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  • Began editing Wikipedia in June 2005
  • Edits as of 04 May 2008: 3920 (approximate count)

Current Level of Contribution[edit]

(Last Updated 9 Oct 2011)

  • Log-in Frequency: I've been away for more than a year (blame a busy work schedule and the Facebook game Farmville. I've since given up Farmville. Wikipedia editing is better.) I will probably log in a couple times a week, but may not edit every time.
  • Contributions: Fairly light. Copy edits, some categorization, sourcing, adding info to articles related to Humanities or Science topics. Many of my contributions tend to be of the WikiGnome variety.

About my User name[edit]

The name LiniShu (pronounced Leeny-Shoe) was chosen in honor of my maternal grandmother, who emigrated from Austria to the United States during the 1920's. The name is a composite of elements from her given name and her family name (following her marriage to my grandfather).

More Info[edit]

  • Age: Half a century or so :)
  • Gender: Female
  • Citizenship: United States
  • Current Residence: United States, Iowa
  • Ethnic Heritage: Essentially third generation descendant from German, Austrian, and British immigrants to the United States
  • Profession: Computer Programmer


Categorization - Helpful Links[edit]