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Lindosland is Peter J Skirrow, Bsc Hons, MIEE,MAES

I attended Derby School and Bangor University and became an electronics engineer, founding Lindos Electronics in 1979.

I designed the LA1, LA100, and MiniSonic MS10 Audio Test Sets, all of which are currently manufactured at the Lindos factory in Melton, Suffolk, UK, and widely used by broadcasters, studios and audio professionals. I am currently involved in the development of the DigiSonic PC based audio test software, and the Lindos Test Sheet Database.

A close association with the BBC the IBA and BT led me to respect the seminal research done by those organisations, and I am keen to keep this alive. In particular I encourage the use of ITU-R 468 noise weighting, and the PPM (peak programme meter), while arguing against the use of A-weighting and VU meters, both of which originated in the USA but without the careful R&D and standardisation done on their UK/European equivalents.

I am also interested in High-definition video and television, Psychology, Ethology, Genetics, Gene expression, Evolution, Evolutionary psychology.

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