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I’m Mayo Fuster Morell. I was born in Oliva (Valencia), a small town in front of the Mediterranean sea, now my base is in Barcelona, but I intermittently move between Valencia, Rome, Florence, Berkeley and Amsterdam.

In Wikipedia EN, I follow the social movements, online communities, common-base peer production, and social forums related articles. I was voluntered in the Wikimedia Foundation in December 2008. In Wikimedia, I am member of the Research Comitte of the Wikimedia Foundation and I am member of Viquipedia Amical (to be complited the formal processes to become a member) and Wikimedia Italy.

Apart from loving Wikipedia and Wikimedia universe, I had developed research on Wikipedia and also organize activities in order to increase the exchange and collaboration on Wikipedia research.

More recent activities and works on Wikipedia:

Selection board of the Wikimedia France Research Award

Collaborating with WikiWoman

Research projects:


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Presentations and events organizing:

  • Panel organizing with Research Committee Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia and research: a Love and hate relationship. Wikimania 2012, Washington, July 12 to 15 of July 2012.
  • Chair panel and presentation. “Wikipedia & Research: The innovative character of Wikipedia reserach and the new challenges (and opportunities) associated with it”. OKCon – The Open Knowledge Conference. 30th June & 1st July, 2011 Berlin. the- innovative-character-of-wikipedia- research-and-the-new-challenges-and-opportunities-associated-with-it
  • Fuster Morell, M. (2009). The governance of digital commons: Wikipedia case study. Democracy 2.0. Institutions, citizens and new networks: A potential lexicon. International workshop organized by Regional Government of Emilia Romagna (Italy). Auditorium Enxo Biagi, Bologna (Italy).

My view on wikimedia research commons

  • Fuster Morell, M. (2009). Methodological and theoretical challenges and potentials of studying participation in online communities for the building of digital commons: Wikipedia and the Social Forums. Panel: New approaches to the study of protest and transnational social movements Conference Shaping Europe in a Globalized world. Zürich. From 23th to 26th June 2009.
  • Fuster Morell, M. (2011). Presentation “Wikipedia and other online creation communities”. Mediaccions seminar. 26 February 2011. IN3 – Open University of Catalonia. mediacciones-cinema-digital-y- wikipedia/
  • Fuster Morell, M. (2008). Online Communities Governance: Styles of democratic quality in knowledge-making processes resulting from a large-N analysis and preliminary results on Wikipedia case study. Presentation Faculty Discussions. School of information. University of Berkeley. 19th November 2008.


E-mail: mayo.fuster (at)