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Section headings should not themselves contain links; you can use a {{main}} or {{seealso}} template right after the heading.

Linking to Sections: A named link or anchor such as {{anchor|foo}} can be better than a piped link to a section of an article.

To link to a category, put a colon in front of "Category", e.g. [[:Category:Phrases]]. cf. {{see also cat|Phrases}}

Sample inline link to non-English language Wikipedia: [[:ja:Wikipedia:井戸端|Wikipedia:井戸端]]
Labeling links to non-English sites: {{Language icon|<language code ja or zh>|<language name>}} language icon after link:
Tagging Japanese language: {{Nihongo|English|英語|eigo}} gives English (英語, eigo), {{Nihongo||英語|eigo}} gives eigo (英語)
                                                    Template:CJKV           Macrons in HTML & Unicode
Link to (Chinese example):
{{zh|c={{linktext|賽|珍|珠}}|p=Sài Zhēnzhū}} gives Chinese: ; pinyin: Sài Zhēnzhū
Can use Template:Wiktionary as well as Template:Linktext for links to Wiktionary.  Wikipedia:Sister projects

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