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I'm a skeptic, atheist, advocate for animal rescue, and network security professional.

I'm the founder and initial executive director of the Phoenix Skeptics (1985-1988), former editor of The Arizona Skeptic (1991-1993), former web administrator for the Skeptics Society (1994-1997), former board member and president of the Internet Infidels (2003-2005), founder and organizer of SkeptiCamp Phoenix (2009), media spokesperson for the Arizona Coalition of Reason (2009-2010), and cofounder and board member of the Phoenix Area Skeptics Society (2012-). With Toby Howard of the Manchester Skeptics (and editor of UK's The Skeptic from 1988-1998), I ran what may have been the first skeptics mailing list on the ARPANET, beginning October 1, 1987 (it post-dated Norm Gall's BITNET SKEPTIC list at York University and may have post-dated the sci.skeptic Usenet newsgroup, which was around at least by November 1989).

I'm a participant of Wikipedia:WikiProject_Arizona and have contributed to the pages on South Phoenix, South Mountain Park, Scorpion Gulch, Barry Goldwater, Don Bolles, Salvatore Bonnano, Brophy College Preparatory, List of Colorado River rapids and features, and London Bridge (Lake Havasu City).

I'm a participant of Wikipedia:WikiProject_Rational_Skepticism and have contributed to the pages on The Skeptics Society, Duane Gish, Adnan Oktar, Charles Fort, Rajneeshpuram, List of skeptics and skeptical organizations, Skepchick, Robert S. Dietz, Kenneth R. Miller, Tom Theo Klemesrud, Ian Plimer, InfraGard, Richard Milton, The New Inquisition, Hans Sebald, Marcello Truzzi, Eugenie Scott, Project Alpha, Sokal affair, Criticisms of anti-scientific viewpoints, and Michael A. Stackpole as well as to many talk pages on topics of relevance to skeptics.

From August 2009 to December 2013 I was a Ph.D. student in Arizona State University's Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology program. My interests included how attributions of trust and reputation are mediated by online technology, the development of interactional expertise, and the conditions under which online technology can attenuate rather than amplify ideological polarization. I completed my course work but not my research projects.

Since May 2010, I've been a product manager for managed security products for two different telecoms.

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