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Looking for userboxes that I made? Look here! Feel free to use them if you want! If you wish, you may edit them, just so long as the userbox still has the same purpose and meaning.
Looking for personal templates of mine? Look here! Feel free to use them! (Click here to see a list of topicons I have made.)
Looking for books I have made with Special:Book? Look here! Feel free to read them and stuff!

Want to contact me via email?[edit]

You may email me at (or click here to email me via Wikipedia's email interface). Please note that:

  • I can block a message from even reaching my email box via a variety of options, including blocking it by the From header. This spam email filter is where the spammers will go, so don't try spamming me!
    • I reserve the right to block any email address from reaching my inbox for any reason and without warning. This includes a admin's email address. I will usually not do this without a reason, however.
  • I request that you please mark your email as a email from a Wikipedia user, or whatever project you are [most] active on, such as WikiSource, and please include what your Wiki* username is, so that I can respond to you via the wiki instead of email if needed.

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This WikiProject aims to organize, expand and improve all Wikipedia's Templates and well as create new ones. Templates are the backbone of Wikipedia. We aim to facilitate the using and editing of items that are common to many of Wikipedia's Articles and make it easy for users to create their own templates.

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