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I am a retired postgraduate information scientist (similar to a librarian), living in Waterbeach. I am interested in aviation history, was the Curator of a small military heritage museum in the village (RAF Waterbeach 1941 to 1966, Royal Engineers 1966 to 2012) and have published a book on the subject.

Formerly I was the Manager of the World Data Centre for Glaciology in the University of Cambridge, UK. While working there I created a series of webpages on the 1996 eruption under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland.

I also have a spare-time interest in the history of outdoor swimming venues - or Lidos - in the United Kingdom. I was first recruited to Wikipedia as an Expert editor on this subject (considered to be of value to Wikipedia because of their in-depth knowledge of a particular subject).

My username was suggested to me by Commons:User:Fæ / User:Fæ.

Seljavallalaug close-up.JPG

The photograph on the right is of a beautiful outdoor pool in Iceland, probably heated geothermally. Sadly I have not swum in this particular pool, though I did swim in another geothermal public pool near Reykjavík. Occasionally, in the summer, I swim in Lago di Bolsena while visiting Gradoli (VT), Italy. Up until 2012 my local lido was in Waterbeach Barracks.

I was born and brought up in London, and am therefore interested in London and London Transport articles.


Work in progress - links to current Army units[edit]

See my comment - at the WikiProject Military History on 6 January 2013 (UTC). In addition I have edited out all references to 2nd and 5th Divisions, mostly in Brigade articles. External links in the following articles changed so far:

Work in progress on Lidos (outdoor swimming pools) in the UK[edit]

If you would like to collaborate feel free to help with one of the tasks below and drop me a note on my talk page.

You may find this List of sources on lidos handy.

See also Books for a list of relevant books.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Lidos:
In-tray Project 2009:1 Articles to create - historic lidos
  • Hornsey, Park Road Pools, was Hornsey Lido (1929) usual source - brief mention added to Hornsey#History (reduce detail when new article exists)
  • Ealing Village Pool, a Grade II Listed pool on the Art Deco estate of Ealing Village (1934), Surprising there isn't an article on the latter. Use usual source and history. CCL photo here
In-tray Project 2009:2 Articles to check

Droitwich_Spa_Lido has article issues. Brief rewrite with new headings needed.

Commons:User:Fæ wrote
If the parent article seems long, it's not unreasonable to split off the swimming pool section as a new article. Note that the guidance of WP:CFORK applies.

Banbury Lido
Bourne Outdoor Swimming Pool - redirects to Abbey Lawn
Brightlingsea#Brightlingsea open air swimming pool
Chesham Moor - Gym & Swim in Chesham#Community facilities
Chudleigh#Swimming Pool
Filkins outdoor pool, Oxfordshire - see website
Gillingham, Kent#Sport - Strand Leisure Park
Letchworth Lido on Norton Common
Lydney#Sport.2C recreation and arts = Bathurst Swimming Pool
Richmond Pools on the Park (1966 Grade II listed lido) mentioned on Old Deer Park
Tonbridge swimming pool
In-tray Project 2009:3 Check articles on historic lidos cf. Janet's book
p.1, 90, 175 Sandford Parks Lido
p.14 Clifton Lido on Clifton Lido and The Victoria Public House
p.8, 33, 92 Jubilee Pool on Penzance#Main sights
p.20, 82 Guildford Lido
p.37 Ilkley Lido on Ilkley#Culture and attractions
p.39 Portishead Pool - see Portishead, Somerset#Portishead today
p.39 Stroud Pool on Stratford Park
p.45, 102 Hilsea Lido
p.46 Serpentine Lido on Serpentine (lake)#Swimming
p.46, 52 Tooting Bec Lido
p.76 Finchley Lido
p.50, 84 Stonehaven Open Air Pool
p.106 Uxbridge Lido
p.108 Tinside Pool
p.116 Peterborough Lido
p.138 Brockwell Lido
p.146 Saltdean Lido
p.158, 163 Ingleton Open Air Heated Swimming Pool - see Ingleton, North Yorkshire
p.159 Pells Pool
p.160 Cirencester Pool on Cirencester#Sport
p.161 Greenbank Pool - see Street, Somerset#Leisure
p.162 Hampton Heated Open Air Pool
p.164 Arundel Open Air Pool - not mentioned on Arundel
p.165 Chagford Swimming Pool - not mentioned on Chagford (Dartmoor NP)
p.165 Eversholt Pool - see Eversholt, Bedfordshire
p.167 Droitwich Spa Lido
p.171 Hampstead Ponds
p.172 Wotton Pool - see Wotton-under-Edge#Facilities
p.173 Oasis Swimming Pools
  • Broomhill Pool, Ipswich re-designed with local editors eg User:Broomhillsaved and User:Broomhill Pool Trust.
  • Article on Ruislip Lido tidied up, following Hillingdon Council's £1.5 million investment plans, just announced.
  • New page on Broom Hill Park drafted in User:Lidos/Sandbox - issued to Broomhill Park - note, Broomhill seems more widely used but I could be confusing Sheffield's Broomhill...
  • Create Beccles Lido - issued Beccles Lido
  • Invite external Yahoo group to review and contribute, OM has done this, little response
  • Fix Infobox to get coord data working again. Left msg asking for a fix on [[1]] - now fixed.
  • Cross-link from to Wikipedia articles - see

WP link webpage created by OM

General improvements to other pages (2009)

1. Lidos

. Check against
. Refine Category:Lidos
. Add better in-line sources
. Gravitate Lido di Venezia away from Lido as a shortcut using search with the aim of moving it over to the more commonly used sense
. Collate source list for reuse

2. Swimming pool - edit very US-centric page and add citations. Perhaps add something to Talk:Swimming pool first.

Note Talk:Swimming pool#lido

Article format, etc.

  • Add (WPnameofcounty|class=stub|importance=low) to Talk page of newly created articles, to maximise editorial comments and improvements. Again have made a start with this.
FAQ list progress 2/17 complete
  • 1: Oldest still open: sea-water Lymington (1833) freshwater Lewes (1860) - Lymington Lido created.
  • 2: Most Recent Chudleigh Swimming Pool, Devon (built 1997)
  • Green tickY3: Highest Attendance in one day Finchley Lido (1931-1992) - 11,962 on 11 July 1971 -- added but needs original source for verification.
  • Green tickY8: Noted Hilsea Lido as UK joint deepest. Problem is with both Hilsea and Broomhill being closed, where is the deepest pool still open? Usual source webpage needs updating...
  • Add convert template eg {{convert|220|x|72.5|ft|m}} to appropriate articles
Check articles on these closed or demolished pools
Ashford Green Corridor outdoor pool
Bowden Housteads Woods, Sheffield
Brookvale Park Lake
Bulmore Lido on Bulmore
Chorley outdoor pool
Clacton Pier
Cleveland Pools, Bath (see p.13 Smith)
Cold Knap, Barry, South Wales
Daventry#Modern times
King's Meadow swimming pool (see p.166 Smith)
Longley Park, Sheffield
Milford Haven#The 20th Century outdoor pool
North Berwick Harbour
Strathlene outdoor swimming pool on Buckie
Seven Sisters, Neath Port Talbot outdoor pool
South Shields open air pool
Surbiton Lagoon
Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex open air pool on Maxims Casino
Weston-super-Mare (Tropicana)
open air pools on History of Woking#Facilities 2
Other tasks (2009-10)
Confirm style guidance for addresses in lead text and apply consistently to all lido articles
Request peer reviews for best articles
Request suitable interesting photos to be released onto Wikimedia Commons for use in the articles, perhaps using Flickr Group on Lidos
Completed archive

About this Wikipedia account[edit]

Though my Lido interests are quite specific, I have no other motives for setting up this account and I was made aware of the guidance of Wikipedia:Single-purpose account.

It should be noted that I have a personal friendship with Commons:User:Fæ.