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Librarylefty's Wikipedia Philosophy[edit]

Librarylefty believes that properly fleshed out, yet unsourced articles, are more useful than skeletal, sourced articles, as long as there is consensus as to the accuracy of the material in an article. Librarylefty believes that users who desire for information to be sourced should source it themselves. Librarylefty does not believe in holding the submitter of information responsible for sourcing information unless the accuracy of the information is questioned. Librarylefty realizes that many users wish to submit information which they read at some point in the past, but do not have the source handy at the time they desire to submit it. As such, Librarylefty does not believe in deleting material simply because the submitter cannot find a source. Librarylefty also believes that articles should be well-written, and that in many cases this is a more important consideration than lack of citations.

That said, Librarylefty believes that articles on Wikipedia, and the information therein, should meet strict standards of notability. Librarylefty believes that much information contained in Wikipedia is not encyclopedic, especially on pop-culture topics. Also, Librarylefty believes that Wikipedia should not attempt to replicate all the information about movies, tv shows and music, that is freely available elsewhere on the internet at sites like,, and

Librarylefty does not believe in excessive tagging of articles. He believes it is preferrable for users to fix the flaws they identify with an article rather than to tag it and expect that other users will fix the flaws.