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Unfortunately, Wikipedia is too aristocratic. Instead of openness, it is now dominated by cliques whose goal is to block their opponents using administrative power, which is held by life-peers who are only appointed after proving that they lack any independent thinking. ArbCom is a joke, the top tiers of administrators is entirely composed of genuinely shitty people, and I am ashamed that it took me so long to become aware of this.

I tried to fix the shabby treatement of Brews ohare, an engineering professor who was banned from physics topics for talking too much about the speed of light, and who was then ganged up on administratively, and he ended up blocked every other day. I figured that some handshaking and politicking would solve the problem, but the ArbCom decided not to budge, and the editors involved were nasty and irresponsible. The experience was so reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, that I am certain that the project is not salvagable. I will transfer all content that I wrote to Citizendium, and will no longer participate here.

I have issues with Citizendium--- I prefer the lack of censorship here, and I like fighting and I am suspicious of experts. But the consensus method is not viable for producing a framework for moving technical articles forward (Look at Godel's incompleteness theorems). Bye bye. Hope to see the editors (not the admins) at Citizendium.


Mostly me: Ising model, Schrödinger field, Adiabatic invariant, Kinetic proofreading, Higgs mechanism, Kinetic momentum,Velocity-addition formula,

Added mathematical stuff: Matrix mechanics, Path integral formulation, Unruh radiation, Hawking radiation, Large extra dimension, Goldstone boson, Mermin-Wagner theorem, Spin-statistics theorem

Not so mathematical stuff: Hole argument, Isospin, Correspondence principle, Mass–energy equivalence, Bohr model, Uncertainty principle, Bose–Einstein condensate, Order-disorder, Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems, Schwinger's variational principle, Superrationality, White hole, Freiling's axiom of symmetry, Non-measurable set

Stuff that Died

Gödel's incompleteness theorems --- simple proof.
Continuum hypothesis --- independence proof sketch.

Deleted for frivolous reasons

Archimedes Plutonium— this article has been repeatedly deleted despite no consensus.


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