, and then Deleting them through a paper trail of redirects when admins pointed out he cannot force his POV on them.

Moi Dix Mois and Gothic Metal (Short ban by Admin WooWhoKitty)[edit]

Recently the user added an infobox to the article for the band Moi dix mois, [67].

I corrected some gramma and restored the genres to what they previously where, before Deathrocker changed them [68].

Deathrocker reverted this, marking the revert as minor [69].

After reverting their edit [70], i posted to Deathrocker on their talk page, making a polite request concering the article, aksing them not to start a revert war and to post to my talk page if they have a problem with my edits [71].

Deathrocker deleted this [72], and then went on to revert me, inciting a revert war and making personal attacks using the edit summary [73].

I reverted this, noting that i had asked him not to revert war, and noted id be informaing an admin [74].

He reverted me again, making yet more personal attacks in the edit summary [75].

I reverted this again with some neutral wording [76], which then a user seemingly in the intrest of ending the edit war changed it [77].

Deathrocker however immediatly went on to revert back to his copy, violating 3RR [78].

At this point, i reverted his version again, leaving the note that the neutral attempt was good, but wasnt in Wikipedia prose [79].

Deathrocker then went on to attack me on the Moi Dis Mois talk page calling me an idiot, [80], to which i responded [81], which he then went on to revert the Moi Dix Mois article calling me a troll 'unwilling to partake in discussion on the talk page' [82].

He has also attempted to edit what i have written to you, changing what i have written to insult me [83], which i reverted, noting the vandalism [84].

Deathrocker Biting Newbies, Violating 3RR within 12 hours of being unbanned, and many other policy violations (Banned by admin Sceptre)[edit]

Moi Dix Mois[edit]

An anon made a revert back to the version by myself, for whatever reason they might have [85].

Deathrocker decided to revert this back to 'his' version, not marking the revert (the user has also been caught bragging that if he doesnt mark edits as a revert, they dont count towards 3RR), [86].

The anon reverted this, [87], and Deathrocker set about reverting this again, making a personal attack in the edit summary which bit the newbie in violation of WP:BITE, [88], accusing the editor of being a sock puppet (Deathrocker made the same claim about Admin Sceptre when Sceptre blocked us both for 3RR violations before).

The anon again reverted this, [89], which Deathrocker went and violated 3RR for a second time in 24 hours, by reverting it again, [90].

These reverts persisted in violation of 3RR removing cited information, without any second thought on the basis that Deathrocker 'dislikes' gothic metal, and his claim that 'all anons on Wikipedia are socks of Leyasu', [91], [92], [93], [94], [95], [96], [97], [98], [99].

After some period of time, Deathrocker violated Admin rules by enforcing a Protection himself during yet another revert, in an attempt to force his POV onto the article [100].

He then went on to make personal attacks at both the anon and myself on the talk page, [101].

Gothic Metal[edit]

The anon reverted the revert on the article which Deathrocker performed after he was unbanned after 12 hours [102].

Deathrocker reverted it, claiming the newbie as a sock puppet, yet offered no proof [103].

The anon reverted this noting that Deathrocker was biting noobs [104].

Deathrocker also persisted in a revert war on Gothic Metal, violating 3RR here as well [105], the reason for removing it being 'lack of sources', even though the information is cited several times in the article.

These reverts and removel of citations continue, despite his 3RR ban, on the note of Deathrocker 'disliking' gothic metal,[106], [107], [108].

Heavy Metal Music[edit]

Deathrocker decided to vandalise the Heavy metal music article, which has been a featured article, declaring that 'his POV is the true POV and all others are disallowed' [109], [110].

This was noted by WesleyDodds, a English Major and user who works with me, Spearhead, and the Wikiproject Metal, to improve metal articles, with Deathrocker deciding to start a revert war with anon's and the Wikiproject Metal users, [111], [112], [113], [114], [115], [116], [117]. Despite all the reverting, the user Loudenvier said that Deathrocker was POV pushing and starting a revert war on a featured article, [118]. Another user noted that Deathrocker was violting WP:NPOV, as well, [119]. Deathrockers basic response to this was to say that everyone else is wrong, he is the only person who is right, and that Wikipedia's three core policys (WP:CITE, WP:NPOV, WP:NOR) dont apply to him, [120].

Selling Out[edit]

Deathrocker also performed a supposed 'NPOV Rewrite' of the selling out article, in which he again enforced his own POV on the article without sources [121].

User [[User:ScWizard[SCWizard]] reverted this, however [122].

Deathrocker went on to revert Wizard, [123].

User Nargos added a POV tag to the section Deathrocker was warring on, [124], to which Deathrocker removed because Nargos 'didnt have his permission' [125].

Nargos readded the tag and noted that Deathrocker was violating WP:NPOV and refusing to use the talk page [126], to which Deathrocker reverted this marking the edit as minor as part of his 'reverts not marked revert dont count towards 3RR' wikilawyering campaign [127].

An anon went on to readd the tage [128], and then Deathrocker reverted this calling them a vandal, openly violating WP:3RR, [129].

Nargos returned to revert Deathrocker, [130], but Deathrocker again reverted Nargos, persisting in a revert war [131], claiming it as a one-sided view (which is wrong considering 3 different people had reverted Deathrocker at this point).

Nargos again reverted Deathrocker, also editing the comedy section [132], but alas, Deathrocker reverted Nargos calling him a vandal [133].

This carrys on throughout a series of edits where Deathrocker proclaims any version except his are Wrong and Vandalism [134], [135], [136], [137], [138].

Addmitance to provoking people to violate policys to push POV on articles[edit]

Here Deathrocker admits to pushing myself to violate my parole so he can have me banned from Wikipedia, [139].

Personal attacks via edit summarys[edit]

Deathrocker has also used edit summarys for making direct personal attacks at myself, including calling me a liar, cunt, and shit [140], [141].

Admin Sceptre[edit]

Deathrocker also attemped to vandalise comments on Admin Sceptre's talk page, [142], due to Sceptre having previously banned Deathrocker for his serial violations of policy across articles.

User Leyasu[edit]

Deathrocker also vandalised my user page (Leyasu), [143].. Admin Sceptre reverted this himself, pointing out to Deathrocker that he cannot attack as being a 'sock puppeter' simply because Deathrocker cannot force his POV onto all articles, [144].

After Sceptre had removed it, Deathrocker readded it, claiming everyone was 'vandalising', [145].


Deathrocker left a message to the anon, accusing it of being me, saying 'stop trolling as usual', even though a check user request had failed on the accusation of accusing 'all anons on Wikipedia belong to Leyasu', [146].

Request for unblock by Wikilawyering and threatening admins[edit]

Request for unblock[edit]

After being blocked by admin Sceptre for a period of four days, the user Deathrocker chose to request an Unblock [147].

This was answered in kind by admin Rory96 telling Deathrocker he wasnt able to get an unblock without a reason, [148].

Deathrocker responced by Wikilawyering on the 3 Revert Rule policy of Wikipedia, and accusing admin Sceptre of abusing his administrator powers for blocking him [149].

Admin Tawker then told Deathrocker that this was another 3RR block in a short period of time, and that he was welcome to edit constructly when the block expired [150]. Admin Rory also seconded this, pointing out it was Deathrockers seventh ban for 3RR in a month and the extended block was justified [151].

Deathrocker responded again by trying to Wikilwayer p].

Admin Tawker politly told Deathrocker it was at the discrection of the Admin, and to just wait the 4 days to be unblocked, and removing the unblock tag[152].

Deathrocker refuted this, Wikilarywering and accusing admins Rory and Tawker of abusing their administrator powers, readding the unblock tag, [153].

Tawker again removed the unblock, telling Deathrocker that after Wikilawyering and accusing the admins of abusing their powers, he wasnt going to get an unblock, [154].

Deathrocker then readded the the tag, telling Tawker he wasnt allowed to remove it 'without his permission', and accusing admin Sceptre of abusing his powers again, [155].

Tawker then went on to tell Deathrocker that making personal attacks at the Admins wasnt going to get him an unblock either, [156].

At this point Admin Essjay answered the unblock, telling Deathrocker that it has been noted by many admins that he has tried to Wikilawyer his unblock, tried to personally attack and threaten admins into unblocking him, and has engaged in multiple attempts at disrupting Wikipedia. Admin Essjay also noted that if this behaviour continued, that he would extended the block by a week, while the ANI considered a permenant block, [157].

Deathrocker didnt learn from this and continued Wikilawyering and making personal attacks, now directing this behaviour at admin Essjay, [158].

Deathrocker then erased all the notices, openly violating policy on not removing admin warnings from user pages on his claim that 'policys dont affect me', [159].

Admin Freakofnature then reverted the removel per policy, [160].

Deathrocker then reverted admin Freakofnature, claiming vandalism and abuse of administrator powers by admin Freak, [161].

The admin reverted this again, [162].

Deathrocker then reverted again, claiming he is allowed to 3RR on his talk page, and that Freak was abusing admin powers,[163].

Freak didnt respond and just reverted again, [164].

Deahtrocker then reverted again, removing the information to try for another Unblock attempt, [165].

Sceptre reverted this, [166], which Deathrocker reverted again, [167].

Freak reverted, [168], Deathrocker pursued a revert war while claiming he should be unbanned from his serial 3RR ban, [169].

This revert war between Deathrocker and various admins as such continued, with Deathrocker repeatedly claiming abuse of administrator powers and ownership of the talk page, [170], [171], [172], [173], [174], [175].