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--LisaBrown2012 (talk) 06:05, 10 March 2012 (UTC)Hello everyone! As you can probably tell if you have been following me in the last day or two, I am new here. I didn't realize what a vortex I was going to get sucked into when I simply got the idea a couple of days ago to write an article on a professional acquaintance of mine whose work I admire. Little did I know that the editing and approval process was going to be so rigorous and that I was going to get so bruised so quickly! Ha. But I appreciate all the help people have given me and now it has whetted my appetite to make a few corrections to other pages of interest to me (on other subjects) and also start some new pages. I'm still learning the ropes here so please be patient with me if I screw up, which I predictably will.

My biggest challenge today has been trying to figure out how to reply to people. There is so much to absorb and I was trying to work on the Wikipedia entry for Larry N. Jordan at the same time I was busy with some other projects.

To tell you a little about me I am a 42 year old married female who has been everything from a glorified secretary to a TV station PD. My husband and I have three children who have now all "flown the coop" and in fact have left the Midwest, so I find myself with more time for volunteer projects like promoting public awareness of issues relating to Alzheimer's patients and families, and now Wikipedia. I appreciate the fact that this website seems to be quite egalitarian with everyone able to put in their two cents' worth, although I am also reminded of the old saying that "too many cooks spoil the broth."

I have used Wikipedia for years and a girlfriend of mine and I were talking about it a few nights ago because she was pointing out something on this site that she had seen about a mutual friend of ours. This particular person hasn't accomplished all that much and we were quite amazed he would be on here. This prompted us to start talking about other people we knew whom we felt ought to get some recognition. Mr. Jordan's name came to mind because I am aware of some incredible but unsung things he has done on behalf of Alzheimer's patients and that touched my heart because my own mother died of this disease. I have been reading his magazine for years and also knew he had written a big new book. I think he deserves to be on this site because he is such an interesting and accomplished person. It's just that simple. There's no hidden motive or agenda. None.

Being challenged by various Wikipedia editors has caused me to dig deeper and find out more information and I now think I know more about Mr. Jordan than I do my own husband! Ha. But the refining process has greatly improved the page and even the guy who sent it for deletion rescinded it and applauded some "excellent" research. So I hope it passes the muster after so many did so much work.

Anyway, it's been a long day but I wanted to at least introduce myself and let you know that although this is my first attempt to get a page up on someone, it won't be my last. I know some wonderful people all over the country whom I will be trying to bring to Wikipedia in the months ahead, and please know I will be open to any suggestions you care to pass along. -- Lisa LisaBrown2012 (talk) 06:05, 10 March 2012 (UTC)