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I concentrate on typos and general fixes and some copyediting, often using WP:AWB as it allows more corrections per edit per time spent. I do not really want to be involved with discussions, planning, decisions, and contentions. I am task-oriented and truly want to do the best job possible. If you have constructive criticism for me or information on how to improve my service to Wikipedia, please give it. I do make mistakes and want to know when I have made them.

My archived awards are here. What have I been up to lately? This.

Pet projects*[edit]

  • Searching odd combinations of words ordinarily not used in order to find typos:
"the have/has/have" (often should be "they have" or a noun is missing)
"a have" (often transposed from "have a", but also other errs)
"the with" (often transposed)
" the to " (finds "to the to the")
Botched infinitives ("to began", "to became", "to made", etc}
... and many similar others.
*Leaving these mistakes will not get your work copyedited by me

Links related to my work[edit]


The Signpost
28 October 2018