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Hi, I'm Eric, I'm from Germiston, Gauteng in South Africa.

I'm not going to write much about myself, my userboxes are more than enough

About Me
Nationality and Ancestry
Flag of South Africa.svg This user comes from South Africa.
World citizen badge.png This user is a Citizen of the World.
Triskele-hollow-triangle.svg This user is proud to be Celtic.
Four Provinces Flag.svg This user is of Irish ancestry.
This user is of Scottish ancestry.
Gael This person is proud of the blood of the ancient Gaelic clanna which flows through their veins, and is a modern Gael.
Political Views
Circle-A red star.svg This user is a real anarchist.
Antired.PNG This user is a post-left anarchist.

This user is an Anarchist who believes violence is incompatible with the principles of Anarchism.
Peace symbol.svg
Anarchist logo.svg
This user is a supporter of the anarchist movement, but not of the violent stereotypes often placed on them.
Capitalism graffiti luebeck.jpg This user wonders how this can be a free country when everything is for sale.
Anti-capitalism color.gif
This user is an Anarchist who believes capitalism is incompatible with the principles of Anarchism.
Anti-capitalism color.gif
This user believes that capitalism is an inherently unjust system, and that humans can do better.
lib This user is a liberal.
Leaf 1 web.jpg This user is an environmentalist.
A sunflower-Edited.png This user is an anti-consumerist.
Cela.jpg This user believes if voting changed anything, it would be made illegal.
Vote icon.svg This user believes in a non-partisan, direct democracy.
Red flag II.svg This user wants to tax the rich to provide health care, education and welfare for everyone. $ £
¥ €
NHS NNUH entrance.jpg
This user supports
universal health care.


Toroencorrida.JPG This user thinks that bullfighting should be extinct.

LocationWorld (green, small).png This user supports illegal immigrants and the right to travel freely upon the planet we share. (S)he strongly opposes mandatory detention for refugees.
Balanced scales.svg
This user supports Jury Nullification.
Recycle001.svg This user supports recycling.
Global warming ubx.svg
This user wants to stop
global warming
Aiga railtransportation 25.svg This user supports public transit.
This user supports protection of the environment.
Radiation warning symbol.svg This user supports the use of nuclear energy. Radiation warning symbol.svg
Urbine221dc.jpg This user supports the
use of green energy.
Mafate Marla solar panel dsc00633.jpg
This user supports youth rights.
This user believes race does not exist except as an oppressive social construct and will oppose racism by any means necessary.
PC This user is pro-choice.
Macro cannabis bud.jpg This user is pro-cannabis.
Dove-icon.gif This user is in favor of gun control.
Female.svg This male user supports feminism.
Female.svgMale.svg This user supports gender equality.
Male.svg This user is a masculist.
Gay flag.svg This user supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of religion and state.* ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
School Lunch Programs.gif This user is against compulsory state sanctioned prayer in public schools.
Candleburning.jpg This user supports Amnesty International.
No death penalty.svg This user believes that the death penalty should never be used.*
Camouflage.svg This user is against involuntary military service.
1933-may-10-berlin-book-burning.JPG This user finds censorship offensive.
Brain mechanism.svg
This user knows that the mainstream media is just a brainwashing tool.
Anti-monarchy.png This user is against Monarchy.

Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild.svg This user is highly against nazism.
This user thinks nationalism is outdated.
Anti-NATO sign.svg This user opposes NATO Anti-NATO sign.svg
Pt-76 afv.jpg This user opposes Imperialism.
No Pro-West Stereotype.jpg This user opposes the use of the pro-West stereotype No Pro-West Stereotype.jpg
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user believes in a zero-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
Gandhi August 1944.jpg This user believes in the power of nonviolence.
Peace symbol.svg All this user is saying is give peace a chance.
Peace symbol.svg This user advocates pacifism.
Flag of Iraq.svg This user recognizes the right of Iraqis to resist occupation.
Peace symbol.svg This user knows that there are
2,000,000 reasons why the
2003 invasion of Iraq was wrong.
Halliburton logo.svg This user does not support the troops in Iraq. AbuGhraibAbuse-standing-on-box.jpg
Male.svg This user is a male.
teen This user is a teenager, not a stereotype.
Y This user is a member of
Generation Y.
Animal print T.jpg This user has brown hair.
This user has Hazel eyes.
LeftHand 2.png
This user is left-handed.
Mixed-handed-left.png This user is mixed-handed. Mixed-handed-right.png
Userbox-single.svg This user is single.
Water drop.svg This user has depression.
Oogknipper.gif This user has insomnia.
:) This user is an optimist. This user has an irrational fear of insects.
Man sleeping striped-sheets.JPG WARNING! This user sleeps a lot.
[] This user's favourite colour is black.

:( This user is melancholy.
Views on Religion
ScarletLetter.svg This user is an atheist.

Hubble ultra deep field.jpg This user believes that the Universe began with a bang.
Lq-dna.png This user understands biological evolution.
Compost after about 18 months (4929252905).jpg This user feels that most of "life after death" bears an intriguing resemblance to compost.
Non aux religions.png This user believes the world would be a happier, safer and saner place without religion.
MonWheel.jpg This user is interested in religion as an anthropological and historical phenomenon.
This user is interested in religion as a sociological and psychological phenomenon.
Earth flag PD.jpg This user respects the beliefs and religions of others.
V This user is a vegetarian.

LOP This user is a Lacto-Ovo Pescetarian
Pikilia.JPG This user loves food in moderation.
Coffee cup icon.jpg This user drinks coffee.

User:EliminatorJR/Userboxes/Curry Addict

Quater note on 2nd line.png This user knows basic
music theory.
🎸 This user plays the guitar.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes grunge music.
Smallmetalsign.png This user enjoys
heavy metal music.
Crystal alternative rock.png This user enjoys indie rock.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes alternative rock.
EMO This user enjoys listening to emo music, but probably has a different interpretation of what 'emo' is than you do.
KemetismSymbol.PNG This user is doomed to love goth music.
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user appreciates real punk music.
HumanismSymbol.PNG This user is a humanist.
UFO template.svg This user is a skeptic.
Writing the Declaration of Independence 1776 cph.3g09904.jpg This user believes that all men are created equal.
AllisvanitySquare.jpg This user is interested in the belief that death is an acceptable part of life.
PollockSquare.jpg This user thinks that abstractions cannot hurt anybody.
G.W.F. Hegel (by Sichling, after Sebbers).jpg
This user is interested in Philosophy, particularly later modern Western philosophy
Marx color2.jpg
Kierkegaard.jpg This user is interested in existentialism.
Athletics pictogram.svg This user is a runner.
Swimming pictogram.svg This user is a swimmer.
Surfing in Hawaii.jpg This user is a surfer.
Laufrad-campa-vento.jpg This user is a proud cyclist.
Flag of South Africa.svg Bokke !
This user supports the
LIO This user supports The Lions.
Ulster.gif This user is an Ulster Rugby fan
Irish football.png This user is a fan of Irish football.
CFC This user supports Chelsea F.C.
Flag of South Africa.svg This user supports the South African cricket team.