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Betsy Fagin (1972) is an American Poet. She is the author of Belief Opportunity, Rosemary Stretch, For every solution there is a problem, and All is not yet lost. She received degrees in literature and creative writing from Vassar College and CUNY Brooklyn College and completed a Master of Library Science degree in Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her poems have been published in various journals including the Poetry Project Newsletter, Lungfull!, Fence and Five Fingers Review.

In 2011, Fagin was appointed the librarian of The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street through the consensus of the New York City General Assembly.

She is currently living in Brooklyn.

Susana Gardner writes:"rosemary stretch - works for me on many levels. As I read it I am tempted to read it twice, and then a third time, along the left column and then the right, as well as in an interpolative sort of fashion, and it works, Oh,- and it works the reader, I like to feel worked a bit as I read and wonder the various possibilities toward textual interpretation, etc. This is also a series, which I think everyone must know by now, my favorite kind of form as it continues and is not at all (thank heavens) poem-a-page weary ---projecting the reader outside of the box or to speak.

And as for - rosemary stretch - the stretch could be as in time, no? the latin meaning of rosemary being, dew of the sea, and water does seem to highly influence this work."[1]



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[2]Susana Gardner's Micawberesque Engagement with Rosemary Stretch

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