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I am somewhat of a want-to-be Renaissance man; my interests are numerous and eclectic. Formally, I have a Ph.D. in bioorganic chemistry. Informally, I have studied/tinkered in multiple (mostly, "dead") languages and (mostly, modern) philosophies. I am very familiar with Biblical studies and mildly familiar with the Church Fathers. I have an extremely thorough understanding of English grammar and am somewhat obsessed with correct typography. Outside of intellectual endeavors, I love music (Who doesn't?) and outdoor activities — especially backpacking. I am currently employed in a chemical/biomolecular engineering lab as a programmer, working on modeling carbohydrates.

As far as my skill as a Wikipedian, I am probably above average but by no means an expert! Feel free to remind (or inform) me if needed of WP:POLICY, which I do my best to follow, and I'll respond in kind.

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Intein mechanism 
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