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Wikipédia, history and prehistory[edit]

The Universal bibliographic directory : a « Google » around 1900

Le Répertoire Bibliographique Universel vers 1900.jpg

Paul Otlet's vision in Traité de documentation (1934 p.435)

Paul Otlet à son bureau.jpg

The rise of the personal computer (1981)

IBM PC 5150.jpg
Free software movement initiation by Richard Stallman (1983)

Wikimania stallman keynote2.jpg
Internet creation (1961 - 1992)

Internet map 1024.jpg
Wiki invention by Ward Cunningham (1995)

Wikipédia creation by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger (2001)

Wikipedia Michelangelo.JPG
The diminution of editor's participations

Frwp retention vs active.png
The augmentation of article's quality
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How works Wikipedia ?[edit]

Pillars, policies and guidelines

Lack of awareness or notoriety, unpublished work, dictionary content and so on ... ☒N
Encyclopaedic content Green tickY

Brockhaus Lexikon.jpg

Auto-promotion, hidden advertisement, fanaticism... ☒N
Neutral point of view Green tickY

Balance scale IMGP9728.jpg

Copyrighted content or incompatibility with free license ... ☒N
Respect of the licence Green tickY


Lack of etiquette, personal attacks, insults ... ☒N
Civility Green tickY

Hermandad - friendship.jpg

Content without reference to a recognized source of information ☒N
Verifiability Green tickY


Control tools

Three Surveillance cameras.jpg

Recents changes

Who builds the encyclopedia ?[edit]


The Wikimédia Fondation[edit]

Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svg

Wikipedia is written by volunteer editors and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other volunteer projects:

Wikimedia Foundation financial development.png

10 persons on the board (2014)
24 persons on the board of trustees (2014)
224 employés (2014)
41 National associations with 1 to 70 employees (2014)
6 701 913 registered users and potentially actives on Meta - Wiki

The issue of Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

Be an Expert on Anything
Stephen Colbert in Wired Magazine (August 2006).

Wikipedia – an unplanned miracle
Clay Shirky in The gardien (14 January 2011).

"The struggle between proprietary software and free software was the kick-off of the central conflict of the time. [...] From this struggle will depend civilized or barbaric exit of capitalism."
André Gorz in Le travail dans la sortie du capitalisme (2008)

History Wikipedia English SOPA 2012 Blackout2.jpg

And you ? Are you interested to contribute and share the Wikimedia's vision of the world ?

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