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I'm creating this subpage as a main page for the work I've done so far, as well as work I'm planning to do. One major project I've undertaken is to develop a proposal for unbundling the administrator tools. This would do away with the drama that currently persists at WP:RFA, and make the editing lives of countless users much simpler.

Primary work I've done on this project[edit]

Articles I've created[edit]

NOTE: This is a list of both articles I've created while using this username, as well as others I wrote before 2010, using other names.

My real life name[1][edit]

Contributions link: <redacted, for obvious reasons>

  1. Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction - 9 March 2007
  2. Tom Dula - 18 October 2007 - The late User:Jeffpw helped me on this article. While he and I initially got off on the wrong foot, we became good collaborators and, in some sense, WikiFriends before his untimely death.
  3. Cliffside Lake Recreation Area - 28 October 2007


Contributions link: MrWhich
[No articles created under this name, though I did do some work on TKAM (see below) with it.]

Bellwether BC[3][edit]

Contributions link: Bellwether BC

  1. Elise Primavera - 27 December 2007 - A childrens author, this article was written in conjunction with one of my classes.
  2. Capitol Offense (band) - 8 January 2008 - The band of former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee.
  3. Sorta (band) - 14 January 2008 - DFW-area band.
  4. Waiting (novel) - 19 January 2008 - Novel by Chinese-American author Ha Jin.

SDJ, the initials of my real life nom de plume as a writer[4][edit]

Contributions link: SDJ

  1. Lei Chen-Tzu - 26 May 2008 - The Chinese "son of the god of literature."
  2. Edwards v National Coal Board - 26 May 2008 - An important case in English case law.
  3. Sha Yexin - 26 May 2008 - Chinese writer and political activist.
  4. Doug Band - 1 June 2008 - An advisor to Pres. Clinton.
  5. David Kresh - 4 July 2008 - An American poet.
  6. Woodstock Film Festival - 6 July 2008 - A film festival set near the site of the famous concert.
  7. Akihiko Hirata - 10 July 2008 - Japanese actor.
  8. Stone Mountain (North Carolina) - 1 August 2008 - A famous mountain in NC, where I was living at the time.
  9. Luis Conte = 3 August 2008 - Musician.
  10. John Koethe - 3 August 2008 - American poet.
  11. The Gospel According to the Son - 4 August 2008 - Novel by Norman Mailer.
  12. Jerry Kennedy - 8 August 2008 - Guitar player and record producer, who worked with many famous artists over the years.
  13. Crystal City Internment Camp - 10 August 2008 - A U.S. prison camp used for people of Japanese, German, and Italian descent during World War II.
  14. Robert Stewart, Master of Atholl - 17 August 2008 - Scottish nobleman executed in 1437 for his role in the murder of James I.
  15. Katherine Paterson bibliography - 16 November 2008 - List of books by the author.
  16. Midwest Kings = 25 December 2008 - Early band of American Idol winner David Cook.
  17. Josiah Leming - 26 December 2008 - American Idol contestant who gained fame for his ouster from the show and later musical releases.


Contributions Link: Unitanode

  1. Brigus Gold - 20 June 2009 - I originally titled this short article "Apollo Gold", but as with many somewhat shady mining companies, its name has since changed.
  2. A Bit Off the Map - 26 June 2009 - This is a 1957 short story collection.
  3. The Alleghany News - 22 December 2009 - North Carolina newspaper; created as part of the Missing Articles Wikiproject.
  4. The Bladen Journal - 22 December 2009 - North Carolina newspaper; created as part of the Missing Articles Wikiproject.
  5. The Caswell Messenger - 23 December 2009 - North Carolina newspaper; created as part of the Missing Articles Wikiproject.
  6. A Letter to Lord Ellenborough - 24 December 2009 - An 1812 pamphlet written by Percy Bysshe Shelley; created as part of the Missing Articles Wikiproject.
  7. Sarah Thomas (American football official) - 27 December 2009 - Notable female football referee.
  8. George Paston - 11 January 2010 - Pen name of Emily Morse Symonds (1860-1936).
  9. Clement King Shorter - 11 January 2010 - British journalist and literary critic.


  1. Song of the Trees - 15 March 2010 - This is a lesser-known work (a novella) by an author I respect a lot.
  2. Val McCallum - 14 July 2014 - Article about the talented touring and session musician, who just released his first solo album.
  3. Mick Harte Was Here - 15 September 2014 - A book I love that I felt really needed an article, so I wrote it. Had it "userified" in December of 2012, and finally got around to working on it in 2014.
  4. Boot Hill Museum - 28 September 2014 - This is a new article I created, that someone else tried to write quite awhile back. It was deleted for various reasons, but was fairly simple to work into a form that is acceptable according to WP's notability standards.

Articles I helped bring to Featured Article or Good Article status[edit]

Note: I was not the primary contributor on either of these articles, but neither was my work on them insubstantial. As I've been working on this project for almost 8 years (I actually started out as a constructive IP editor in the latter part of 2006), it seems like I remember doing some other work on articles that achieved FA or GA, but I can't remember what (if any) articles these might have been.


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird - October-November 2007 - Assisted User:Moni3 in working this article up to FA with both my original username and the MrWhich username.


  1. James Blunt - January-February 2008 - Assisted User:Risker in working this article up to GA during my time using the Bellwether BC username.


  1. John McGraw - 13 July-13 August 2008 - Famous figure in baseball; I did a lot of work on it during this time frame, in an attempt to prep it for a run at GA or FA, and would like to come back to it and finish the job.


I have created a lot of logical redirects, which can be accessed by looking through my contributions. At some point, I may actually list them out here for easier access.


  1. Comic novel - This article is one of only two articles of top-importance on Wikiproject Novels that are currently stubs. I plan to expand it, and see its rating raised significantly.
  2. User:Lithistman/Bleeding Kansas - I once taught Kansas history, and I'd like to work this article up to Featured Article status. I don't know much about the FA process, however, so there's a lot of prep work to be done.
  3. User:Lithistman/Dodge City, Kansas - As above, having once taught Kansas history, this is an article is one I'd like to see achieve FA status.
  4. Mike Meagher (1844–1881), Kansas (Wichita) Marshal - I plan on creating this article as part of my participation in the Old West and Kansas wikiprojects.
  5. Michael Sughrue (1844–1901), Kansas, Sheriff Clark County, Marshal Ashland, KS, Deputy Sheriff Ford County, Deputy Marshal Dodge City - same rationale as Meagher above.
  6. Thomas Carl Cook (ca. 1880's), US Marshal, Smith Center, Kansas. - same rationale as Meagher as well.
  7. The True Story of My Life, the autobiography of Hans Christian Andersen - amazed that this doesn't already have an article.
  8. Larned State Hospital, a treatment center for the mentally ill located near Larned, Kansas. This is my sandbox page for working on this article.
  9. Christopher Hirata, a genius child prodigy, who has done extensive work with NASA.
  10. User:Lithistman/Harkness system, a chess rating system I was working up an article on many years ago.
  11. User:Lithistman/Fred Whishaw, a minor British novelist that I was working up an article on many years ago.
  12. Fred Bramlage - 21 October 2010 - This is currently only a redirect, but at some point I plan on making it into at least a stub article.
  13. Andrew R. Heinze - September 2010 - This is an article about an academic/playwright that I am helping a new editor work on improving.
  14. User:Lithistman/Michael and Marisa - This is an article that was (wrongly, in my opinion) deleted at AFD, and which I am going to be moving back into the mainspace shortly.


Wikipedia has an issue with articles that are about non-notable and unencyclopedic topics. This issue looms large, particularly in the field of WP:BLPs. One way I've worked on ameliorating this problem is through the use of PROD tags on questionable articles. I also have tagged several for speedy deletion, and plan on using AFDs in the future, if PROD tags are removed.

Working with new users[edit]

I want part of my work to be making new users feel welcome. As such, I'm putting this link here to make it easier to figure out what new users have arrived, so that I can welcome them, and help them with whatever questions they might have.

Pending changes review[edit]

I have a reviewer flag, and I'm putting this link here for easy access.

Evidence page[edit]

User:Lithistman/Evidence - Though this was deleted, I'm leaving it linked as a placeholder in the event that I am ever again targeted by admins who use their tools inappropriately.


  1. ^ Early 2007 to Late 2007; briefly reactivated in mid-2008; I should not have reactivated it; disappeared this account after being stalked in real life quite awhile later.
  2. ^ Only active in late 2007; I feel I may have been in contravention of WP's policy on multiple IDs, as there was a bit of overlap with my real-life name ID, and I didn't clearly identify MrWhich as an altID.
  3. ^ Early-to-mid-2008; This account was used primarily to introduce my students to editing Wikipedia, but I did create a few articles using it. It was created very late in 2007, but very few edits were made as we were on Christmas Break. I was mainly adding Elise Primavera, which was written in conjunction with one of my classes, and then cleaning it up for them.
  4. ^ Mid-2008 to Early 2009; This was the other account I disappeared after being stalked in real life, as at that time, the user name was not just the initials, but the entire name, and it is the name the stalker used to figure out my real-life name.
  5. ^ March 2009 to March 2010; This is the account I disappeared into after the real-life stalking happened, which the stalker and one of his friends figured out based on articles I edited.
  6. ^ February 2010 to Present; There is a slight overlap in times active between this account and the Unitanode username. I don't even remember why that was, but will put an explanation here in the notes, if I figure it out.