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About me[edit]

Hello my name is Lil-unique1 and this is my wiki-home page. It's still a work in progress so mind the mess please. LOL

  • I am a fan of: Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.
  • I am a twenty-something from the United Kingdom and strongly advocate British English - as a native speaker of English.
    • American English is not a language, it is a dialect.
  • I support wikipedia consensus and policy.
  • I edit mainly music-related articles.
  • I have been editing for a long time and so have a good knowledge of music policy on wikipedia though I am first to admit I'm not an expert.
  • I refuse to deal with editors who are uncivil.
  • I am a reasonable person so I'd rather talk about problems and come to a peaceful resolution.
  • According to figures seen here I'm the 2723rd most active wikipedian.

Alicia Keys: The Freedom Tour[edit]

To put it politely... the concert was fucking awesome! LOL. The O2 was packed, not a single empty seat in sight. The support act, Melonie Fionna was good. She played 30 mins and warmed the crowd up well. keys was amazing (see the setlist below). She Was electrifying on every song. She started the tour in cage and to say she's not really a dancer there was slick choreography throughout. "Fallin'" was excellently performed with such a calm soulful smooth velvety arrangement. She shined most from track seven which the big instruments were stripped away. "Pray for Forgivness" and "Diary" seamlessly blended into a stellar piano ensamble. It makes you wonder why "PfF" was never included on standard tracklisting. The live peformance is screaming to be released.

The other electrifying moment came from the segued peformances of "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart" and "Unthinkable". "TSwaBH" started off acapella and then went very synthy as Keys graced the stage with her keyboard. And she turned the bass right up. The whole atmosphere vibrated as she belted out the number clearly outsinging every other artist in the industry. The last set of "No One / Doens't Mean Anything / Empire State of Mind p2" were beyond amazing. Everyone sang along to them and to be frank it was the perfect end to the perfect concert. In my opinion she is the BEST voice in the industry as well as the overall greatest artist currently recording. She is so down to earth, she has an epic stage presence, natural beauty and she was able to captivate a whole audience for 1hr 30mins and get the whole auditorium on their feet. Quite a few people burst in tears. And JLS were even on hand (in the VIP Box). All in all 5/5 stars.